Uk3 analysis

  • This is the first time i've attempted something like this, I completely underestimated the amount of work people put into these things so I'm unlikely to attempt it again, but feedback would be appreciated all the same. And apologies to the length,think i got carried away.

    Few things first,
    • The initial stats were taken 20:00 Sunday night, so some changes will have happened, additional figures have been taken later but the overall effect should remain the same.
    • I have only considered players in the top 150 population when checking for croppers (going through 150 was enough for me :oops:).
    • When looking at croppers for ease I have assumed maximum oasis bonus possible – I have not accounted for shared oasis between players though tried to highlight conflict.
    • Assumptions will be made based on account sizes, Yes small accounts can support large troop counts but, and there is no getting away from this, Larger accounts can support larger armies (and rebuild them quicker)... sorry for all you guys who feel the need to quote ‘small/few villages, large troop count’ ect, I don’t care... If someone can show me a 2 village account to which a top 20 account would be envious i will retract this whole piece.

    So how is the top 150 population looking so far? Meta’s have been merged.

    Imperium and R D between them have half over half the top150 accounts. Thor is the best of the rest with other alliances few and far between, nomad players appearing as often as some of the alliances!
    Some might call foul in the above stat, as we all know how vast the Imperium meta is (173 accounts) double the player base of the next largest THOR (86), and argue for quality of quantity.

    So adjusting for that by considering the % of alliance in the top 150 rather than absolute numbers we find that 28% belong to R D. THOR,NMS and MFH all moving ahead of Imperium here implying that for all those wings, there is not that much strength outside of the main Imperium Wing. Having said all that it would be unwise to discount the fact if Imperium leaders manage their resources properly and get everyone pulling in the same direction they could overwhelm their enemies..

    Anyway since I’ve been talking about Imperium let get into the nitty gritty.





    R D



    Afterthoughts.. Meta's and Individual alliances have their merits and downfalls, yet each have won servers before. What will happen here is a long way from being decided and impossible to call just yet. R D and Imperium in the SE, have their quads pretty much sown up and would hope preparing for a big arte haul. Due to the potential turbulence in the other quads it is less easy to judge.

    Imperium despite my reservations highlighted above, i feel are favourites at this stage, a lot depends on how THOR can manage it's infestation and if RD can keep the remaining wings occupied without sustaining heavy losses. I imagine MFH and NMS will be too busy enjoying their own company until one submits to the other or ends underfoot in the dirt to bother with the rest of us for the time being, who knows when that will change, and it could well be decisive.

    I have tried to remain impartial and it is only my opinion after all. Hope you enjoyed the read.

  • Good work. Would be nice if other people put some effort into the forums in an attempt to revive it. Though, I guess with the dwindling player numbers there's an even smaller proportion of forum users these days.

  • Fantastic analysis. What a wonderful post showing what the server forums should be and could be doing. Absolutely brilliant!

    Thank you for all the work in doing this. Interesting to see how low the proportion of teuton players is.

    Stand out Award 2017 UK

  • Seems to be an awful lot of hand holding going on, especially considering we're so early on in the server. NMS teaming with everyone who asks, they used to be cool.....

    Just read this again and spat coffee all over my keyboard :D

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  • Just read this again and spat coffee all over my keyboard :D

    Hang on - you lot united the entire East side of the server into one big fluffy alliance!

    At least we tried to fight each other! In the end hate just turned to love, especially when we agreed on our opinions of Crunch.

    My artefacts bring all the heroes to my yard

  • We had some fighting in our quad, until they all ran away and joined you lot. What were they called? Dench? Sins? Something like that. Crunch has promised to write the story of UK3. It should be entertaining.

    MJ, you will never be cool, you hit your high point when you featured in your own comic book on this very forum :D. Good days!

    I've enjoyed this server, been fun to be back playing amongst some old and new friends, even if not all have been on the same side. Looking forward to seeing how the next few days plays out :)

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  • Have to admit I'd forgotten about those comics. Wasn't I a troll or something though? Not sure why, after all, i'm incredibly dashing.
    I would write my own tales for the forum like i did occasionally but I'm occupied writing my own book atm! See, thats cool Meme!

    It has been a lot of fun for sure. I've enjoyed throwing together plans against you all in particular haha. Whatever happens, I'm glad we got a nice war between RD and MFH/NMS. Would've been bored to tears in Null.