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    A few observations I posted in the COM discussion thread.

    • I'm hearing that the "security" to prevent multiple votes is easily bypassed. Nothing can be done about it this year but hopefully a more secure process can be implemented next year. I have some thoughts on this that I will put together for the powers that be. The general gist is they need to leverage multiple measures to prevent and detect multi voting, rather than the one or two that appears to be the case currently.

    Not sure who told you that nothing can be done for the vote this year, but we already announced that only one vote per person will be taken into consideration. Using incognito mode, proxys or any other way to cheat on the vote, won't work :)

    When will Nordics 3x start?

    If you read the article, you'll notice that the speed servers are updated on a different way. We can't forseen when a speed server start, so we are updating constantly the calendar.
    If the server you are mentioning is not in the calendar yet, means that is not yet planned. Just keep yourself updated by checking the calendar and following this thread for more information (every time we update the calendar, we put the changelog here).

    Actually not.
    I have added one reply and edited the first post, which will include all changelogs. This is how we make sure that all changes are visible for everybody during the month even without the need to read the whole discussion. We also did not pull any server but we changed to combined servers on community request :)

    Changelog 04/01/2019


    • Removed BG regular server start 16.01.2019
    • Removed GR regular server start 16.01.2019
    • Removed HR regular server start 16.01.2019
    • Removed RS regular server start 16.01.2019
    • Removed SI regular server start 16.01.2019
    • Removed BA regular server start 17.01.2019
    • Added BALKANS regular server start on 16.01.2019
    • Removed CZ regular server start 15.01.2019
    • Removed SK regular server start 07.01.2019
    • Added CZSK regular server start on 15.01.2019
    • Removed HK regular server start 17.01.2019
    • Removed TW regular server start 14.01.2019
    • Added CHINESE regular server start on 17.01.2019
    • Added HUX speed server start on 09.01.2019
    • Added AEX speed server start on 14.01.2019
    • Moved AE regular server start from 22.01.2019 to 29.01.2019
    • Added IDX speed server start on 15.01.2019
    • Moved ID regular server start from 23.01.2019 to 29.01.2019
    • Added ILX speed server start on 21.01.2019
    • Added ITX speed server start on 21.01.2019
    • Added PLX speed server start on 29.01.2019
    • Added SAX speed server start on 30.01.2019
    • Added CHINESE speed server start on 31.01.2019
    • Moved NORDICS regular server start from 31.01.2019 to 24.01.2019


    • Moved "The Ultimate Battle #1" from 09.01.2019 to 22.01.2019
    • Moved AskTravian #13 from 29.01.2019 to 30.01.2019
    • Added a few blog and blog topics

    Discussion of article Calendar January 2019:

    Check out the Community Calendar for January 2019!

    As far as I know Lemon is busy with some University's tasks, which obviously have the priority.
    But he mentioned he is already writing something already in the few spare time. Meanwhile there are other people who wrote, thanks @Safiren for sharing :)

    Not like you've got private messages enabled in the first place. ;)

    As mentioned already a couple of time, this account is used not for support but for other purposes. And it is possible that is accessed by different people. The reason the private messages are disabled is because this is not a support account and it might be not logged in for long period of time. That is why we suggest to PM your Community Manager.

    Just to make it clear.
    No, TK could not fix it, but they could have poked me or Ameno to check it out.
    When we say "send a private message" that is not the same thing of getting highlighted in a forum post.

    Regarding the archives, we are currently trying to figure out some legal things related to it.

    Maybe you have heard about the changes in GDPR at a European level and maybe like me you are receving tons of spam from services you registered in the years that are right now changing their T&C to fit the changes in the law.

    We will come back to you as soon as we sort this out.

    @Lemon about the poll I think you got some hint and answers via email by the person in charge of the event organization.
    I don't think this thread should be closed because the purpose was to gather ideas/feedbacks for the game and the forum. If you'd like we can hide all the comments regarding the survey to keep this thread clean and you can keep discuss it via email with the organization so that this forum remain clean.

    @Mercedes I have the private messages locked because moderating and interveen on forum is something I do rarely, and there are weeks in which I have zero time to check the forum, therefore it is not good if I have the private messages open and I do not answer them. If it's about the survey, you can just talk with Lemon and he has a contact person to discuss to.

    So basically you are saying we are lying.
    There are no logs for who fills the poll if the poll is anonymized, so no we won't be able to see the participants.
    And if you are not sure what I am saying, feel free to ask directly to Woltlab (forum developer) here: Forum - WoltLab®

    You want to reward participants with Gold but anybody can vote more than once and just put a random forum account, because you have no way to check that the person that filled the form is the person that actually owns a forum account with that name.

    No we won't be able to do so, unless that option is flagged.
    Anyway, unfortunately I cannot follow this conversation more for today, so any other comment I will answer tomorrow.

    That is not true :)
    In the settings of the Google Forum there is a nice flag where you can collect emails (and you do not need to ask them in the form to have them if you limit the answer by only accepting people registered on Google).

    So explain me, you want to make a survey to collect data to bring to TG to support your voice and the voice of your community, but you do not want to give TG any access to the data. That sounds a bit odd to me.