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    The features sound amazing, i really like it.

    But there is a big questionmark above my head: @Templar Knight what will TG do against Multis/"Friends"/Tech-Accounts on this type of server? Because in my opinion, this type of game-change is an invitation for multi/"friends"/techaccs-users, to abuse the new game-system as hard as possible.

    Little Expample:

    "Oh okay, i want a good cap, so my starting-account will be an egypt. And i want to to play offensive-account, so i let a teuton and a hun multi/"friend"/techacc settle next to me, so i can chief my hammer-villages from it. And i need scouts, so i will also place a roman-account next to me. Hmmm and maybe some TT are great for raiding, so lets set a gaul-acc also next no my cap."

    I think you understand what i mean :)

    "Then he began to talk. He told me that he now knew who I was. And that, while I had been gone for 10 years, this world had changed entirely."

    Easy stuff to figure out ... what was 10 years ago? Right, T3 Servers. So this will be easily T3.6 with Egypts and Huns ... and Lemon-Tribe and Unicorn- and Dolphin-Stuff for sure :love:

    ALIENS vs Heroes! 18.12.2017

    Hey guys :)

    Todays morning was the first real attack from different parties on each other. So we got visits from several ALIENS-hammers and i want to present you the results of this attack. Luckily for us just two rammers were running and hit our wall down to 16, so all the cata-offs were defended with a nearly complete intact wall and just two big hammers could damage your ww a little bit, but take a look at the reports for more :) Please excuse me for not showing the def, but maybe the server isnt already over and we can show the def when its over if you're interested in it.

    Ntz (Touch) 111k
    Pboy&Asta 352k, 23,5 rams, wall 20 -> 18
    Aym 116k
    Kalimero 319k, 17,7k rams, wall 18 -> 16
    Jigsaw 135k
    Jigsaw 37k
    Pingu 148k, 5k catas, Warehouse not damaged
    Kit Kat 236k, 8k catas, Warehouse not damaged
    Tarawa 90k
    Tequila 249k, 8k catas, Main Building not damaged
    Numb 81k
    Avengers 248k
    kanger 74k
    DraganRDJN 146k
    ALIENS TEAM 694k, 18k catas, WW 79 -> 72
    Hammer Team 360k, 15,6k catas, WW 72 -> 70

    I did notifications on the biggest hammers/those with some catapults/rams for all of you who are not interested in all the small ones and just want to take a look at the bigger ones. Hope you enjoy :)

    Super excited how it will go on, how many big hammers we get from Aliens, DoH and other alliances and super excited if Aliens will win in a safe way like it looks atm.

    The Mr. Bean Account from Heroes

    Please, just go out of this forum. Backstabbing and Betraying in this way and BEING PROUD OF IT ... this is one of the worst moves and your may be the worst charackter i saw in 11 years of travian. nothing to say more to you.

    Dear Max, if you dont play in DoH, please use an other place to say whatever you want to say. This is DoH-vs-Heores Thread and not Max-wanna-talk-bullshit-all-the-day-thread. so pls be as gentle as you want to be and go. dont care where, but just go pls, nobody here is interested in what you are saying (ok, maybe Enti ^^ but then you can discuss that in a personal conversation, not here in the war-thread). thx a lot

    They just can't handle large population servers, IMHO. TS19 was slow and jamming at the start when it had high numbers (of bots). Comx being most populated server in years is suffering most. Now finals. The equipment/soft just can't keep up with it. Not sure what is happening on high pop arabs and turkish servers (also bots mostly), maybe it is solved somehow there or players simply accepted it.

    They were able to handle servers with 30k players 10 years ago, so why shouldnt they be able to handle 5k players in 2017?

    GG, the only comment is "starved troopes will be restored" ...

    Why is nobody able to say: "Hey yeah, sorry, we up every piece of the game, we are not able to fix this at the moment. So sorry we cant give you the game-experience you deserve, at the moment."

    Just caring about starving troops, wich is not the main problem, just one of the impacts of the problem. Start to handle the Problem, not the impacts -.-

    First: Yeah, there will be some bad language and swearing words in my Thread, ban me for it, i dont give a ... Time for objective discussion or blaming you with irony is gone.

    Dear Travian ...

    Are you kidding me? Which stupid idiots are sitting in your technic-offices and do this crappy with comx and the other server? Is there no chance to let the servers run without producing dozens of bugs over the time? And bringing some new bugs by fixing and old one? Or letting the servers run without having whitescreens, 502 and event jams at least one time a week?

    You should be ashamed, dear Travian. Totally ashamed of that you produced here and give a about what players say to you. We are still waiting for an excuse and an announcement to this fucked up arte-spawn. But u think "Let them ignore, then everything is ok" ... Maybe you should think about the incompetence of your staff. To say it in Donald Trumps words: Get them fired! Immedietly. Otherwise you will lose the last one of your players very soon. Cause if this "technial issues" will happen again that often like it happens in the moment, there will be no one left to play your game.

    So get your together and start to handle your stuff to make this game enjoyable again and dont up every single player by producing bugs, server issues and spit on your users by ignoring them.


    Hey guys :-)

    I just put the jungle of the treasuries in a better order and listed all alliances and wich artefacts they own. Feel free to comment when artefacts are switching from one alliance to an other and present your steals in form of a report. (Well, those of you who didnt get artifacts from "friends" :p )

    Alliance Small Artefacts Big Artefacts Unique Artefacts
    Aegina TBA Speed (2x) Scout
    Confusion Confusion
    ALIENS® Architect Architect Fool
    Scout Scout
    ALIENS© Fool Storage
    ALIENSw Architect
    ALIENS™ Crop Scout
    ANT R Speed
    Dacia Speed Architect
    Scout Speed
    Crop Scout
    Fool Crop
    Dacia I Fool
    Dacia II Architect
    DoH Speed (2x) Architect
    Crop Crop
    Storage TBA
    Fool (2x) Storage
    FR Architect
    Heroes! Speed Speed TBA
    Crop Scout
    ISTANBUL Architect
    JD Architect
    Lord Speed
    MFA Scout
    Natars Confusion
    |SE| Crop Confusion
    Storage (2x)
    SPARTA Confusion
    Touch Architect
    YD Scout (2x) Crop (2x) Architect
    TBA (2x) TBA (2x) Speed
    Storage (2x) Storage Crop
    Confusion Confusion Confusion
    Fool (2x)