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    What i sayd makes perfect sense and it was completely logical conclusion to asume ur sw since u were defending them and ur profile states ur from india.
    And u contradict urself yet another time in row do u see this irony? Ur saying that this turkc player alledgedly insulted people in forums and took his offensiveness too far, now you are doing the same. Who needs to get his act together?

    Perfect Sense!?!?!

    In what world does 15 spelling and grammatical errors translate to making sense ANYWHERE?!?!?!

    Too many variables and too open a questions....

    V3? 3.6? T4? T4.4? Speed? Normal?

    Depends on restrictions about cancelling BP early for raiding, resource pushing etc.

    Legit I have settled in 2 days on comx, and was second to settle on the server, but that was back in 2010 with 3.6 (was also one of the 3 or 4 servers we had where you had to pay 2 gold per troop dodge. lol)

    On slow I have managed 6 days, but same deal, quite early on.

    Since T4.4, best I have done on speed is 3 days (about 67 hrs from memory).

    It's kinda funny, the one I settled earliest, I ended in 20th place, but the one (on speed also) where it took me a week, I finished 2nd. lol)

    Fair point, im asuming you arent playing this spesific server tho?

    Wrong, i am currently playing (not very well, but more due to lack of attention than lack of any cheating methods. lol)
    And I am in SW. I see the chat, I see the players talking. Many of whom have been mentioned on these forums time and time again.

    And yes, some are cheaters. However, 95% of the other in chat slam the bejesus out of them and do not condone their bollocks. I stand by my initial comments on cheaters and are my same sentiments I have had for over 10 years playing this game.

    A number have been removed both from alliance and chat for openly admitting to cheating etc.

    In reference to your screen shots of those useless and idiotic bot accounts, I would hazard a 99% chance these are silver farming bots and they have no relation to other legitimate players on the server. Some people (hai komradez) seem to view this as a money making opportunity as opposed to your usual multi account or bot cheater.

    Most of the cheating (in my opinion) I have seen in the past few Comx rounds are 1. The dodgy and annoying hordes of BS villages with stupid names and nonsense names that I personally believe have no relation to anyone actually playing and are just silver farming, 2. Multi accounts set up for raiding - however I believe many of these end up being semi played, then friendly farmed and then conquered, which is quite annoying as some of it comes under the very ambiguous "Account must be played to it's own benefit" line. and 3. Scripting and automated playing aids.

    It is almost unanimous that entire servers hate the dodgy 2000+ player drops with these dodgy silver farmers...

    All I can say is any alliance I have ever been leader of or part leader of, anyone caught cheating would be punted, farmed and reported to MH.

    If you send spies some allies dont forget to remove sitter rights and Open your IP and MAC changer bro as you always did it. Those players are still playing by the way. but with different names :D I hope someone dont delete it these proofs also :D Cool story bro . Tell me more lies pls

    Those pictures prove nothing. Well, except for being an idiot raiding someone you are using as a spy which now reveals that Touch and crixus had access tot he alliance for spying purposes. lol

    Message comes up for sitted accounts as well as actual same IP.

    It is ALSO hard wired into the game so it CAN'T be abused.

    You are kinda showing how Travian has actually made changes in past couple of years to make it harder for dodgy cheaters.

    Anyway, carry on with the penguins.

    Cheaters are losers who fail at life.

    Winning a game by cheating is a hollow victory.

    However, forever in gaming there has been the "they are cheating, hacked, 1337 k-rad hacksaw skillz" by people who are less than awesome thinking that no one could possibly be better than them when it is a distinct possibility.

    Meh... Based on all the blathering in Spam chat, I wold hazard a in of at least 50 players actually playing. And based on the 5 people I have had to message about farms and conquers in the past week, who could barely speak english there is a load that aren't in skype as well.

    Always some useless and can't lay cheaters, but to be honest, there is probably a lot less in SW than I originally thought.

    i have a gold transfer link for za servers, and i noticed za (south africa domain) no active any more, is there any solution to move these gold for comx servers?


    Just transfer straight to Com. It works.

