R53 Game Thread

  • KP Nr 5

    At the start of the day, 4 students had to do a quiz about our solar system.
    The results are the following:

    Team Andi: 8 Points (prize is 2 alpha kills)

    Team Lemon: 7 Points (prize is 1 alpha kill)

    Team Mercedes: 5 Points each (no prize)

    Team Jakeyyy: 5 Points each (no prize)

    After the leaders found out the results they each went their way, but then when the principal was going to write what happened and how people got switched and stuff and noticed that 3 ppl were switched 3 times, he gave up on writing it in a story and will just say....alpha targeted Lord Aslan, another Alpha targeted lord aslan, then, then pfk swaped with ryder..... then ryder was swaped back to PFK and then lord aslan and pfk swaped BOOOM PFK is now deded, trust me its not a pretty sight when you are killed twice in the same night.

    (Tomorrow each team will have a gamble in your own rooms(every team member can participate except for dead ones, they can influence tho), where each team has the chance to win prizes, its not a competition against other teams. Instead you start off with a certain amount of points, and with those points you can play to win more, then use those points to buy prizes (it wont be just protection and alpha prizes this time)

    Dead: PFK - Team Jakeyyy - Seer(Nerd)

  • KP Nr 6

    As the leaders walked into the principals room to see what was on the agenda today, they saw him looking at a dice. As he saw them looking at it, he got an idea and said "Want to play? Even or odd, if you win ill give you some tools. As the leaders heard that, their interest was piqued. A chance to win some tools to be able to beat the other leaders with? Who would say no to that.....but unfortunately all the teams lost, while jakeyyys team did manage to get over 50 points at one point, they had their aim on the highest prize, unfortunately it ended with them losing all their points instead.

    As the leaders dejectedly left the room, a teacher entered into the principals room. The principal looked up at the teacher with a smile and said, "its just as you said, these two dices are rigged, one always lands on odd while the other on even. Who did you confiscate them from?".....

    As the principal were busy with that conversation, something horrible had taken place on the school grounds.
    The following students were attacked but managed to escape with their lives thanx to other people:
    Slinky Snail

    Unfortunately, others were not as lucky. Cantbeasked and HiddenProdigy were walking home, wearing their bulletproof vest after all the recent murders. But a bulletproof vest wont help you when you are shot in the head, poor Cantbeasked and HiddenProdigy. Next to them both were a set of keys each along with a note that said, "See you in the dead room".(this is just story, they were not protected)

    (Tomorrow there will be a choice between quiz or gambling, each with their own rewards.)

    Cantbeasked - Taxi - Team Lemon
    HiddenProdigy - Taxi - Team Mercedes

  • KP Nr 7

    As the school started, no student came in before lunch. This puzzled the principal, after a few phone calls he learnt that every single student had overslept. Therefor no quiz/gambling was done today

    As the students came in one after the others, one could hear the whispers among them. New attacks had been made. Listening to them the principal learnt that: Notorious Crunchie had been attacked but was saved.

    TheDamned was found stabbed to death, a notebook full of gossip was found next to him with a photo of mercedes in it, someone had written "Easy peasy lemon squeezy" in it.

    Two other people were also found dead, Elisa and Lord aslan. As Elisa was being strangled, someone tried to save her but was blocked by another person and she ended up dying, Lord Aslan had gone in to check if she was still alive but had been killed as well. The killer left a note that said "we dont need no stinking motto" next to a pair of glasses belonging to elisa and a computer belonging to Lord Aslan and a lemon.

    TheDamned - Team Mercedes - Gossip
    Elisa - Team Lemon - Seer
    LordAslan - Team Lemon - Intellect

  • KP Nr 8

    Nothing much happened today, it was a very normal school day for once, but that was about to change.

    Inky was attacked but someone protected her...she got attacked yet again but was protected.
    Bob was found dead with a decapitated head, a pair of glasses was found next to him and a note that said "we dont need no stinking motto"
    Lagushki and Surface were found shot to death, a note next to the victims were found that said, "see you in the dead room".

