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    13 years. 20+ accounts, Solo top 10 off/pop/conq at least 10 times.

    However, that was before kids, work wasn't as crazy, didn't have as many outside obligations...

    Not having a dual basically means not playing now. I spent time making relationships, getting to know people, chatting to people and having a network to rely on.

    Now when I play with duals, I can get sleep, I can work on projects, I can do training without needing to check account the whole time. We use tons of gold, and usually have a pretty decent account.

    No duals is the same thing as saying - the only players who can play can do it whilst having no life, maybe no job, maybe no kids or a wife that hates travian. lol

    Multi players, Tech users, Script users - all scum, gtfo. but having met people I know I can trust? Who I want to play with? That is gold, and the core of this game. Friendships, and friendships across the world man. I still remember fondly my alliance fielding people and players from 29 different countries at once at once time (many years ago now), and was great for cultural understanding, dealing with language barriers, cross sitting, cross dualling.

    In my signature, the servers over 4 years ago+ were all solo.... Able to play ONLY via Pc for the first couple. yet, I achieved that myself, and whilst working. no offence really intended man, but if you have legit been playing for over 10 years, through all the changes on travian? Then in reality, I think some self reflection is in order about your own abilities and skills in the game...

    Every year, there is someone in chat, who will bleat about top pop, top raider, top trooper who is cheating.... but then you sit a top account and see the set-up? And then it falls into place... Sending a raiding list 12+ times per hour every hour, multi hammers, trade routes, focus on cap crop fields ahead of all else before artifacts, etc etc. These are part and parcel of it and don't require cheating... Don;t get me wrong, there are a LOT of cheaters... But the weirdest thing I find, majority of those busted cheating, didn't have anything good going in the first place...

    1. It can be rewarding... or exceptionally taxing, draining and disheartening.

    2. Playing multiple servers with a core gorup of people will always making "running" an alliance so so so much easier.

    3. Activity, Communication, and understanding.

    - You need to be around, you should have a dual that you trust and have played with previously, so the Leader account is somewhat of an example to others - the number of times the "Leader" account ends up being a middling, low off, low def account astounds me. If you can't do at least somewhat well, why are you the leader?

    - Mass Messages to the team regularly, but NOT frequently. Like every 2 or 3 days, update on current conflicts, plans for the server, congratulations for great offences/defences/conquers etc, tips, information, Getter tools registrations etc. (and for the love of god, use decent syntax, spelling and grammar, it will go a long way.

    - Understanding comes from playing international based servers. In your home land, it will primarily be home players, however, usually a few others. If you play a .com server, then be prepared for cultural misunderstandings - ie: German and Balkan players are usually (usually!) very direct with what point they want to get across, some Aussie (me!) and US players, tend to expect a bit more politeness, flowery language etc. It isn;t being rude, it is just a cultural difference that sometimes can be a challenge, but after a few years, it adds spice, and it rewarding having people all over the globe to chat with about game, and other things. :)

    4. If you recruit primarily IN GAME, you WILL get spies, and a lack of dedication. UNLESS, you filter the cr.ap out - ie: Recruit same Quad or close, check experience, make sure they are communicative, use Getter tools to ensure their troops are growing, have activity and sitters etc.

    5. I personally judge alliance a LOT based on player movement. If they have a load of deletions only 6 or 7 weeks in, then they are not showing themselves as a team to stick with, and are recruiting willy nilly.

    6. Surround yourself with other good players. Ask for a resume... What are their getter records, what is their usual play style?

    7. If you are planning on running a team - have a clear direction. Part of a Meta? founding a Meta? (ew), PLaying for World Wonder race? PLays for S and Gigs? Just for kills? Quad domination?

    8. Finish some servers first. I can never myself dedicate to a 12 months server, so I only play speed. 3-4 months and it is done. If I have work or personal obligations, then I must gauge that. We all play via PC, Laptop, Tablet and Phone now (Trust me, doing that pre-2010 was nigh on impossible!)

    9. Don't let slackers languish in your alliance. If they are farms, don't communicate, won;t defend, won;t be part of alliance activity, kick them out. No one shuold EVER go red (Unless special circumstances where they have talked to you about eg: family emergency - in which case, by all rights, should have got a sitter arrangedfor them who can watch and play for 2 weeks before being kicked off...). Yellow for a day on snail, meh, so be it. Yellow on speed server? Nope. Bye Felicia.

    10. If doing any in server recruiting - carrying on from point 4 - you will get spies. Now most spies are just having a bit of fun, maybe dropepd in wrong quad, got entered into your alliance and thought lets check it out. Your GOAL now, is to impress them so much, that they don't really want to turn on you, as they can see, experience they are in a better place... Hard ask I know, but stranger things happen ;)

    For now, myself, I'm not leading and my god, it is soooooo good. I get to just play and have fun, and don't need to settle squabbles.

    1. If you farm fast enough and frequently enough, no one can "steal" your farms

    2. If you clear it on speed, it is yours for 12 hours, 24 on snail - Keep reports or I don;t believe you

    3. Archive ALL decent attack in game. If they are juicy Load into Getter tool's if you want. Makes for good battle stories later on. (SEriously, I have over 500 battle reports spanning my last 12 servers, goo reference if you want to see what Unique Trainer defence was on comx a few years ago etc.)

    4. 15c cap, 9c cap, 7c cap, 6c cap, 15c non cap, 9c non cap, first in best dressed - Order of oasis claims when there is a conflict. Unless same type, then it is first come first server. Or switching when/if army dies

    5. If playing multi hammer game - Capital hammer is fine

    6. If not planning on making more than 320-340k hammer, cap hamemr is fine. Can't be conquered, and will dodge. If you want to build a serious WWK/WWR, then yes, non Cap with GB/GS is needed.

