WvV Revenge Round 54 Game Post

  • The Hamptons Award Ceremony

    The Best Ghost..... drum roll please....Goes to NotoriousChrunchie round of Applause

    The Best Talent..... drum roll please....Goes to Jakeyyy round of Applause

    The Most Untrusted..... drum roll please....Goes to SlinkySnail round of Applause

    The most Deceiving..... drum roll please....Goes to Morgz round of Applause

    The Clue Finder..... drum roll please....Goes to Thedevilexsists round of Applause

    The Sweetest..... drum roll please....Goes to Andi round of Applause

    The Best Wolf..... drum roll please....Goes to Zab round of Applause

    The Best Organiser..... drum roll please....Goes to Inky round of Applause

    Well done all, its been a blast

    The two remaining wolves have agreed to end the Game... Inky was Victoria and Trouble was Charlotte

    The remaining Villagers were as follows:

    Morgz was Aiden the villagers blacksmith
    PFK was Jack the villagers taxi
    Jakeyyy was Nolan the villagers seeker
    Andi was a normal villager
    KillJerry was a normal villagers

    Congratulations Villagers YOU WIN!!!!!

  • Agreed, lots of fun and an interesting round - even if I have never heard of the program it was based on!!

    Thanks Kat,


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