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    Who are experts in bot detection team? Did they play travian before?

    Several players from our alliance got ban for bots in beginner protection. Did they really have farmbots all of them in beginner protection? I don´t think so, now their accounts are basically unplayable without good main. Will be there some compensation for this accounts if bans were wrong?


    cz/sk community could not register at same time as Russian players, so we gently ask for rollback for fair conditions for all countries.

    We refuse to play without rollback as Russian have big advantage against us.

    Thank you for understanding.

    Best regards

    Annoyed cz/sk player


    since I need to switch often hero between my own villages, I would like to create link which automaticaly prefill hero and coordinates of specific village. Does anyone know this magic?

    It was proposed on LOT2019 for MC in grey zone which somehow makes sense, because players have better motivation to fight for grey zone.

    It´s hard to discuss with you, if you think yours opininons are best, which are really not. You don´t have overall picture at all. Most of your posts are just OT trashtalk. You should use self-reflection time to time :). I think Path Pandora has some cool features and I can imagine that is future of Travian, because it solves many issues including issues in this topic. Basically it forces alliances to play without big coaliton. Defending farm it not thing, game is more live - players don´t need to save their armies to artifacts/WWW.

    With the new features in Path to Pandora the folks at Travian understand that there will be a lot of alliances that will have members, who will mostly be there to generate villages for other tribes' alliances members for them to conquer.
    Travian rates this as playing the account for it's own benefit and stepping back for the sake of your alliance, should not be punished.

    This topic was already solved by this post. What more do you want?


    Every decision depences on individual case and opininon of MH. I know player who got banned for sending 4 waves in 1 second - ofc unbanned without compensation. I mean MH can be aggresive, but should admit mistakes, because even MH are real people (most of them are just volunteers). Please try to be less arrogant, thanks. Anyway I think TG should work on compensation if they are wrong.

    It´s hard to be honest and don´t get banned, but I would say it´s against rules. But why would you do that in the first place? You can just farm him and use his production for yourself and still have your main. On tournament servers, it´s very often case.

    MH should be more investigative and check at least top accounts individually.

    Not correct, when Natars take village from deleted account levels of building and fields dropped. But when player take village from Natars buldings and fields NEVER drop, because Natars has always more population than player. I took village from Natars with field on level 10.

    Reason is simple more good MC15 +150%/125% stacked at one place. Ofc if you are lucky it´s better to be only close to grey zone not really inside it.

    + delete grey zone.. Grey zone is reason for less fights in small server, because most players don´t want to fight on longer distance. Alternative would be smaller map and artefact spawning only there or some other big advatange to be in grey zone-