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    We imitate you, we write in 3d that don't interest us, just to troll you

    Soon, we'll also start servers that don't interest us just to damage you, just as you did...

    You are our point of reference, Dear cry73


    if I did something to make you angry I apologize, now please can you stop being so bad with me, I just want to play travian in the tournament with all of you

    You cry in all 3d


    Your all posts are a cry, you are raising sea level

    Stop rosik please

    we don't deserve to win, i think HUN it been the best team in the server, GS is a good team but a little team, it is a congratulate tell that they been more smart of all

    One of the best report in the Group D: wall crop consumption at 29,2kk

    Big wall for either and great exchange of attack between HUN confederation and IT confederation


    GS will win for best diplomatic strategy, nobody attack them WW, them don't attack HUN and IT WW


    the only edited in all forum are you, i asked some information about big operation of arab meta, if you aren't interest about this don't read my post and the kind answer of your allied

    where do i accuse arabian of cheating? you are crazy

    i don't know your allied and start to know here observing their good reports

    they know that in Italy you are the champion of the clean game and that you do impropriety to anyone who uses multiaccount

    I would not be surprised if it was you who signaled your allies to get them banned, everyone knows that you are the worst liar in travian, I advise your Arab allies to pay attention to you

    for years you have told the story that you are the 2014 world champion, then discover that dacia sitter are the real ww farmer in 2014, another time you proved to be a great liar

    don't talk with this bad guy, he and his friends make fun of us

    this is his friend :rolleyes:

    he only made fun of you who in Italian domain you proclaim yourself as leader of the coalition :D, instead from what I saw and read your coalition is very strong and an Arab leadership just as strong as to decide who the allies are or not

    We do not recognize NewOrder as an ally. Anyone who disrespect us is an enemy. They like to talk and write in their description and thats it. However, we do before we talk.

    thanks for explanation

    Congratulation for big action

    Why do you attack neworder, Are they allied of uollas and greek too?

    In the last tournaments often you used very bad this big hammers, on this server you show to all that arab meta is able to plan and destroy with own tacticals or do you asked help to greek and uollas to build this plan?

    But I guess there is no pride left in Italy, just spam and a sad machiavellian mentality.

    The only time italians won something in travian, was mainly due to my efforts.

    Uollasarab meta is not all italian meta, it is only uollas meta joined with germans and greeks and arabs and turks and french and others

    Other italian meta are playing qualification without spamm in other group, also many italian players in uollasarab meta are good players, you are generalizing for a bit of spam

    Only in 2017 best italians meta played united and you win mainly due to our effort, because we started in the russian quad and italians stopped russians

    i'm agree with you about italian spammers, but please respect for italian players

    Sorry everyone if they go outside the theme.. they just hate us for previous lesson of travian we gave them in italian servers, now they follow us everywhere like our ghost...

    I hope they will not disturb you again, because every message means a notifications, and you all have to check who wrote and what, and later you read stupid posts.

    I say sorry for them, again

    you have a lot of courage to say these things with what you did against your compatriots on the comx

    Laughing at the 8k ppl (not only uollas to be clear) whom have lost time and money on these finals?

    Kinda sad, don't you think ?

    I'm laughing of you, because in your group there are the most hypocritical italian players, bug there was last year too, it is a TG problem, you are very ridicolous to shadow your problem behind a bug