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    Embarrassing? Not in the least.

    I would be more embarrassed to be in a group which lies to their enemies about being friends before attacking. I would find it more embarrassing to be in a group which uses plants to steal artefacts. I would find it more embarrassing to be in a group which describes itself as Ultimate Warriors. All of these things, they are ok, but I don't think Goats have much to be embarrassed about when contrasted with 'dirty' tactics used elsewhere.

    Just when I thought you have gotten yourselves together after the backstab incident, you pull it out from your sleeve again. How delightful. That's also the only point relevant to us, remaining two concern GUNNERS and them only and I do agree with you on those.

    And as a side note, I don't think anyone has called the process of zerging dirty by any means. Quite the contrary, if everyone were honest and straightforward about it happening.

    well ofc, we coordinate to bring forth the downfall of gunners.

    I'm not judging that per se. Just seems funny to me, how some players from these alliances are (or at least seem to be) so clueless, even delusional about the in-game events. But you do you.

    Haha no! I must admit, I find all the artfact stuff rather uninteresting. That is my subjective take.

    If anyone would care to send me in private a detailed account of all artefact thefts/transfers, I'd be happy to look at making a visual/pictorial/map based representation/analysis of the movements, which may be more accessible to people like me who find it all a bit tiresome :)

    A weird take to call one of the most important artifacts on the game getting rotated outside your alliance uninteresting. Maybe you meant embarrassing? Also, the public Discord server has the artifact steals and transfers summed up in a separate channel so the job has been already done for you.

    Can anyone update about top deff report pls ?

    Someone lost 2 hammers ?

    According to dominant rumors, reports should be asked from both Duat and GOATS. If these rumors contain a seed of truth, some South-Western furnitures might be in need of reassembling soon, assuming vengeful GOATS are being herded by godlike shepherds.