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    congratulation for defensive answer, i think you are the best team in the server and for me you will win the tournament very easy

    Find the difference :P

    Uollas Baby


    New Italien & friends


    Nooooo, there is no pact!!!

    It’s just a coincidence, it’s the second time, but it’ The second coincidence

    [cit Rosik73]


    I swear it was a coincidence, you are just unlucky and complainer

    for sc


    The focal points of this mission are that:

    • They have ascertained the pact with Dacoa (unless the fakes at 02.00.00 by some Dacia who have never done fakes so far were totally random ........);
    • I was a little confused about the use of the brewery on the first attack, really curious;
    • and finally, NeoRec_IT, but are the troops the ones you found in the adventures?

    you walled us very good, why do you are crying? you have to be happy, we attack only a village in our quad and if dacia attack you too it is only a coincidence, we don' t speak with dacia, you are 40 alliances it is normal you receive attacks in all border

    Is that important?

    Are you sure that the player in question has never been pushed by the confederate?

    „If you know the enemy and yourself, your victory is sure. If you know yourself but not the enemy, your chances of winning and losing are equal. If you do not know the enemy or even yourself, you will succumb in every battle. "- Sun Tzu, book The art of war

    I confirm only my alliance push him for feed wall, in any case it is a defeat for us

    good job congrats, who attack us is italian player?

    we push ten time only from one alliance for feed wall, there isn't confederal push on this player why do you tell this?

    we are only 6 alliances at the mercy of the mega confederation, please if you don't talk about us the problem is solved, we haven't influence on the server :crocodile: