whats going on ... on UK3

  • MFH - #6 alliance in overall ranking with 33 members, #4 in attack ranking and present in raiders. With 20 less members than top 3 aliances those numbers are pretty solid, some players settled 3rd villages already looks like they are good simmers

    Good simmers hey?

    Now maybe it's me being a big girl because you called me a girl :P


    As you mentioned, the whole less players thing.

    Wouldn't having less players

    You know

    Make it easier to have a higher average pop?

    I mean, if you look at T-T. 8 of them, second highest average pop.

    Good simmers those guys :D

  • Hello fellow players,
    Imperium is a completely new alliance, made of experienced players from different servers mostly.
    I am sorry if we "stole" a former alliance name:P


  • U do realize that thor is already deleting ?after losing their armies? that MIlesMaximus, that nub, has no ally, and he was initially the leader of thor? cuz he has a bad mouth>? Thor has no chance, will disband, when u have noobs to rule, you must be one of them too, to accept that kind of rubbish.

  • Imperium is crumbling at last! :D

    Well, u r from a wing and happy about that.i knew i shouldnt trust u:) u fooled them. Anycase... confed is.out as long they will keep people like u there. It was a misktake of trusting so many..and i take this on me. We will still fight to prove others that we mean business. Changing ur name into silent does not solve anything pal

  • Gather round children it is crunch o'clock.

    First order of business, we have our first cross quad meta.

    Exhibit A


    Settle down though kids, i'm sure we have all seen this type of mass recruitment win at least one server in our time and now this cross quad meta has the biggest player group of them all!


    NMS / THOR - 142
    IMPERIUM - 137
    R D - 69
    impSTARk - 40
    MFH - 32
    DAMM! - 36
    SINS - 32
    L.O - 10

    Of course the nay sayers will yell "shut up crunch, quality over quantity" etc etc but of course having more players does not mean you have less quality so to speak. Using the top 100 players as a base shows that the massive metas remain competitive on the quality side.

    Top 100 pop (1% = 1 player)

    NMS / THOR - 28%
    R D - 28%
    IMPERIUM - 20%
    MFH - 10%
    impSTARK - 5%
    SINS - 4%
    DAMM! - 3%
    GR - 1%
    PRIDE - 1%

    Top 100 attack points (1% = 1 player)

    IMPERIUM - 30%
    NMS / THOR - 25%
    R D - 17%
    NO ALLIANCE - 9%
    MFH - 8%
    DAMN! - 5%
    impSTARK - 4%
    L.O. - 2%

    Of course we are just over a month in so the top 100 simmers are the people who started day 1 and the top 100 attackers are the people who have killed the most helpless animals.

    In the meantime, impSTARK, formely STARK, formerly Imper1um, fromerly STARK is currenly at war with two of the Imperium wing whilst confeded to another. There must be a whole barrel of fun going on in that quad. According to the noble Stark leader that deleted instead of helping the players who followed him, the cause of all this distress lays with a certain gigolo traviano.

  • I'm not in THOR but in their defence I think they have swallowed up (or been approached by) 1 or 2 smaller alliances either side of the NW / SW border and have taken in all active members. But yep, that description should probably change :D

    Can Sorry come back to us with another analysis? I do like reading those with a cuppa

    - - - Updated - - -

    And upon further closer inspection of the map, THOR have members from every quad. Good point Crunch lol

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