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    I suppose that it is too late to help you but, in case some new player come here, this is what you have to do on your second village (this is important, some players make the mistake to do it on the first village) :

    1. 1 ressource level 7
    2. All ressource level 7
    3. Main building level 5
    4. Residence / Palace / Command Center lvl 1
    5. View Culture Points Tab

    At this point you have the quest "All Resource Fields lvl 8" and "Residence / Palace / Command Center lvl 10". Do not try to do the fields level 8. Once you have the residence level 10 you can do the three last quest and get some ressources to launch one Small celebration in the Town Hall and get some PC again.

    You can find all the quests here :

    Travian: Codex Victoria

    A wall is not here to protect population inside it but to increase the defense power and block the attackers outside and force them to search for a breach (or to make one).

    In Travian, in more of that, the wall is nothing than a barrier, you can't put soldiers in it or on it.

    So, no, the wall is not suppose to cost any population (whatever the level).

    And, the goal in this game is not to have population but to have troops so to have cereals :)

    If you want population for your wall, you loose some cereals ^^

    This kind of APi can be helpfull to make thirdparts tools (I prefer more information about the map) but if you want to be listened, you have to write directly to Travian Games.

    And, seriously, you can be sure that you will never have any response from Travian Games.

    These guys don't do anything on this game except new gold options.

    Public API is a bad thing for money :D (good thing in a long term vision, but Travian Games is not able to have this kind of vision).

    ps : sorry if my english is not good, I try to be better ^^

    I don't know if you have more keys to give or if i can participate as a french player but i will try to tell you a short french story -with my bad english :( -.

    It was a year ago, we were a dozen of olds members of a same alliance and some news contacts and we thinked about the possibility of infiltrating all the most important alliances on the server to win without a real existence before the last day.

    So, we decide to execute the plan and, move after move, war after war, handling after handling, we put our members in the most importants circles of many alliances. At the end of the server, we convinced all the major alliances to give a world's wonder to our agents and we finally maked an alliance in the last day with all our members and world's wonders.

    At the end, we won the server without any problem, just with many adjustments of our initial plan.