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    Не было никакого упоминания ни об одном из этих 3 пунктов до этого поста во всем опубликованном чате, за исключением" потенциального " отката до 22.-23. Февраль после этого. Я перечитал его снова, чтобы быть уверенным.

    Просто не вижу, где я могу получить информацию, что это было сказано во время встречи, но если это так, я заранее извиняюсь.

    That's right, none of the leaders offered to roll back for time before the appearance of the scrolls, it did Safiren

    TG, I suggest you declare the winners to be natar, admit your inferiority and turn off the final server forever

    Ameno nice work! My congratulations to the development team, I think they need to be nominated in the nomination "hands from ass of the year"

    1) It is case to case and not possible to predict.

    2) They have been restored after (in 10-15 minutes) by TS.

    3) I will leave that to decide to the others.


    1-2) When you did rollback you did not know how it works?

    Rollback is complicated process. During that time troops might get lost (what has happened) and the only option to return those troops is in their home villages because info about attacks is lost. That explains why there might be less defence on WWs - players have to re-send that, and armies been at home.

    I am not saying that is finest solution, but it is as it is.


    I have 3 questions:

    1) You do not know how your system works? Or for what reason you did not report this in advance so that we were aware and prepared for this.

    2) Why did the troops not return immediately, but only after some time?

    3) Why do you ignore my questions? You do not think that doing so shows a complete lack of qualifications to be in your position?

    Ameno Why are all the hammers that were on the way back home? You do not think that you have spoiled the strategy for everyone on this server? Every time when I think that it cannot be worse, the TG always finds a way to make it worse.

    The troops that were on the way came back, the whole strategy of the hammers collapsed. How could everything be done so EDITED, TG?

    Please answer a few questions:

    1) Are you sure that your developers have fixed the problem and after the restart it will not occur again?

    2) Someone have already written about this above, if the dot is made at 7:00 pm why can't the server be started at the same time? It would be very convenient for most.

    3) Turning off hunger for everyone, including WW, is a terrible idea. I understand why you are doing this, but WW without hunger makes too much imbalance

    i totally agree

    but do you agree that the best solution is to have a rollback from bp release?

    Yes, the rollback to the time "shortly before the plans" or immediately after their capture is most fair. Although in this respect we are losing a lot, since you already know the targets of our operation

    я думаю, что с ситуацией, также Union Meta хочет откат

    или я не прав?


    Frankly, the situation is ambiguous, this bug had a very strong impact on the end of this server. A rollback to the time of taking all the scrolls will put all on equal terms, but it can be difficult for some players to survive all this again. I personally do not like that the outcome of the server is determined by the error TG. But I haven't had any hope for the account of the administration for a long time, they don’t care about the players, for sure now they are calculating what they need to do to lose less money.


    If there is a rollback to the time of the taking of the scrolls - at this time there was an operation against your trade-villages, what about the fact that you already know the real targets?)

    Guys there is a simple solution that is most fair to everyone involved on the server: TG should recalculate the amount off deff that was suposed to be on WW at the impact moment of WWKs, and put the italian WW (or any other affected by the bug) at the right level.

    This way it won't affect any strategic plans made by either meta, since the decisions to send WWk to some particular WW is made by players and not by tehnical issues.

    That's just how you take into account the fact that the hammers were sent to WW after the intelligence of the number of troops. Accordingly, if the defense of the miracle of the Italians was more - our hammers would come differently

    Hi. I am sorry for keeping you wait. As soon as I get news they will be posted ingame as well (not only in this thread). Just to make clear, there will be additional solution to the situation, but I am not ready to say what would it be - rollback or any other. Still waiting for test results. First we need to make sure that solution for sudden starvation is found and won't affect the endgame anymore.

    Ameno Why you didn't suspend the server while searching for a solution? You understand that by turning off the hunger you made the situation even more absurd?

    Откат имеет более отрицательный результат, чем положительный, на виду у людей.

    Лучше всего было бы пересчитать количество урона, который WW получил бы под суммой защиты, которая должна была быть там, и просто изменить уровень допуска WW + +-- 1lvl и респаун.

    This will not work, the troops starve more then 1 hour, there was scouted and hammers that sended were considered taking into account the troops on WW

    Well, only meaningful reports that hit infrastructure / WW levels would be good, since we need to forward them to tech supporters. Currently no rollbacks are considered. I am not saying that sudden starvation is a good thing, but no decisions will be made "on the spot" based only on forum thread until any losses are verified, counted and damage estimated.

    Stop the server until you decide. Turning off the famine for the period of WW-building? This has a sufficient effect - people can send troops to WW more than able to feed.

    Maybe if many have written about the same thing they find it more important to work on the problem than answer letters?

    I wrote them a few letters almost a month ago with questions personally from myself, 2 weeks ago, Ameno said that they had a general period of illness. There is still no answer, and 2 options are possible here.

    1) the entire administration has been sick for a month

    2) the administration does not care about our appeals

    i appreciate, and as you know there are other 30+ days until the end, i would like to talk about strategies when finals will end, it would be very nice to change opinions and so on, for now everyone has his own vision and can change it or understand the opinion of the other.

    about our off operations, we always try to do our best with the strenght we have, as you all are watching, we don't have off operation hammers of 200k clubs , we try to do our best with our cards and i think we are doing very well, next finals i will try to recruit top players with 2-3 hammers of 180k clubs + 45k horses + 10k rams at day 80 :osd:

    want to join us , Mors?

    exchanging small working offs for good hammers is great for you, I rather disagree with the building this offs, my opinion is that it is better to have some good hammers and a lot of deff from this resources which you spend on work offs. It works much better if you have no opponent in the sector.

    As for joining, after communicating with the administration (rather ignoring from them), I don’t have any desire to continue playing

    i sayd congratulations to russia on every operation, but you didn't understand our strategies, and ww hammers like withoutyou, antikiller, ( smurfs ), 8k catapults from action and the others, you can't rebuild

    congratulations again, only thing we both know is this is very nice for travian finals, not important who do better than the other!

    I really do not understand this strategy, it would work well if you were with us in the same sector. But the fact that you were able to conduct several such large-scale operations without a lot of mistakes from players is admirable.