WvV R56

  • kp4

    ^Imagine that is in big awesome writing....

    due to the repeated and quickly escalating death threats i am going to skip this part....

    Razorwind - TABLE
    Mercedes - BOB
    Zab - INQO
    Bob Hawken - RAZOR
    Kelo - TABLE
    M-K - INQO
    Lagushki - RAZOR
    Creaky Cait - TABLE
    Death Master - ABSENT
    Tombo? - CAIT
    Table - CAIT
    PFK - KELO
    Jakeyyy - TABLE
    Corrers - INQO

    Lynch - Table (Wulf)

    The alpha went in for the kill full of confidence, blinded by the moment they didn't notice the bodygaurd. The body gaurd wook the alpha's fangs but managed to take the alpha down with them. A new alpha emerges from the wolves ranks.

    Alpha - Kelo (Bodygaurd)
    Bodyguard - Corres (alpha)

  • KP5

    Well it's thursday so, let's all kill Tombo

    Razorwind - TOMBO
    Mercedes - TOMBO
    Zab - ABSENT
    Bob Hawken - TOMBO
    M-K - TOMBO
    Lagushki - TOMBO
    Creaky Cait - TOMBO
    Death Master - TOMBO
    Tombo - M-K
    Jakeyyy - TOMBO
    The Host - TOMBO

    Lynch vote -Tombo (villager)

    Alpha vote - Blocked by the Medic.

    The Secret Society leader attemted to recruit a wolf, the wolf could not be persuaded however and mauler the SSL to death.

    Mauled SSL - Mouse-Keyboard

  • So tonight should be interesting

    1) The SSL group know a wolf
    2) The medic knows a villager (who may or may not be one of the SSL group)

    With 3 in the SSL group

    and 3 wolves

    That would leave 4 villagers.

    I hope tonight - when SSL announce who MK looked for last night that ALL the villagers vote to kill the wolf.
    I hope also any remaining specials outside the SSL group realise then who they can trust - and speak to an SSL member.

    They haven't yet.


  • So

    Meme is the confirmed wolf
    She even confirmed herself :D

    I reccommend people make sure they vote her out :) (although its tempting to go for someone else since she's a dead furball walking now - but I can't pretend I know who that someone else is yet)


  • Rights for wolves

    Wolves should have the same rights as villagers

    1. No lynching. It's disgusting that as soon as a wolf is outed you all want to lynch them. Wolves are cute and furry and should be loved and given lots of tummy tickles.
    2. No hiding. Wolves should be able to live their lives openly, without fear of castigation, humiliation or lynching. Wolves are people with fur.

    If you agree with with me that wolves are an endangered and persecuted species, then join me in around my final night's campfire for a chorus of Kum Bah Yah. Peaceful demonstration against the system people, furry and unfurry both welcome. There is no discrimination here.

    Stand out Award 2017 UK

  • In the interest of all this sisterly and fraternal love
    can I encourage the specials that have not come forward - thiis will substantially help us identify the furry types that need our love and oh so close attention - close and loving and affectionate obviously


  • I'm very drunk and I'm very sorry;

    KP today

    Peacekeeper blocked all specials


    Death master


    Lynch = Mercedes (newest alpha)

    A new alpha arises yet again

  • KP7?

    Still hungover :(

    Razorwind - absent
    Zab - Jakeyyy
    Bob Hawken - Jakeyyy
    Lagushki - Jakeyyy
    Creaky Cait - Jakeyyy
    Death Master - absent
    PFK - Jakeyyy
    INQO - Jakeyyy
    Jakeyyy - Cait

    Lynch vote - Jakeyyy (Alpha the 3rd, new one etc etc)

    Alpha vote - Lag (Taxi)

  • KP8

    Razorwind - absent
    Zab - INQO
    Bob Hawken -Zab
    Creaky Cait - Zab
    Death Master - absent
    PFK - absent
    INQO - Zab

    Lynch vote - Zab Wulf

    Alpha vote - Bob Villager Peacekeeper