R53 Game Thread

  • The Ruler Of The School

    Votes in by 9pm, kp will be posted as soon as finished (aiming at 9.30 pm)

    Team leaders are: Jakeyyy, Mercedes, LemonD and Andi(they can not be targeted by any role)

    Bob Hawken - Team Mercedes - Seer
    notorious crunchie
    Morgz - Team Lemon - Gossip
    PFK - team jakeyyy - Seer
    Tombo457 - team jakey - Gossip
    TheDamned - Team mercedes - Gossip
    lagushki - Team Andi - Taxi
    thedevilexists - team andi - reverse taxi
    cantbeasked - Team lemon - Taxi
    Creaky Cait
    Roadrunnerx - team andi - intellect
    MartinJames - team meme - reverse taxi
    Zab - Team Mercedes - Bodyguard
    slinky snail - team jakeyyy - roleblocker
    Table - Team Andi - Roleblocker
    HBowsher - team jakeyyy - bodyguard
    Onlymeeee - team jakeyyy - reverse taxi
    HiddenProdigy - Team mercedes - joker
    rsilver - Team Mercedes - Intellect
    The Dog
    Lord Aslan - Team lemon - Intellect
    Surface - Team Andi - Bodyguard
    Elisa - Team lemon - seer

  • God is manipulating his own rules and removing us from Skype chat for it, vote lynch Razor round 54 which is when you'll see me next.

    Meme/Lemon/Andi I was seer - all leaders are created equal and deserve the right to know.

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  • There seem to be major lag issues on skype. Due to this, I ask for an extention of the deadline.

    Unless resolved before deadline :D

  • KP nr 1

    As the new principal entered the school grounds, what he saw could only be described by one word, chaos. Students were either fighting, crying, hiding or just plain invisible to others. He knew that four people were fighting for control of the school. Each one of them had their own gang, there were the Class Clowns led by Jakeyyy, The Munchkins led by LemonD, The Matrix led by Mercedes and last but not least The Alice Coopers led by Andi.

    The principal knew, if he is to get order in this school he needs to make one gang rule it. That way there will be no fighting and no new people will try to fight others for control anytime soon again.

    As he gathered the leaders he told them, that he will reward the ppl that do well in school with tools to better beat their opponents. Hearing this the leaders became excited, they could soon be able to trade in their worn out weapons for new ones.

    First of was a quiz between the four groups and the result of it were:
    Jakeyyy 4 points (winner)
    Andi 4 points (winner)
    Mercedes 3 points (loser)
    LemonD 1 points (loser)

    After the competition the leaders went back to their classroom only to find it in utter chaos once again...
    they noticed that Bob Hawken was sitting on Creaky Caits desk, looking over to Bob Hawkens chair they noticed that Creaky Cait was laying over the desk in front, of her bleeding from her head. noticing this one of the other student ran over to her and carried her over to the nurse with haste, which saved her life.

    After that the students were sent home, Ryder was walking home. Out of nowhere he got attacked by someone but just before he was stabbed to death, another person pushed the attacker away and Ryder managed to escape.

    No one had died

  • KP Nr 2

    Everyone was discussing what went down yesterday, the news about Ryder being attacked and Cait almost bleeding to death in the middle of a classroom full of other students spread to every corner of the school.

    After lunch 4 students were sent to the principals office, were they were quizzed in math, the results were:

    1: Jakeyyy: 7

    2: a tie between Mercedes and Lemon: 6

    3: Andi: 5

    After that they each got weapons depending on their results in the quiz.
    However when they went back to the classroom, Tombo had been killed. Next to him was a notebook filled with gossip and a picture of jakeyyy next to it, as Jakeyyy saw this he picked up the notebook and saw that someone else had written We don't need no stinking motto to kill you guys in it.

    During that event another person had also been attacked, PFK, but he was saved in the nick of time by another student.

    Killed: Tombo Team jakeyyy - Gossip

  • KP Nr 3

    During the day Jakey and the Class Clowns, had a moment in silence to pay their respects to their fallen comrade.

    Other than that a lot of rumors were going around in the school about what had actually happened.

    After lunch 4 students from the four gangs had to write something, the following entries are written by the four groups:

    Razor razor he's our God
    When he cant do it no ones shocked

    We’re at the top,
    Get set for the chop,
    You can’t prepare,
    For all this flair,
    You don’t have a prayer!
    Goooooooooo, Bears!

    He moaned. He cried. And now he's gone and died. Tomboooo

    We're the rulers of the school!
    Got no time for all you fools!
    We all know you've got no brains!
    All you losers, down the drain!

    after that a set of rules were announced, which were the following:

    1. You all have to vote via PM on the FORUM who you are voting for
    2. You cant vote for your own teams contribution
    3. Not voting will result in the other three teams getting one vote extra each
    4. Due to some players not playing physically but in name only leaders are allowed to send in votes for players absent

    The prize for this would be an extra set of tools to be able to Alpha a few extra times

    After the announcement someone came in rushing into the principals office yelling "ppl are dead, it was crazy. First Thedevilexists was attacked but then someone got in trying to save him, however then another person jumps in and stops the person from saving him. And a set of keys were left on his chest with the logo in reverse, and a note saying "Andi, See how deep the rabbit hole goes". You would think that would be it right? but no right after another person got attacked, MartinJames, beheaded with one swing. He also had a set of keys and they also had a logo in reverse and a note was left next to him, saying "Meme, See you in the dead room"

    Thedevilexists - Team Andi - Reverse Taxi
    MartinJames - Team Mercedes - Reverse Tax

  • KP Nr 4

    As the students were eagerly waiting for the result, they were all gathered outside the principals office waiting for him to put the list up with the results. After waiting for what seemed to be forever the door finally opened, looking at the students the principal smiled as he put the list on the back of his door before going back into his office. As soon as his door was shut, the four leaders walked up to the door to read the results, which were the following:

    Entry nr 1 - Team Andi - 9 points - First Place
    Wins: 4 role upgrades
    2 extra alphas (can use one extra/day)

    Entry nr 2 - Team Mercedes - 5 points - Fourth Place
    Wins: 2 role upgrades

    Entry nr 3 - Team Jakeyyy - 8 points - Second Place
    Wins: 3 role upgrades
    1 extra alpha (can use one extra/day)

    Entry nr 4 - Team Lemon - 6 points - Third place
    Wins: 3 role upgrades

    (If a team gets fully upgraded and have leftover role upgrades they are converted to alpha kills and once a team is fully upgraded the leaders will be upgraded as well, more info of what that means will be taken in pm with each leader)

    After they saw the results the students went home, but on their way home two students were attacked. Killjerry and Zab, but in the nick of time two heroes came to both their rescues

    (tomorrow there will be a quiz about out solar system, this one will be a bit harder as the prizes are extra alphas, but unlike the previous competitions, only the first two get a prize in this one)

    No one died tonight