New adds system doesn't work

  • About 75% of the time the add plays and does not credit the reduced building time reward. Have tried about 10x now and only got one reward. On phone (android) or Edge. Clearing cache meant only one add worked before it bugged again.

  • Hey

    As before can you give me the server, account details as well as the ID of any ads.

    I will then pass to techsupport to investigate

    CM mhudson
    Community Manager
    Travian: Legends US/UK


  • I have done some investigation and worked out:

    1. the updated ad system has a feature that is designed to work out if the user is actually watching the ad
    2. this is largely based around where the mouse is based on the screen, or whether the ad window is 'active'
    3. this means if the mouse drifts out of the ad window the add has a VERY high probability of crashing, or producing a 'non-delivery' of reward
    4. this can happen through the following: changing tabs, working on another window outside the browser, minimising
    5. BUT, this also has a BAD side effect of also meaning it fails A LOT when mouse simply moves outside ad window into larger browser window
    6. AND, fails very high percentage of time on mobile phone which does not have a mouse curser to 'activate' the ad window