R53 Game Thread

  • as you may have all noticed i never did kp last night, as for why its cause i fell asleep, and why i did that, its cause I've been studying while doing my other things and its wearing me out, i have a test i need to score well in before i apply to uni and its this Saturday, i never expected to be hosting this round all alone or that 32 ppl would sign up making this round last 3 weeks...so for that I'm sorry that i cant commit as I'm supposed to. And therefor I'm pausing this round until Sunday or Monday...ill ask each team which day is better and then make a decision, cause i feel like I'm running thru a wall atm and i don't want to fail that test. Sorry

    Good luck sir, let us know when you're ready to return :)

  • KP Nr 14

    Today started off slow but at lunch time, dead bodies were found...

    Killjerry was found in the classroom poisoned, she had a notebook next to her filled with gossip and a picture of Andi inside, someone else had also written down "see you in the dead room" in it.

    The dog was found dead in the locker room shot in the head, he had car keys with a reverse logo on it and a picture of LemonD on it and a note saying "easy peasy lemon squeezy"

    Another two bodies were found, belonging to 6wiseronin9 and Trouble, they were found stabbed to death in the hallway, 6wiseronin9 had a computer next to him and a picture of jakeyyy as his background, trouble had a pair of glasses and a picture of Andi in his pocket. A note was found next to the bodies that said see how deep the rabbit hole goes

    This was still not the end of it tho, Creaky Cait were also found dead in the school cafeteria. She had been strangled to death, a badge saying vice captain was found on her with a picture of Mercedes and a note that said "we dont need no stinking motto"

    Ryder was also attacked, however he was protected by someone.

    Killjerry - Team Andi - Gossip
    Trouble - Team Andi - Seer
    The Dog - Team LemonD - Reverse Taxi
    6wiseronin9- Team Jakeyyy - Intellect
    Creaky Cait - Team Mercedes - Roleblocker

  • Really an amazing round Razor! Well done on your part hosting such a big and complex round on your own, take yourself a well deserved break and relax ;)

    I would like to thank all of my teammates, have been a pleasure playing with all of you!

    MVP of the round: Razor

  • Congratulations Lemon and well done Ryder on surviving despite repeated attempts to kill you :p

    Thank you Razor for hosting a fun and very different round :)

    Stand out Award 2017 UK

  • Here I go down bravely with my team standing still till last.

    Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.

    Pay respect to those who gave life so you could sleep in peace today.

    May soul of every true warrior rest in peace