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    you stick up for the proven cheater, you dont take action against the proven cheater, we dont need to judge you, we see your colors clearly.

    There are many killers in Thailand, why don't you go fight them? If you don't, are you a murderer too?

    Your reasoning is really stupid !!!

    For example this is a stupid troll:

    also he is uollas :osd:

    Not all italian are troll like him...

    If you want to accuse someone you have to accuse only Orion, not all Italians

    at least here if someone is so scum they get the death penalty for their crime ;) and there is nothing more scum in travian than cheaters, other the ones who enable the cheaters to prosper, like you ;)

    We are not the law...

    We are hot the judges...

    Why do you offend me? You don’t know me...

    the scum is the people (like you) who judge everyone and everything without knowing.


    and another riddle who will rise the wonder? dacia delete again, i saw one CUP member wrote here they also delete, one italian leader if i remember well also wrote here there is no glory for them winning or loosing the game after all what happend

    There is no glory but there is a tablet :osd:


    TG is now trying to fix appearances by saying that it can miraculously repair the problem but not in less than 10 days. Do you think us idiots? Or do we not know you've tried to fix it in 2 years and failed? The specialists with whom we spoke approximated a term for a minimum of 6 months if a team of 10 skilled people work on it and the costs would rise somewhere to at least 150k. Plus another 2-3 months for testing and correction of any mistakes. They also explained to us that we were playing on an old platform of at least 10 years and that it is the same one that is played 3.6 and can not withstand today's technology and volume of operations. TG just modified it so it could be played t4 where the profits are huge from auctions. In other words, investment is needed. I wish you rebuild everything from zero to offer next finale the quality we all want, keep your business, keep your loyal customers and new customers.

    The problem of the final end can be solved very easily, almost all the teams have agreed not to make decision with the winners in this round. Donate prizes somewhere, extract random lottery winners or doubled for next year etc

    I remind you that the fights are given not only by attacking the wonder of the world but also by trying to conquer construction plans, artifacts of 3x resistance, conquering or deleting adverse attack villages where it is now known exactly what army are there so dont rollback because the game is too compromised to be played. the bug will still exist and other minds will still find a way to fool the corrupt system. It's time to prove that you care about this wonderful game as much as the players and rebuild everything from zero for the next finale. I'm sure you have an exact situation for every player and his email address with which gold was bought and you can easily transfer some of the gold or why not the entire amount purchased directly on the next final as compensation. And if you do not want to invest in the future, give to the players franchise and I'm sure there will be enough donors or investors who love and do not want to die here and now this wonderful game.

    too complicated

    1) natar wins

    2) all prizes to me

    3) end of the server

    you could ask Rinobit and Fonzy87 to expel the admin uollas who behaved in this way they are our champions of justice

    From your previous post i saw that you don t understand to much ,but to explain you in a party of poker how is this final ,we all play a party of poker ,with our card in the hand,come the dealer and say ,now put all your cards on the table for 1 minute,so that all can see them, and after that you can put them back in the hands and continue to bet ,if you like something like that is your choice ....

    I know this, and I know it's a not perfect solution

    But better this than a mass delete IMHO

    Hi. Just a short update / acknowledgement here. Currently there is a meeting, where devs + tech supporters + game centre are discussing the Tournament issue.

    No one thinks that situation is good and no one is ignorant. Everyone understands it's serious. I will come to you with some knews as soon as we'll investigate options.

    Sorry for keeping you wait.

    The solution is:

    - fix bug (if you can't fix it now, prevent to send more than 50 fake at the same time on WW)

    - rollback to the spawn of plans