    See screenshot, I just did this (thanks for the reminder, I thought i had a little bit left :P RIP Zax... :( )

    ^^ 6k more defence on unique than Round 15 (4 rounds ago) - Nickboy01 attacks [?] - (2017) - Getter-Tools

    ^^ and over 21k more defence than round 12 (7 rounds ago) - Flanders attacks [?] - (2016) - Getter-Tools

    Unfortunately I didn't retain the artifact Batreps from last round, however I grant you they were probably higher, due to mass numbers and about a dozen pre-formed teams. But overall, it seems the trend is growing and by my count these defence numbers aint too bad.

    Yes this includes that as well.
    If you want a more detailed explanation then you should contact the Multi-Hunter for the server you are on as they can go over them in more detail with you.

    Considering how many THOUSANDS of lines of skype discussions over this I have seen just in the past month, let alone the past 10 years on this exact subject I feel that taking this private, offline, direct to MH would be wrong...

    The issue is that there is so much subject to interpretation, particularly as different scripts do different things, many of them having nothing to do with the game and apparently resulting in bans from time to time. Now, I am not speaking from experience, I always run a vanilla browser and the extent of my bans have been for language and profile descriptions. lol.

    But with new add-ons to browsers available daily, and the hope of new players starting Travian, it NEEDs to be clearer what is and is not allowed. Maybe a love list of allowed and not allowed? A list of browsers that are allowed (Obviously Opera, Chrome, FF, Safari, Edge, but there are many others that are growing in usage and some of these could have built in systems that may trigger ban/cheat/multi alerts?

    This ongoing taboo about banning discussion has been in place for the 10 years I have been playing, however it just results in mass offline frustration. Particularly as our MH (all respect to them) are just human, with lives to live and as far as I know, still un paid for their services..) Therefore, timeframes on responses on speed vs normal, reactions and punishments being even handed, different MH's having a different perspective on what punishment is leveled.

    I personally feel this should all be more open to discussion and interpretation.

    Reiterating what the people above have said, forget the ratio just keep them building.

    However, it is usually best to just allocate different villages, this way you can alternate insert times.

    I personally will usually go for 3 phals vils, 1 druid vil, 3 phal vils, 1 druid village etc. Maybe one for small artifact hammer and another for scout

    This way all your eggs aren't in one basket, defence loss recovery is swifter, and you have high level troops from multiple vilalges, you will also have multiple attempts to drop 5-15k def into a village and snipe those pesky conquers and cata waves.

    There certainly should be an easier way than just leaving dead accounts sit there for 2 weeks. And considering what tech we have and the reporting that MH's get (even years ago when I last saw it)

    I definitely like the way you have put it above as it means the cheating account gets the penalty as well, I cannot fathom the whole "Give up the multi accounts, and keep your account as it is. Even if you have benefited from it/them fro weeks, months in resources, clearing, new pre-made villages etc...

    Well put and I get your point.

    And yes, for noob mistakes, certainly need to retain new players and not dump them too quickly...

    However there does need to be SOMEthing done about the regular thousand+ account drops that have nonsense names, are not being played and then all banned en masse.

    I grant you a lot of my posting is intense frustration at taking what small time I have to actually go and review everyone in my 28x28 and finding less than 20 actual players amongst hundreds of banned bot/multi account. Makes for some cr.appy raiding. lol

    However, a marker of some sorts on map, and if as mentioned above it is worked into the SQL file, then hopefully will also translate the "banned" status to Getter as well, then all the better.

    It appears TK is taking note of this, and therefore, it is a good discussion ;) Thaks for your patience with my often thick head :D

    48 hours is an extremely short period of time... does not matter if a commom player plays daily, TG have to think about beginner players. They generally are inactive AND do not know about rules - banned people who does not exactly cheating.

    Imagine if you are a noob player in a game world, and becomes inactivy for a "short" period like 3 or 4 days and *poof* your account vanishes. And. you. dont. even. know. why. I would get mad and curse this game.

    You have to be careful deleting an account, even if it is banned.

    We. Are. Talking. About. Banned. Accounts...

    Not just simple inactivity.

    ONLY accounts that are banned for being multi/bot/silver scammer/advertiser/other related scumbuckets.