    Bob Hawken - Team Mercedes - Seer
    Lagushki - Team Andi - Taxi
    Surface - Team Andi - Bodyguard

  • It's so quiet here

    Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.

    Pay respect to those who gave life so you could sleep in peace today.

    May soul of every true warrior rest in peace


  • It's so quiet here

    Everyone is huddled in their team chats not talking to each other

    this game type works differently to previous rounds, not much talking is needed

    teams just target one another and keep quiet about it for obvious reason, no information is shared outside of teams.. unless they decide to gang up or something

    Carlsberg, is a weak beer.


  • The real fun doesn't start until two teams are left!

    The chaos is enjoyable but until it becomes a bs battle the banter will be slow.

    Will be more fun for you though as the dead room will be popping! :P

  • KP Nr 9

    At school, one could notice how the students were fewer than they had been before. Many familiar faces were gone. And more would follow....

    As the students were busy talking to each other using morse code, the day was soon over and the students went home. However some students wouldn't get to see their mommy again...

    Two people were found dead in the school basement with a note that said, "see you in the dead room".

    However some people were more fortunate. Crunch and Ryder were both saved by others when someone tried to kill the them.

    Table - Team Andi - Roleblocker(vice leader)
    rsilver - Team Mercedes - Intellect

  • KP Nr 10

    Today it snowed so much that the students didn't have to go to school, unfortunately Morgz and Zab left early to school just before it started, thus they were caught in it and froze to death. Words were found carved into the ice block they had become...on morgz's it said, "see how deep the rabbit hole goes", and on Zab's it said, "See you in the dead room".

    Zab - Team Mercedes - Bodyguard
    Morgz - Team Lemon - Gossip

  • KP Nr 11

    Today was a quiet day mostly, but there was a surprise quiz, however, the aced it.

    2 ppl were attacked, ryder and roadrunnerx, but they were saved

    But then 1 body were found....

    The first was Onlymeee. She was found strangled to death, a set of keys were found next to her body with a logo upside down and jakeys name written on it. A note was also found that said, "see how deep the rabbit hole goes".

    Onlymeee - Team Jakeyyy - Misschief(reverse taxi)

  • Yo yo yo yo, you cant fight me...

    whoever of you might try somfin..

    You betta watch out :D

    That goes for inky too... Dont be messin

    I'll fight ya!

    Carlsberg, is a weak beer.


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  • KP Nr 13

    Tonight, Inky and trouble were attacked but got saved.

    However Roadrunnerx wasnt as lucky, he was found killed. A computer was found next to him with andi's pic as his background, along with a note that said, "see you in the dead room".

    Another person that wasnt lucky was HBowsher, he was also found dead. He had a shield next to him with a picture of jakeyyy found on the back of it and a note that said, "see how deep the rabbit hole goes".

    However, that is not where it stoped, a third person was also found dead, Slinky Snail...she had a ring that said vice leader and a pic of jakeyyy was also found next to her along with a note that said, "easy peasy lemon squeezy"

    Roadrunnerx - Team Andi - Intellect
    HBowsher - Team Jakeyyy - Bodyguard

    Slinky Snail - Team Jakeyyy - Roleblocker

  • as you may have all noticed i never did kp last night, as for why its cause i fell asleep, and why i did that, its cause I've been studying while doing my other things and its wearing me out, i have a test i need to score well in before i apply to uni and its this Saturday, i never expected to be hosting this round all alone or that 32 ppl would sign up making this round last 3 weeks...so for that I'm sorry that i cant commit as I'm supposed to. And therefor I'm pausing this round until Sunday or Monday...ill ask each team which day is better and then make a decision, cause i feel like I'm running thru a wall atm and i don't want to fail that test. Sorry

  • Big hug Razor. Thank you for hosting and I'm sure everyone is happy for you to take a break and let us know when you are ready to carry on again :). Been a really different and interesting round so far.

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