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    this post is just pure horror

    It's possible to send perfect waves (even more accurate than illegal wavebuilder & legal wavebuilder) by sending manually.
    And what about sending wwk? how do you send wwk if not by hand?
    Its unwritten rules in cheaterland maybe.

    This post is just a troll post wtf

    ofc ıt's possibble, with mozilla offline mode and opera etc.. are they not modified browser :/

    WW sitters dont even used resource bar plus right?

    Nevermind i just trolling :S

    Pasword sharing = kick.

    People who refuse to give their password , would kick from alliance. That's how it work our community :rolleyes:

    How about WW organization ? did you claim that all wwk sended by the hand of players ? or grain :/

    these are like a 'unwritten rule' , every alliance share password but some of them refuse and other accept that. i would like to be more honest way. Like a attack script ,we all know that people used it for around 8-9 years and everyone claimed that they made attack by manuel way.But what happen at the end of day ? travian made script itself.

    The bug is still exist, we know that they make troop limit to attack against WW and try to fix it ...

    But what should we do before the fixing ?

    Should we stop playing travian before it ? we lost 15 hammers during the operation , attacks should be reached at the same time but because of bug they reached in 15 seconds and they builded 5 different times wall during the attack..

    We send message Multihunter/Admin 5 days ago and sended e-mail to 2 days ago ..

    Multihunter and Admin told us "Attacks in any case reached to village , we can send back only troops of death for starvation " something like that..

    and there no answer from

    We want to announce that information to people whom playing travian,
    That is people's choice as well but people must learn what happen when bug happening during the operation.

    Thanks for the COOPERATİON travian ! What a wonderful COOPERATİON with players!


    If a bug was known,

    can only blame TG for not solving it before finals start (or even WW phase).

    bug was already knew, turkish players were complained about that many times but they always doing roll back, next time same EDITED...

    so what happen now ?bug happened in final... are you happy with that TG ?

    How can you talk about quality and winning when you, turkish players, dont have any lvl100 on the finals and you are just numbers? :D you are just tourists here, you pay every time and leave with nothing, just useless memories. Dacia every time is playing for win(every game is finishing with ww lvl 100, no? ) you just play to dont let others win because you never can't win. You show here "amusament" but is a big frustation.. Taking WW from - 100/100 is a example about your mentality, work hard with feeding 1 mil troops in this moment and for what? :))) you celebrate this move few days, i think.. This is your turkish power, feeding and grow up NW's WW and congratulations, you do this alone:))) I'm curious how can you explain that to your players.. When this work was just for ambition. Why "turkish power" didn't resist in bp's area? :)) Animals are just pro deffenders and rest of turkish players are very low, stop talking about quality.

    i can only talk about my team.
    we was prepared to stole artefact from -/- and +/+ to using gaul raiders. playing defensive,stealing artefact with a lot of gaul players but that is effective for the win.


    That is our second time in the final , usually tr 3x server more enjoyable than final , there is much fighting than final that why we was not played tournament..
    when we were played first time we was taked 2 BP 1 unique.
    i wonder are you ever won tournament with alone? or like a last year ?
    i admit there is a big frustration because of we thought dacia is people who holding the promises, trustable,honorable ...that was a frustration...
    our mentality basicly ; when someone betrayed and swearing you, if you are honorable man you have to show your honor you have to show them their betrayal price.

    my word is realy my bond !
    i am not like that you are. made a plan about stealing unique/BP from NE. and when they answer to plan.. cried on the forum wrote here "we was friend at the past why attack to me " bla bla bla...

    we always made a decision together, i am always share almost all conversation. i don't have to explain players, they already know almost everything.


    About quality; there is only one quality attack from dacia-k , the others are completely disappoint. was that "world champion" operation?? lol.
    animals %70 percent players don't playing seriously,
    the other teams mostly left the final because there is no reason to playing travian except "terrorist" swearing.
    So even this situation %70 animals not playing , the other teams are in the same situation. you have also russians, are they attack even one time to you are? (yes only one time no more i saw that)but you are still can't take back WW. ? is that your quality?
    are you ever fight against dacia/russians/nPL at the same time ?

    sometimes you should look noob by strategy ,prime/shield/cof was talking taken before the truce but you don'T because of your ego. because you saw us like a chess pawn.

    now CHECKMATE !
    I do not want to disrespect you but you provoke me
    you already lose this server, go crying more and keep your promise next time

    What did i tell you ? Nothing , absolute silence from Animals during all the defeats they sufered and conqured villages , but the minute they get a victory is like :
    WAAAAAHHHH =O=O=O=O=O we have to post , to show everybody how strong we are :)

    Such a joke this Animals , 98.5% are defensive players, harmless :))

    we don't share all reports for example did you saw that reports? REPORTS

    congrats for nice hammer from gabi(katarina) ,

    I have to admit they are doing nice move but i catch it...

    we are playing simple basic game don't need to use unrespectful words .

    Are crying when we were destroyed ?don't cry Enjoying game :osd: