Day 25 - Ally analysis

  • RVS look solid to me, so I'm not sure that they are going to rush into a meta. Your analysis leaves out QoQ ... another alliance that looks good. So I'm a bit more optimistic than you are of a good server. I see each of the four quads having a strong alliance. So plenty of opportunities for diplomacy, back-stabbing, artifact stealing and capital smashing. With the likes of Sparta/AOW, EFH and BBT providing some light relief along the way.

    yes looking at it like that does give us some hope. Although QoQ are the dominant force in the quad, I dont think our leaders have the relevant experience and knowledge (from what I have seen from the inside) to properly challenge end game themselves. Fair dues to them for making an effort though.

  • Well this is how I see the server panning out, TBC will easily take thier quad if they have not already as sparta and noname are to be frank hopeless. obviously with EFH disappearing soon the competion there dies. TE will want to remain champions so will meta with RVS and whoever else is left. Then will be a simfest for a while before endgame when TE will win through weight of numbers and declare themselves champions. Lets all go home now.

    Last uk5 in a nutshell, even down to the quads :D

  • :ahoy:

    Maybe their recruiter focusses on quality over quantity. You'd have to ask her.

    Truth be told I'm quite encouraged by the suggestions that there will be strong competition for us. I'd prefer a tough battle to a snoozefest any day.

    Because Settling 300/300 Is looking for a tough battle. :ahoy: