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    As long as TG dont understand the human nature, implementing medals and prizes not understanding that it encourages people to cheat in every way , we will see this kind of gameplay.

    Gamedevelopers sucessfully transformed a game based on knowledgement and teamplay to a hunt for ipads, egoboost by help with multies/techs without even basic skills.

    Here is the one that kills spies and raids his multy...


    italians and spanish cann't win ipads :osd:

    We have 2 iphone and 1 ipad :rolleyes:

    Thanks to Emerik's efforts :osd: :osd: :osd: :osd:

    Despite the fact that you are here every time without saying anything, you don't have power decision for italians ally. Despite the fact that I am here rarely, I have power decision for Dacia. And if I said that I want just you (italians) without arabs/greeks/germans etc in quad with us, just Dacia without our traditional allies is because I have power decision. Understand? Now go at your bosses and tell them if are agree with this.

    Despite that I don't think you have decision-making power for dacia, at most for exodas ...

    Despite that in the qualifications you changed the field when you knew we didn't go in + / +

    You have no power for us...

    Why should we play the finals to satisfy your wish?

    Should we choose the dial, send our allies away, to please you?

    For me you can stop playing tomorrow, nothing changes for me and for the whole travian community.

    You Exodas leaders are used to giving you too much importance, but only to talk... If you were more committed to the game, and to fair play, instead of thinking about celebrating yourself, you wouldn't have quarreled with your countrymen

    Contrarywise, "who you are" is also important

    Let me explain something to you:

    To want something you must have the power to want it...


    We played on group C under the Dacia name, there were people that played on .int in Exodus, so there is not any problem, much more "TECH ACCOUNT FOR EMERIK".

    Fixed :osd:

    l-g are you a leader of Dacia? I think no, so why do you make such a proposal?

    In this forum the only one who thinks he is the best is your friend "I won everything, I did this, I did that" ...

    It is delirious !!!

    Are you sure he would accept your proposal?

    Would he come to play center map? (in 8 finals I never saw him in the war zone...)

    And above all, alone and without technical accounts?

    Italians and Romanians are friends, some Romanian players play with us, some Italian players play with you.

    The only one who offended others has been your boss, and the only arguments are because of him.

    Now I understand why almost all Romanian leaders don't want him.

    Read again my post.

    What do you mean with dacia? Exodus are not dacia, "dacia" are others, They are very excellent players.

    Emerik was kicked out of dacia, and I know that other players abandoned him after this server...

    It seems that I'm not the onlyone I think he's not good leaders...

    Are you obsessed with Emerik? I swear you have 90% of your posts relating to him.

    Naaaa, I don't care about him, except when he's a hypocrite...

    You write like him, and you are conditioned in what you write.

    If I point it out to you, it doesn't mean I'm obsessed, on the contrary

    Rather than spamming here with irrelevant posts about who cheated more or who has a bigger one, no better get into the same quad just Dacia and just Italians? Without allies , without any other diplomacy, just Dacia and Italia. For sure there will be no time to came here with stupid posts, nobody will attack with his army scouts/clubs/slaves, nobody will be attacked with defense for manipulating the rankings etc. What about this?

    We played in this server in the same quadrant...


    The problem is mentality and shame

    Some time ago there were cheaters, and there were those who falsified the attack rankings too

    But they were ashamed, they did it secretly.

    Today people talk about their cheating with ease.

    Emerik comes to the forum to say that TG must legalize the multyaccount, which is not wrong that the exodus crash troops on themselfs for the rankings

    And people accuse us of being "boring" or "obsessed" because we tell him he's wrong?

    For me, everyone can play as they want, everyone makes their choices, but I hate hypocrisy, I hate who publicly claims to be a top, but in reality is scum

    And TG can do nothing to change this mentality, we must do it, isolating these people

    As long as there are these characters around, travian will go lower and lower.

    First of all, I am no cheater, I have never been banned in my life and I've been advocating for honest and fair play for 15 years, everyone who played with me knows that.

    The honorable way is my way !

    Why there is a padlock on your pick? :osd:


    This is a cheap propaganda against my small alliance out of frustration. Exodus proved everyone that we can play in the same quadrant with Mega Meta and despite being outnumbered 6 to 1 we secured artefacts, we secured WW, we secured building plans and we participated in endgame race alongside all the teams much much bigger than us.

    We've been under heavy fire all the time and my defenders have done a great server, hat off to them !


    I remember you change quad +/+ when you heard that there were Italians, then we followed you in - / - but you ran away from the map center...

    You say we are frustrated... So explain me why you attacked our ww that was not in the lead, but it was seventh ...

    You crashed your 3 armies on us ...

    Isn't this frustration?


    You are late, the wave of stupid trolls is gone 2 days ago :osd:

    Emerik yesterday I talked tochitsa ...

    If you want I can paste what he answered me when I told her what you writed...:

    "we won the final only thanks to you"

    "tochitsa and Anela thought I'm stupid noob, and they played two servers with you after the Final"


    I avoid to paste it, you already know the answer ;), since you are a liar and rosik man

    The proof is that you crashed your army on our ww when it was seventh, not on the first ww

    What a great strategist !!! :osd:

    we are noob on tournament and we only ask information to improve ourself, why Rinobit and che ansia troll me always, you are very hard with me


    We imitate you, we write in 3d that don't interest us, just to troll you

    Soon, we'll also start servers that don't interest us just to damage you, just as you did...

    You are our point of reference, Dear cry73