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    My definitions:

    small abrasive: your canon + lvl10 workshop (500 ram + 250 cata, average 26k upkeep)

    great abrasive: your hammer + lvl10 workshop (1000 ram + 500 cata, 72k upkeep)

    WWK: at least 110k army, inside 8,5k cata. It can buid in main village, artifact only need in great WWK army ( from near 200k, 10+k cata).

    Without gold, the small abrasive can reach that time, when others have great abrasives.

    There are no possibility build a hammer without gold, and with the mentioned activity. The minimum: +100 gold, and double activity. Especielly, when you drop a new village.

    And a note: a builded defender always can upkeep a 8k attacker army, without using gold. What do you mean under "small hammer"? In my dictionary, the "hammer" means a WW-destroyer, at least 110k.

    If the defender's loosing is at least 25%, the report show them defend power.

    Now active raiders may get the benefit from putting points to Hero offense.

    So far, more resources have been obtained in this way. More from now on.

    It is the fact that the players who settle Cropper far from their spawn faced problems with number of merchants and the amount merchants could carry and that slowed the development of cropper for a week to 10 days. Now with Hero and troops hunting critters get resources in Hero inventory and that should be an easy way to have resources available for the quick development of a far flung cropper.

    In a 401*401 map, more then ten thousands player, there are no free place to the lone game. The slower players have no chance kill animals and/or loot oasis near more active players.

    The points, that you are mentioned by benefit of the simmer players, in really benefit of the active raiders. There are extra benefit like now.

    I have a similar idea.

    All (gaul) village have one Trapper, no more possibility. Tha maximum level of the building Trapper is 10.

    The place of the maked cages is the hero inventory.

    Number of cage from an Trapper:

    Trapper level
    Speed: 1x Speed: 2x Speed: 3x
    4 11 17
    2 8 19 30
    3 12 28 44
    4 17 39 62
    5 23 53 84
    6 31 73 113
    7 41 96 150
    8 54 126 197
    9 71 164 258
    10 92 213 335

    The number of makeable cages: sum(cages from all building Trappers in the account) - (cathed animals) - (cages in hero's inventory).

    Soldable cages in auctions: (cages in hero's inventory) + (cathed animals) - sum(cages from all building Trappers in the account).

    The cages, that are in the auction by the player, are part of the (cages in hero's inventory).

    Hy @thunderlight!

    Great work, but there are some mistake.

    Order of units: base infrantry, other infrantri(es), scout, mounted units, etc. And, in the others infranties and mounted units: by training time.

    The maximum upkeep of infratry is one. The maximum cost of an unit: 665/upkeep. So Bearmonger has to been to plan. (If it is an infrantry unit, the best war values: 75/80/30, training time: 35:28.)

    Base training time: cost * 3,2 / SQRT(upkeep), and the main infranty attacker has a *0,8 multiplier.

    tier1: Free folk. By value, this unit's cost is 195, base training time: 06:24.

    tier2: Shield Maiden. Suggested cost is 385, base training time (by your cost): 23:28. or (by suggested cost): 20:32.

    tier3: Berserker (main varrior infranty): 23:15.

    Ram defend value againts ground: 30. Catapult defend value againts mounted: 10, training time: 2:30:00.

    I do not see the values of the wall (defence bonus, and the stability). the traders speed and capacity.

    And the nation's buliding values and effetc. Sorry, I see it. Maybe: the Longhouse can not build in the village, if there is a Town Hall.

    New technology

    For me, it is irrelevant, or I'm not enough informaiton.

    Regions & tribes

    For me, it is relevant, but accept it.

    Map size

    In a legends 401*401 servers, there are place for ~37k registered accounts. But there are no place so much accounts in a 801*801 Europe map. In a 401*401 regions map, there are less than thents players.

    Interface langauge

    Good, but all prerequisites are done for years.

    Server rotation




    New task system

    IT HAVE TO DROP THE VILLAGE TASKS FROM IT! This kill the medium players game. And now also this is the main problem in the game: their power hardly matters next the top players, and this task system can rises this difference highly.

    Early-game oasis changes

    It sounds like good.

    Re-arranging buildings


    Vacation mode changes

    Occupying an oasis can block the starting of the vacation. And occupying a village?

    New building: Hospital

    A new feature in the Legends servers. But an old thing. It is indispensable for the attacker, and useable by the defenders.

    What's new in the gold shop

    It is irrelevant for me.

    Gold transfer links


    Starting gold, and Gold club

    Are not connection? Yes, but yes. Now not the 10 gold the starting gold pack, it is 30 gold. So it means +100 starting gold.

    The Gold club is indispansable to evrybody from top to farm players. So these are irrelevant to old players. But the newcomers do not know it, so they can to probe the Gold club heawily.

    Global changes

    Do you deliver on an old promise?

    New 7-day event server

    What you hoped for, what you will find out with this?

    When the long answer. It is need some information from the battle system.

    First step: count some datas:

    Off(ground) - attack power of other units, and the unmounted hero (with bonuses)

    Off(mount) - attack power of units from stable, and the mounted hero (with bonuses)

    Def(vx)(ground) - defence power of all units from village x against ground units (with bonuses)

    Def(vx)(mount) - defence power of all units from village x against mounted units (with bonuses)

    Def's values have to count by all villages. But them are not values, that you can see in the battle reports.

    Attack strength = Off(ground) + Off(mount)

    Defence strength = [Off(ground*sum(Def{(v1tox)(groumd)} + Off(mount)*sum{Def(v1tox)(mount)}]/[Off(mount)+Off(ground)]


    Defence strenght = [Off(ground)*Def(v1)(ground)+Off(mount)*Def(v1)(mount)]/[Off(ground)+Off(mount)] + [Off(ground)*Def(v2)(ground)+Off(mount)*Def(v2)(mount)]/[Off(ground)+Off(mount)] + ...

    The first type of counting defence is simplier, but to count the participant defense palayers' streng requires the second type. And, in a WW village, imagine it with thousands village.

    Becouse it simplier.

    The defence strenght must be counted on all sender villages. But it separate the two type (against ground, and mounted defence power), and only in the end counts the final defend power. So it is enough counting one time a weighted average, not on all sender villages.

    The gameplay, that I see, or the reward of perseverance

    I was Lifetree, leader of the clan JAVA, member of the faction Dynasty. My plan was a defender of the faction, using by ancient power of region Thebes.

    At start, I write to all Dynasty’s clans, who want to occupie Thebes. clan LOCKER send an invitation to the clan, I accept it. And start a discussion for a hole confederation of the faction, but it fall: because of, among other things, leader of the LOCKER do not want it, And the LOCKER’s member do not move to Thebes. So I left the clan, and a pair weeks, I play alone. After I get an invitation to the JAVA (that dominate the Thebes), and the founder lift me to the clan leader.

    Meanwhile, the factions begin the expansion by the new players. It seems: the Empire, and the Dynasty get flying start, the Marauders and Horde start with applied handbrake. But faction Horde can organized himself.

    After a month, the faction Dynasty get a flat tire: the most powered clan of the faction delete, and the Empire occupie the last opened Dynasty’s region, far away from territory of Emprie.

    And the show go on. Faction Empire can grow him benefit, Rebels can overgrow Dynasty, and Horde also close to Dynasty. But, before it can happen, the Horde melts to the Empire. React to it, I suggest: the hole faction melting to the Rebels. But this is drowned in general unconcern, instead of faction Rebels. But the faction Dynasty finally organizes himself to a confederation, and go ahead against Empire. Maybe Marauders, and Rebels also. I search weakly regions of Empire and Rebels, but I find more in Empire. (Occupeing regions from Marauders do not get enough VP.) Faction Empire can not stay this siege.

    In december, most of faction Marauders smelt to the Dynasty, with the old Horde’s clans from Empire. If Rebels, and Empire smelt to each other, this form maybe equal with new faction Dynasty, but there is a question: who smelt to the other? Rebels has more VP/day, Empire has more VP. After a week, the Rebels smelts to the Empire, but the diplomatist of Dynasty do not wait it idle: succesfull seduces clans from Rebels and Empire too. And it is enough to victory of Dynasty.


    In this server, don not lots of heavily great players, and ( this is more important) do not full the map with players. So the medium players can grow and expansion, and there was place to battle for regions by factions.

    I like this idea.

    My opinion:

    The leader (and that persons, who have right) see the hole amount troops of the clan from all type. And can see the largest and average amount in one account, the largest and average amount in one village, where their noumbers reach an optional limit: 1000, 100 or 1. (This limit can sign by type.) This is 5 values, and 3 radio buttons per type, naturally in one page.

    I have a suggestion to the base regions of the factions:

    Empire: no change

    Rebels: Pictavium, Burdigala, Tolosa

    Marauders: no change

    Horde: Berzobis, Gherla, Tyras

    Dynasty: Paraitonion, Alexandria, Memphis


    Max registered player (edit: /faction):

    401*401: 800

    801*801: 3.200

    Line of regions:

    Base regions in same time, after the next 9 (Marauders: 8 ) regions in same time. No more open regions to new registered players. Max 100 (400) new registered players in one region.

    All faction have one region with 100 VP/day. And there are a such in an other one of the next regions. Plusz Hippo Region and Hispalis (there are at least 3 steps from all factions). There are no region with 200 VP/day. (Sum 12 regions with 100 VP/day.)

    I definitely forbid the introduction of the new task overview in this form!

    But there is a way to save this: move to all box from "Task for village" to "General tasks", and delete the first tab. And do not renew with new villages. In this case, I modify my vote on this: the older is better. I explain my opinion below, in langauge of Hungary.