& Rules, R55. VvWvV

  • Will give people a week to chill, sign up closes Saturday 6th @ 9:00pm. Roles will be distributed shortly after.

    Round 55, VvWvV

    For this round there is 3 teams. To win, wipe out the other teams.

    Team WereWulf & Team Vampyre

    -Both teams start with only 1 player, known as the "Elder".
    -When the Elder dies, the next oldest (length since converted, not player age!) wulf/vamp will become the new elder wulf/vamp.
    -Each night, both the elder wulf & vamp can chose one person to bite. The bite of a wulf is lethal to a vamp and vica versa howether when a villager is bitten they are infected with the curse and become what bit them. Villagers who have a role that get bitten keep their role and can now use it to benefit their new team.
    -The Elders cannot kill each other on the first night.
    -If the Elders both bite the same person on a single night then that person will become a Hybrid . Hybids are extremely powerful but the body cannot handle the mutation so they die 24 hours later. Not before they manage to kill someone of their choice before they go, this cannot be roleblocked or protected against.

    Team Villagers

    -Finally! the villagers no longer have to live in fear of being alpha'd! Villagers can only die by lynch or hybrid attacks in this round.
    -Villagers will not be informed which players have been converted, only that the deed has happened.
    -Due to the increased super natural presence the vilagers have enlisted three hunters to help control the lynch. If a hunter is converted they lose their abilities.
    -Seer / Can learn the current role & team of a single player each night.
    -Medic / Grants immunity from bites
    -Roleblocker / Blocks the role of another, cannot block Elders
    -Taxi / Can swap two players, if one would be bitten the other is instead.
    -Hunter / Lynch vote counts as 2
    -Hunter / Lynch vote counts as 2
    -Hunter / Lynch vote counts as 2

    Post below to sign up

    1. Thedevilexists
    2. Saravbea
    3. Mercedes
    4. Lagushki
    5. Jakeyyy
    6. Inky
    7. Razorwind
    8. Onlymeeee
    9. LemonD
    10. Cantbeasked
    11. Trouble
    12. PFK
    13. Creaky Cait
    14. Bob Hawken
    15. Slinky Snail

  • Sounds great, count me in please!

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  • Sign me up. I do have exams/deadlines from 8th onwards so may not be as loud as usual.

    Now stop cheering.

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  • seer check will happen before a possible transfer or after it?

    Taxi will effect just bites or every other actions like seer check or medic heal too?

    The double votes of hunters are public or private? :)

    sorry figuring the games here before getting trapped in them :P

  • Hi Guys,

    Posting in here since I've had a few messages last round and now the sign up for this, and tbh can't be bothered retyping again and again :heart:

    I had complex hip replacement surgery just over 4 weeks ago. I'm under alot of restrictions and my time online is pretty limited. Therefore I can't sign up for the forseable future. It wouldn't be fair
    to everyone else playing.

    Once things are more sorted I may consider it though :flower:

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