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    Dear Mark!

    I am sure you've heard the news: our Emperor set friendship with the Egyptians! I invite you to join me on my travel there!


    P.S. Talk to the messenger, he'll tell you all the details!

    before i have a count on .com too but with fusion i can use my fr account here :D

    at first i think
    it's sad to have a special building and construct him only on capital. If we increase cost as u want, it will be built only on capital..
    I think we should increase the cost ( not more) and limite the building at his lvl10. 50% bonus is already pretty good.
    it's still a pretty good bonus like that.

    but if we look :

    on a 6cc 100% ( manoir lvl 15) (+25% active)
    currently :
    normal => 5250 cc
    with egyptian building => 7350

    with only 50%
    normal => 5250
    with egyptian building => 6300

    as u can see, we have 2100 cc/hour more on a simple 6cc. That's verry good on normal village.

    currently if we just up the waterworks lvl 10, it's only cost 85.000 ress for have a 50% bonus on oasis and win 25.200 cc/days..

    i think waterwork is really too strong. in my opinion, we should keep the actual price and put the limite to 50% at lvl 20

    Why don't expend your idea at gauls, roman, teuts, huns too ?

    I think than bonus on egyptian héros is too strong too..

    I think schneeente is right with is argument. if u want compare héros bonus, you can't separe the start and the late.
    If u have a good start, u have a best late. that's obvious. So the égyptian bonus is usefull because with him u have a best late than whitout.
    ( because of the impact of the egyptian bonus before)

    but i understand what u want say. u say in late, we seem account, if u have to chose u prefer gauls.

    Well.For example when you have got like 15.000 population and no lvl 100 hero.
    All my points are going to FS, %off and %def. I really don't care about the production.

    1000 x 4 extra production on 15k pop. Mwa. I don't care. Really. I prefer the points on offensive strength.

    I'm not okay with you.
    if u have a egyptian héros with 100 point in late, u have 1200 bonus on every ress. That's near a village more.. It's still verry effective for a defensive player.. it's near an half village bonus.. Egyptian will be defensive player. The bonus ress and the %def will be up first. You just put a minimum in Fighting strength for adventure.. If u are a defensive player and want crash your little offensive troops but your héros is not lvl 100. just Buy 2x Book of Wisdom .. No cost in late.

    1200x4 x24 (hours) x7 (days) = 806.400 ress in a week.. it's like 2560 pharanx or 5376 slave militia more just because u have put your héros point in production..

    in late, the difference is between héros production if of 600 ress per hour x4 . It's like the difference between have 25% bonus active on a village or not.. it's 403.200 ress in more every week.
    This bonus is huuge in start and still good in late on my opinion.