Top 10 rewards - insiration from EA

  • The top 10 is good as much as it allows the winners to put some pixels on their page, however there is no reward in real terms.

    In the past there has been no real reward for the top tier competitive players in FIFA (focusing on Ultimate Team), however the introduction of a new tournament system (FUT Champions) enabled the experienced and good players to earn in-game currency by playing (and winning) and the game consistently (whilst also encouraging the lower quality players to work on their playstyle). From my experience, this has encouraged many players to put more hours into the game in search of premium rewards, and has also made the scene much more competitive. In addition, it enabled players without the backing of a stacked bank account to create clubs of a similar prestige to those investing heavily in the game.

    How can this case-study be applied to Travian, though? Well I suggest one possibility (with plenty of opportunities for development):

    Have actual rewards for getting in the top 10 (both inconsistently AND consistently). Currently is there enough of an incentive to put that extra 5% in to make the charts? If a player was maybe 5 or 10 population points away from the top 10, then would they consider golding up a building or two to get there? Probably not - unless there was an actual reward (resources, in-game currency, 5% off their next purchase...).

  • On the contrary, I think people's ego's and willingness to appear one of the 'best' is enough for a lot of people to try the extra 5% as you put it.

    Things like raiding have their own incentive anyway...more resources > better account/hammer(s).

    Edit: Just to add, yes of course I think it would add incentive to the already existing incentives, but I don't think there would be a drastic change to the order. The same people generally will still be the top attackers/raiders, and I'm sure there's some argument of unbalancing to be had somewhere in all this.

  • I'm kind of torn because while yes, it is a great achievement to get into the top ten page, those accounts don't really need to be any further ahead by giving them rewards that boost them in game!

    But it might be cool if we could think of other things that could show up in the top ten. Maybe most hero points gained this week, most daily cp points gained this week without artes/artworks, any more ideas?

  • Or kill their own clubs...which I've seen plenty of from someone trying to be top off on a server.

    or tourney style
    kill there own scouts to farm it

    best player in travian means nothing untill there is verification of identity
    (and more than just "whos email is that?")

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