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    You say seriously? I tell you something, first all PL team on the qualifying rounds test another tactic, which focused on only a few off accounts,which allowed you to crush you on a short distance, but in the long finishing-line, it turned out to be catastrophic. Because the whole Polish team focused on fighting for a short distance instead of replacing fire at a distant distance like you.
    Secondly how many accounts you had at the beginning of the elimination? And how much at the end? If you don't havea lots multi account, your team do no make a lot that strong off.
    We also had another case with whom to fight on our quadrant because it was practically all over it FL.

    And don't say me something like that, your team can crush total PL team, because this is bull you now what :D

    And I repeat again, I have hope we see again.


    At the qualifying rounds, Turkey had the all quartet for self and maybe the long distance is Turkey strong where is easy,calm but at the border for a short distance they got in a bone. Secondly PL team trained a different play which propose one of the PL alliances TP style.

    Next point as to champion, PL team fight with prime, X3, 60 days and after that time PL and prime signed the coalitions :rep01: .

    I have quiet hopes that this year we will meet on one quadrant and we will be to able repay and focus on the fight only with Turkey team and show for you again :rep04::)

    For who boredom for this boredom. If someone settled far away from the enemy, he had boredom

    Thx you for playing together and I hope we will meet again and we play extra time :)
    I think this server was really good, we could show what we can do :)

    thanks and until next time.

    Michał (Nimu ralo)

    i know they attack only one main villobut no social say
    pl@ start to attack spaam becose pl@ have afraid from spam becose he destroy 6 main villo in few day :D:D:D
    when i say is no real @Fonzy87 say i m lier X(X(

    We stop attack because we need time for getting wonder construction.. And we back hmm maybe two days ago and destroy one main village for SPAM, but no completely because left 1lvl stonemason (2 pop) :D

    SPAM say they destroy 6 main villo in few days for us? They destroy 1 main villege for us PL R, because I very drunk and I can't found link to defmachine. And I must defence on feeling.

    We destroy for SPAM 13-16 Main village... And only one time they catch us on one main village, but no't all only two 3-4 guy, because somebody not fly on action..


    Something of today defense

    Attempt to take over ours off village.

    Attempt destroy ours capital

    + 5x 300 catapulte

    + 5x 300 catapulte

    + 5x 250 catapulte

    + 5x 250 catapulte

    + 5x 200 catapulte

    + 5x 200 catapulte

    Obrońcy tygodnia

    Pozycja Sojusz Punkty
    1. PL R® 751591

    Najlepsze sojusze (def)

    Sojusz Gracz Ø Punkty
    1. 777 48 33449 1605544
    2. PL R® 53 26941 1427884

    Polish power 8)

    Nobody will move on my change..!!!


    darling we are top defender of the server not when recive attack
    is impossible to spaam send defence in 1h 30
    spaam or not spaam still pl crash most of the main in this day

    who does't risk this one not drink champagne... :D

    Yes, your allians is TOP def but me the same :)
    And you say, SPAM no help your allians def
    On this src. only we ,italian team and SPAM we are, other TOP is for other side.

    We play for funny and we risk, but I don;t see your off, where is raport with your allians?
    Who is in TOP OFF in serwer?


    Ahoj i do następnego :D

    is not true becose after your mission on lilla e manu you stop to make far mission
    pl attack me under 1 30 h spaam can help in a short time
    we are the fist defender of the server

    I know who is in top defens, when my off die.. and they were people from the alliance SPAM, my my dear :)
    And I know this because I'm not the first better player and I make src. who is in Top def when as off dead.

    you too few day ago crash your main on hernest hemingway

    Yes, but this off defens allians SPAM, not you :)

    after few min is back to me

    Yes but down 200 pop :) is impossible we defens in 5 minut this new village :/

    PS. We not say yet last word 8) But look like look, because we must go 2-4 h to your village and you have time with the SPAM put deff ;/