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    Last year i had a pleasure to participate in Legends on Tour event. That was really nice event with a lot of cool people. One of the most important thing for me and polish community (and i think also for @Rinobit  slow ciliatus  Safiren and communities represented by them) was to talk about tournament and bugs on that server. We can read here:
    So we came on this server again. After 100 days with a lot of fights and fun, we had new starvation bug and rollback which completely destroyed endgame. But again we can read here that: "The development team looked into the issue and implemented some solutions to reduce event jams and prevent massive starvation.", so some people start playing again. New rollback, new bugs, WWks at home and no sense to use endgame strategy which all planned. And what happened? Again starvation bug. We were hopeful that TG understood that they did very badly, but they wanted at least to talk with meta leaders and decide that to do with this server. Tournament Finals - Statement

    All were happy that TG first time talk with players what to do in a crisis situation - nothing more wrong. In official statment here we can see: "the Tournament Finals game world is struggling due to the disruptive behavior of a group of players who deliberately decided to sabotage it" - not TG fault, but players who used bug "fixed" few times by developers. Almost all meta leaders decided to end server with natars win and what we have? "The server will get a rollback." and "we received a lot of feedback from individual players who asked us to continue the Finals." Which players? Their metas decided to stop playing, so maybe that players are not exist in real world or they are not affected by this bug, so why they can even talk about it? Our accounts was almost all server in top 20 attackers (regular fights, not scouts killer like kim) and we spent about 18000 gold. Is it a lot? I dont know, another polish account from top 20 population spent about 66k gold, another account from top 10 population about 100k gold and "record-holder"which i know about 200k gold through all server. So do you tg really think that gold is more important thing to get back from this finals? We wasted to watch our account over 100 days 24h per day and now we have 50% gold on server with another rollback, when players decided to end this circus. Yes this is a circus and we - players are your monkeys who just wasted time and money here, lied and deceived that although we can decide to end server or not.

    We will have soon Legends on Tour v2, Emerik (+rest) probably will talk again about this bugs and again all will be "fixed" like last year.

    I am sad that I had to take part in it. I am sad that TG still does not care about players.

    I would like to add, that currently people involved into the meeting are looking for options to extract the whole conversation and spread the transcripts. I guess those who are interested in meeting will soon get change to read it. Unfortunately, modern version of skype is not best suited for getting that, we'll need to find solution how to do that.

    In polish thanks TG that you take care about your players, dont worry that you have problems before, but now you are facing it and i hope you will make the best decision for us - all players.

    I am really happy that i am playing a game where player convenience is on first place on developers list.

    Support or Multihunter have different roles ingame. Support folder is currently closely monitored by people who are able to help since support is correct person to report bug to (not MH).

    It is funny that you are writing it to actual supporter who knows how it looks like in background. Support can not help people, support can just resend ticket to another department, but in a lot of cases clearing cookies is enough (as you know), but supporters can not verify it, supporters can not see for example if someone has troops in village or troops vanished.

    support and multihunter are the same person on finals, for each nations

    No, they are not. Maybe in some domain supporters are also multihunters, but certainly not everyone.

    If after rollback you're still missing troops, gold, Plus etc, please, contact Support, because they need to look at that individually.

    Why Support not Multihunter? Support cant even see someone troops, support can just resend notifcation to other, but mulithunter can also do it and he can see someone account. Dont you think that writing to mh can help better?

    if will re-start today ---> dacia ww is lvl 50 and also if they give back us our levels, nobody ( and i don't say uollas meta ) can't catch dacia down, because the hammers had to be sent yesterday

    Who has forbidden you to do it? Even if @Rinobit love us all i dont think that is a reason why you didnt send your hammers yesterday.

    Don't worry guys, we will have "Legends on tour" event v2 soon so travian programmers can lie new people that bug with disappearing deff will not happen in next finals again.

    This is a litle bit confuse for me.

    Lets see,im a player that dont play whit 2 mutch gold but i have a allie that spend gold.

    It is not for the benifit of my acount if he farms 2 or 3 of my villages to have troop to clean the area(since he has the abillity to make more troops and faster then i)?

    If he push the adversaries to far of my villages isnt that in my benefit?

    is that against the rules you say?

    He is moderator without knowledge about game rules, better if you ask multihunter not people like him.