• Well
    Travian hasnt updated its forum..

    but round 2 between GMC and MM comences :)


    SW is MM and NW is GMC

    The death it self has emerged. (north east)

    Day 1 of uk4 already 2 sides.

    the only question; who will declare war first?

    And will travian ever find competent management (dull)

    Carlsberg, is a weak beer.


  • oh yeah well

    gimps where there too, but they're not here again are they

    gmc vs mm fought last time

    and will fight again, thats the point bassically

    that and the forum is stil the old one..

    Carlsberg, is a weak beer.


  • It was hardly a fight. We fought our war against FLG, you were just unfortunate enough to hold the WW and ally them because you wanted an easy server!

  • Hello UK4, we have started a newly formed alliance in the NW, Bloodhound Gang (BG) to hopefully have a good time with plenty of fun this server. We have just finished UK2 in AA and a few of us have decided to try this server out to get a grip on the new alliance bonus schemes and because we are a bit soft in the head and cannot have a full break from the game it seems, lol.

    We are looking forward to new challenges with a much smaller group, we are open to recruitment so if anyone is interested in learning some new things or teaching us some new tricks then please do not hesitate to message the Dude account in game. We are in the NW and only recruiting people in the NW or willing to relocate. Any old AA players are especially welcome as well as old enemies or new people who we have not yet come across.

    All the best to all and hope the server is a good one!


    UK2 Zombie

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  • I heard it was quite a fight last round. But it wasn't only MM against GMC. Wan't another ally with MM?

    looking forward to Round 2!!!

    MM + WW (Monkey Madness + Mirrored Monkeys) SW & NW


    GMC + FLG (Goats Motorcycle Club + Freeman Leage + Gimps) NE & SW & SE