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  • You know what I find most annoying? The countless farms that do get banned. I'm surrounded by villages that I can't farm because for some reason or other they've been banned.
    Best way to hinder your apponents:
    Step 1: Create 100's of accounts in their quadrant,
    Step 2: Get them all banned.

  • How do you explain the 5 accounts settling around Its a Cracker? What purpose do you think they have for settleing there? :)

    Quite simple. In your fantastic detective endeavours you failed to notice that the area is fairly central. Of course people are settled nearby. I've lost count of the number of people in TBA who had to be talked out of settling right beside their own spawns. They simply assumed it's the smart thing to do (rather than go for a decent cropper somewhere). The majority of experienced players know better - and I might add, know they need to be in an alliance to protect themselves and enjoy the game.

    However I'll note that despite your apparent Sherlockesque peacocking you've failed to note that accusing someone of cheating is not allowed on the forum. Hence my asking you to spit it out, I wanted to see if you'd be dumb enough or nasty enough to do so.

    I have been accused of cheating and I know how it feels. I don't care who you are, if you knew how it felt to be accused unfairly, you would have to be a masochist to do it to someone else.

    So how about you take your accusations to the MH if you have actual proof, or if I'm right and it's just snarky jealousy, maybe just eat them and stay silent like you should have done in the first place.

  • Its a central area yes, and some unexperienced players think its a good idea to settle right next to their spawn, I totally agree on this. The thing is, these accounts havent really done that :)

  • To be fair though Elisa. Last USx I settled, as a gaul, a full 24hrs before anyone else on the server. I heard a lot of people complaining that I was cheating. I knew I hadn't, didn't even know anyone else on the server when I started let alone have anyone else helping me. But I could see why people would think I was cheating. Many people have cheated and ended up with my results in the past...
    So I guess what I'm saying is that to be accused of cheating comes with the territory of playing top tier accounts. Many times top tier accounts do cheat so it's not unreasonable to suggest that someone might be cheating if suspcisious circumstances are noted.

  • Does anyone know what happens to alliance bonuses when break ups and merges happen?

    The alliance that breaks up to merge into another loses all its resource contributions to bonuses.
    The alliance that you merge into isn't affected in any way other than the members count.

  • I have not played a uk server before and therefore I do not know the different players, but I have looked at some numbers of the top alliances. Remember this is very early on the server, so many things can change and hopefully will. These are my views and thoughts on the server so far, it is primarily concerning the critical second village, but there are many thing I do not know about the alliances and players.

    Top alliances:
    I think that the two main rivals so far are TE/{TE} and TBC/TBA, located in the SouthWest and NorthEast quadrants respectively.
    They have almost the same number of accounts, 71 and 73, however TBC/TBA have a higher average population 551 compared to 440. But maybe more important all TBC/TBA have settled a second village, whereas TE/{TE} have 11 accounts that have not settled yet.
    TBC/TBA have settled 52 (9 150%, 15 125%, 10 100%, 18 others) 15-croppers, 20 9-croppers and 1 6/7-cropper.
    TE/{TE} have settled 38 (11 150%, 10 125%, 8 100%, 9 others) 15 croppers, 14 9-croppers and 8 6/7-croppers.
    Again an advantage to TBC/TBA, the many 6/7 croppers settled by TE/{TE}, looks like a sign of inexperienced players.
    However when I look closer a large number of the TBC/TBA 15-croppers are with relative low cropoases, but NorthEast just dont have that many 150% and 125% as SouthWest have, so TBC/TBA have been challenged in that area and several of their good croppers are located far from the center.

