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The blacksmith once again looked at the parchment a visitor had just given him.
There was nothing particularly unusual about this order – to decorate armor and a weapon with an emblem... ⚔️ #ShadowEmpires

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    premade team for win :)

    you need some fun so enjoy with ml

    Do you really think this kind of alliance can have fun ? i dont think so.

    Hoppely i am not with them, so many cheaters i would have been ashamed. Travian is a good game, those behaviours kill the game

    btw dodger, do you follow me or .. what ?

    each round i play each round i see you ^^

    Recently, one of our member who joined the server recently said that they do not see any extension beginner's protection button on his page.

    Has the rule regarding the extension of beginner's protection has changed?


    It depends on server speed i assume

    In qual (speed 2) , message to extend BP appears 16 hours before ending BP.

    How many players in the america group ?

    I also think our server will be interesting and lively ;)


    9491 registered players on America's group

    12564 " " on Europe's group .

    Europe .......................................................................................................America



    Europe should have actions i guess

    What makes the Tournament Finals so special for you?


    I would like a ticket to invite a friend who cant have chance to play tournament . What is special in this round : nowhere else can you meet such activity and level of play. it's a unique experience. My friend will be gratefull if he can experience it by himself .

    Thanks .

    To be eligible to win, you need to:

    State your nickname and server played when giving prediction. Every user can take part in the contest only in one community.

    For the prediction contest, i play on french part of forum, but i am not sure it was what you wanted to know ! ?

    1/ the button to switch building / ressources is bad idea .

    before we had a inside village button, and a outside village button, so we can update the page with the button without changing page.

    Now we cant, and we need tu use F5 to actualize page : bad idea .

    2/ ressources rewards from adventure and quest go to hero inventory : good

    but :

    currently, package are merged : one slot for clay, one slot for wood, one for crop, one for iron.

    it is better if you dont add ressources

    example : if one reward is 100 clay 100 wood 100 iron 100 crop

    and second rewatd is the same

    currently we will have 4 slots with 200 ressources each type

    its better is we have 8 slots , each one 100 ressources each type

    i hope my english isnt too bad, and you understand the idea ^^

    1/ title of quest


    2/ the blue circle on hero picture :


    it shows experience 24

    but it could be fine if it also shows the amount to raise for next level , for example 24/ 250

    3/ You could have given free golds for this test server.

    On Kingdom, we have 300 free golds / week for the test server.

    4/ 25% is inactive, it should be writen 0


    Is it true you can only qualify for the finals by joining the server your country server is in?

    E.G if i join international instead of group D where nordic are, I can't qualify for finals??

    i was thinking about the same question

    French admin says "yes rule has changed, you must log in YOUR domain"

    Hello Anenenmy

    There were on the french part of the forum since 4 or 5 years

    but in english part of the forum, i had many difficulties to post them, admin didnt want

    btw, i liked to help travian community, if it did this job, i am fine

    Have a good game :)

    Thanks to all who deserve the server and play with fair attitude : Promter from RU, Francesco from UIOLLAS, to name those who were most important in my eyes

    but shame on the 2 alliances from UOLLAS META who intentionaly created the second bug

    and shame to those who have fake def rank and fake pop rank

    Good rest to all of you