Controlling Auction House

  • Where were the days when this forum was buzzing? Trying to come up with topics to discuss though...

    Anyway... the auction house is mine! All mine!! Well... the artworks anyway... or atleast the sale and resale of artworks :ahoy:

    See I just love works of art. You can buy a lot of things with money. You can buy a new face, a new nose, enhanced... you get the picture! But what you can't buy is talent! Can buy someone else's talent though!

    And as such, I declare the artwork room of the auction house to be mine! If you want an artwork, you'll have to pay whatever minimum price I've set. For now... I think 10k per artwork is reasonable. You want one? 10k+ is your fee. I may put the price higher, but they'll won't be lower! I may or may not lower the price next week depending on how much profit I'm making ;)

  • Meh, I know someone got one for 7500 yesterday. Perhaps you should focus on trying to beat beans at the raiding this week. Or is that what this is, you're not getting enough attention? :P

  • Not talking about this one are you?

    04/06/17 Remaining silver after purchase Artwork‎**1‬×‬‎ Artwork ‎*-*7451

    05/06/17 Silver from sale Artwork 1‬×‬‎ Artwork ‎*+*11112

    No where near enough attention. Kinda miss my hate club :sad:

  • In the real world perhaps. Nothing in the rules saying you can't bid on your own items nor saying you can't place a minimum bid on all items being sold.

    See, I have three artworks that are due to be sold tonight. There's only three left in AH tonight so I know all three of these are mine... If I chose to put a minimum bid on all three, thats my choice is it not?

    - - - Updated - - -

    A succesful night :ahoy:

  • yeah pretty sure that rule is to do with getting 2 accounts with heavy silver and transferring it to another account by using 2 accounts at once to bid onto a spesfic item that u know when it will end.
    so that rule obv.. they try enforce it or something idk?
    never tried, but theoretically u can farm up gold that way

    pretty sure safegaurding ur own assest by guaranteeing them at a certain price is within the rules and u can use that legally on any acccount to farm gold from the servers :)

    Carlsberg, is a weak beer.


  • Yeah i've even read through the terms and conditions and can't find it. What I have found though is that you can buy a ton of gold, come onto the server and for 14 days basically buy everything making sure your opposition gets nothing, then quit and claim your money back.

  • The rule probably doesn't exist anymore since the auction push protection system went in. My guess is that they didn't think the system could be manipulated anymore. Which we've proof is wrong...

  • yeah its fine, this way is taking skill and inteligence

    the other way;
    make a bot acc , sell lot of stuff make high stack of silver
    time an auction from transfer account, place bids from at least 2 places
    whoever wins the auction transfer lot of silver

    when the prices were really high at the start and stuff went in instantly, it was super easy. and a big problem people would tansfer a lot of gs

    after this system it scrambles the launch time, with a bit of deduction and a small enough server, u can fish out which one is urs.. but in major server its nearly impossible to preform this transfer at any degree of acuracy since ur auction will be mixed with those placed in roughly 4 hours either side.
    idk the exact alogorithm but its something similar'

    auction used to take exactly 24 hours, now it takes roughly 24 hours +/-whatever correction time the scrambler gives

    Carlsberg, is a weak beer.