    Good looking alliances are:
    RBS with 44 accounts and have settled 22 (1 150%, 1 125%, 8 100%, 12 others) 15 croppers, 8 9-croppers and 8 6/7-croppers, located in the SouthEast.
    TV with 23 accounts and have settled 21 (8 150%, 8 125%, 4 100%, 1 others) 15 croppers, 0 9-croppers and 2 6/7-croppers, located in the SouthEast.
    EFH with 26 accounts and have settled 12 (3 150%, 0 125%, 5 100%, 4 others) 15 croppers, 6 9-croppers and 2 6/7-croppers, located in the SouthEast.
    QoQ with 36 accounts and have settled 16 (2 150%, 3 125%, 6 100%, 5 others) 15 croppers, 6 9-croppers and 5 6/7-croppers, located in the NorthWest.
    NoName 22 with accounts and have settled 8 (0 150%, 6 125%, 1 100%, 1 others) 15 croppers, 5 9-croppers and 4 6/7-croppers, located in the NorthWest around (220,120).

    Alliances with some potential are:
    Sparta with 50 accounts and have settled 13 (1 150%, 1 125%, 4 100%, 7 others) 15 croppers, 11 9-croppers and 13 6/7-croppers, located in the NorthWest and NorthEast.
    BBT with 43 accounts and have settled 11 (0 150%, 1 125%, 2 100%, 8 others) 15 croppers, 11 9-croppers and 16 6/7-croppers, located in the South around (0,-100) WW village.
    AOW with 41 accounts and have settled 8 (2 150%, 0 125%, 1 100%, 5 others) 15 croppers, 7 9-croppers and 14 6/7-croppers, located in the NorthWest and NorthEast.
    NWA with 23 accounts and have settled 14 (3 150%, 2 125%, 3 100%, 6 others) 15 croppers, 3 9-croppers and 0 6/7-croppers, located in the SouthWest.

    These are the alliances that I think can have an impact on the server.

    My conclusions:
    It looks interesting in the SouthEast with RBS, TV and EFH, will they unite to be a real thread against TBC/TBA and TE/{TE} or will they make war and weaken each, so they will not be a real thread later.
    How quick can TBC/TBA and TE/{TE} gain control of their own quadrant and how will they do it (war or diplomacy).
    What are the rest of the alliances plan, I feel that some of the alliances will be doomed if they are not going to do some smooth talking to some of the top alliances, but who are joining who and will it be before or after the artifacts have arrived.
    I think we are looking at an interesting server, with many options for the "smaller" alliances to influence how this server will end. I surely hope we will see more than 2 sides battling for the WW-win in the end.

    PS. Some of the numbers on croppers might not be exact, as I have been looking manually.

  • Very nice. EFH are only here till the next RoA starts at which point we'll be disbanding. This was always the case and all new members were warned of this and had to accept certain terms and conditions before joining.

  • That is of no issue to me or leadership. We came to uk5 because we'd won the current UK RoA 3 months early. We came to UK5 to allow EFH members to practise some skills in preperation for going to the international RoA when that starts. We made it clear that anyone wishing to join EFH had to agree to our terms and conditions which I'll make public by posting below.

    A few (even a couple leaders) from EFH came to UK5 wanting to play a full server and as such did not join EFH but joined other alliances such as TE. We had absolutely no issue with it and had made provisions even before server start for members to join TE should they wish to. We ourselves were simply clear, that as leadership we would be disbanding the alliance because we are an RoA alliance and we will be giving the next RoA our full attention when it starts.

    Each member and anyone applying was given the following message:

    EFH is a pre-arranged alliance coming from the current UK RoA server. We've come to this server purely to practise and develop our skills and team work. If you'd like to join our team, you'd need to accept the following:

    Terms and Conditions:

    In joining EFH you accept that this server will not be played for end-game, but merely as training for the International RoA which does not have World Wonders.

    In joining EFH you will play in the RoA style that the leaders will be guiding everyone through.

    In joining EFH you will settle your villages where asked after the 2nd village, even though it is not an RoA server, remembering that this is a chance to practise the team-mindset needed for RoA.

    In joining EFH you are aware that EFH on uk5 will be disbanded by the leadership when the RoA international server starts and that members will need to either abandon uk5 or find a new home.

    If you're looking to play a normal Travian server and play it to end-game, then feel free to join one of the other alliances. If you do join us however and find you enjoy your time in EFH, then you will be welcome to follow EFH to the International RoA and join us there too.