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    Other farmers using external site without access on their accounts. Red Zorra said she was using site with access on her account, because she could see which farms she didn´t have in farmlists already.

    Better players = cheaters

    Heroes logic

    You should learn how to deal with loose like normal people. Everyone sometimes loose, it´s ok :).

    I just said that Myrm had some impact, you said that it wouldn´t be difference without them. Of course credit deserve whole coalition. YD would easily beat your alliance if they hadn´t to attack Aegina. This is just fact, take it and don´t cry please.

    How delusional are you? Hooooly crap.

    Did you really play on this server? No, they wouldn´t win. YD would win if Aegina didn´t join the server. Everyone except your alliance - "I just forgot your alliance name, let's just call it newbies" have to admit it. YD had less defence because they were under heavy attacks from Aegina. You are funny guy. Sorry for saying truth (I know it can hurts sometimes).

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    YD were fighting with basically whole server. Heroes was just fighting with DoH and couldn´t even beat them. You are so overconfident. You should sit in corner and learn from winners.

    I disagree with that Myrm didn´t have impact. They have probably the biggest impact on the server. Do you seriously want to disagree on this one?

    If you had evidence something illegal why you didn´t send it to MH?

    "The outcome of this server wouldnt have been any different if Myr didnt use FFs. It wouldnt even have changed if he didnt register to be honest."

    I am pretty sure YD players would not agree with you. Stop envy, start learning how to play.

    I didn´t see any changelog to this. Good solution would be to always have same rewards for whole server or more often reset on speed (12 hours for example).

    Heroes teamwork level is so low that you every teamwork call cheating, because your accounts just playing for yourself not for your alliance. I understand why do you think it´s cheating, because you are just travian newbies.