    7. I personally think chiefing natars make you soft as. Unless directly ADJACENT to your cap/hammer

    8. Giving up your spawn and moving to the boonies is a fair option. I personally love people doing that, gives me lovely targets. However I like to protect all my vils and aim to lose as few as possible.

    9. If you give more than 3 people a role title you look like a knob.

    10. If you give a role title of "offence coordinator" or similar to someone with no kills. Then that is like a green light for me to attack... Again, the old lead by example thing ;)

    Anyway. Much more, but give it a go, but definitely plan for the whole server and try to get a few experienced people on side, and listen to them.

    8 waves? Even with k-meleon etc. you can't get more than 4 as far as I know. Don't know about the scripts and what they offer.

    It is hard wired into the game to only get 4 waves per second now (from same village). (For those k-rad 1337 hacx0r players, YES, I get it, you can do the demo on the Training Square and muck around to get 8 in one second there. but my god, what a pain to bother... )

    As IMDubzs said above, I use Older Firefox, offline method and works a treat each time.

    A lot of other browsers seem to have more intuitive scripts pre-installed and even when they are not activated, can sometimes be detected as the ability to interact with websites, not through the core Travian platform exist. As well as any part of automation. ie: Using offline method, you still have to click through each part of the attacvk process, just quickly through each tab as a set up.

    Some of you would remember the issues with Greasemonkey add-on for Chrome/Firefox? Some people used similar scripting programs for work or other things, and then it was detected and triggered many bans...

    In saying all this... 12 years on, dozens of servers and still only been banned for insults and swearing... sooooo, maybe err on the side of caution? :P

    I am the Unicorn Queen (I has a title on the internet therefore it must be true!) and I will take back my kingdom from these Pink Fluffy Unicorn imposters. everybody knows unicorns are rainbow, duh!

    but I will do it with peace, and harmony..... death to all!

    Consider it a tribute band, just for you? :P

    Beating around in eternal circles here. You cheat, no YOU cheat, etc.

    Travian has ALWAYS had losers who cannot find a way to be a top player without gaming the system, using scripts, bots, multies, fake accounts, purchased accounts, etc.

    If you stress about it too much, it just wears you down.

    Just be thankful in the thought that at least, in YOUR life (if you don't need to cheat) to achieve a good game, then you have real success, as opposed to people who HAVE to be ultimately failing at life in the real world to think that the empty "achievements" through cheating count for anything at all.

    When I get a medal, get a clean conquer, make top 10, finish a server through, be part of a good team, make new friends, than that is a REAL achievement and my life is enriched from it. So be it if someone has to be slightly ahead of me. And all the efforts that go into the cheating, and use of helpers, and additional accounts, and STILL rarely a: finish a server, b: don't get eventually caught out and c: The laughable one, still can get beaten out by a part time player, solo account so so often.

    Anyway, I'll stop preaching now.

    For short term bans like that it was probably something stupid like calling someone a naughty name in game... Only thing I have ever had a temp ban for was in game insults, and usually pretty mild...

    What is the deal with Delphi being accessible so early? First round of this type you had to unlock 3 other areas before even getting there? Yet it was available at the start? Under 10k total players registered since start, so definitely wans't full?

    What i sayd makes perfect sense and it was completely logical conclusion to asume ur sw since u were defending them and ur profile states ur from india.
    And u contradict urself yet another time in row do u see this irony? Ur saying that this turkc player alledgedly insulted people in forums and took his offensiveness too far, now you are doing the same. Who needs to get his act together?

    Perfect Sense!?!?!

    In what world does 15 spelling and grammatical errors translate to making sense ANYWHERE?!?!?!

    Too many variables and too open a questions....

    V3? 3.6? T4? T4.4? Speed? Normal?

    Depends on restrictions about cancelling BP early for raiding, resource pushing etc.

    Legit I have settled in 2 days on comx, and was second to settle on the server, but that was back in 2010 with 3.6 (was also one of the 3 or 4 servers we had where you had to pay 2 gold per troop dodge. lol)

    On slow I have managed 6 days, but same deal, quite early on.

    Since T4.4, best I have done on speed is 3 days (about 67 hrs from memory).

    It's kinda funny, the one I settled earliest, I ended in 20th place, but the one (on speed also) where it took me a week, I finished 2nd. lol)

    Fair point, im asuming you arent playing this spesific server tho?

    Wrong, i am currently playing (not very well, but more due to lack of attention than lack of any cheating methods. lol)
    And I am in SW. I see the chat, I see the players talking. Many of whom have been mentioned on these forums time and time again.

    And yes, some are cheaters. However, 95% of the other in chat slam the bejesus out of them and do not condone their bollocks. I stand by my initial comments on cheaters and are my same sentiments I have had for over 10 years playing this game.

    A number have been removed both from alliance and chat for openly admitting to cheating etc.

    In reference to your screen shots of those useless and idiotic bot accounts, I would hazard a 99% chance these are silver farming bots and they have no relation to other legitimate players on the server. Some people (hai komradez) seem to view this as a money making opportunity as opposed to your usual multi account or bot cheater.

    Most of the cheating (in my opinion) I have seen in the past few Comx rounds are 1. The dodgy and annoying hordes of BS villages with stupid names and nonsense names that I personally believe have no relation to anyone actually playing and are just silver farming, 2. Multi accounts set up for raiding - however I believe many of these end up being semi played, then friendly farmed and then conquered, which is quite annoying as some of it comes under the very ambiguous "Account must be played to it's own benefit" line. and 3. Scripting and automated playing aids.

    It is almost unanimous that entire servers hate the dodgy 2000+ player drops with these dodgy silver farmers...

    All I can say is any alliance I have ever been leader of or part leader of, anyone caught cheating would be punted, farmed and reported to MH.