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    Web going victorious in the "Le Croppers War" against Heathens!

    Can Heathens come back from this devastating defeat in the "Gold war"? Who will conquer most of the regions? Will Putin start playing Travian? Check this thread for upcoming rumours and news! Don't forget to subscribe, like and share ♥

    oof dramas already and server hasn't even started yet. That's some fast reaction from both sides to make things complicated for a replica. :/

    Also, let's be real... Good russian player has at least couple multi-accounts... I'm very curious how LOT plans will be applied and how bad those pros will get 'punished' for that :/

    Ignorant to the fact that there are people with different desires :) I have no obligation to adapt for faster game, at all. Please stop trying to insult. I am maybe not as "fast" as you but I can come up with insult just as easy if I decide to.

    I haven't said a single insult, just stated my opinion that slow servers are purely for money making... And voting for default server speed probably would have had effect on this type of servers too... 32% voted no.. I understand that 3.6 and beyond travian was suitable for slow servers etc. I played those servers myself, but now when there are huns and so... sure pick teutons or romans and struggle at 1x speed when huns are freaking OP at cavalary.... 2x would give a chance for starting teutonic vs hun.

    You are the ignorant one. There are many people who does not want to speed it up and did not go on 2x PtP after the snail one. Imagine.

    2x server will be launched after snail one if over. At least this is how it was all last years.

    Ignorant for what? That all those stubborn people cannot adapt to faster game? It's not a freaking rocket science... you play faster and you get more fun than waiting when your 10th level gets up... Oh right, forgot, probably all the donors are upset that faster servers don't give that great of advantage of being donor... right P2W > fun. Being fair, keeping P2W slowmode is just pathetic.

    Oh, since server dates are announced... either change server speed to 2-3x or best option would be 5x. Because those who voted against setting default server speed at 2x are either plain ignorant or they are just too slow thinking people and cannot plan/play things a bit faster....

    So yeah if this CodeXVictoria server will be default speed (which was decided by freaking newbies) 1x, I'm not gonna play it.. 2x was OK with PTP, but I would like to get 3x or even 5x speed, at least then it might be more action than normally....

    Start village quests are on the big questionmark in my opinion... I'm not sure if someone would get level 7 warehouse or grannary in the village that already got 2 sets of settlers.. that makes no sense...

    I would rather keep start village basic village quests, like "main building", "market", "warehouse", "grannary" and so on, but not to force them to build everything in one village... because I think that gives wrong point of view that you need all your villages in one place.

    Addition to the previous statements about 'helmet' icon.. Gelding, book of wisdom, ointments, cages are basicly all 'helmets' in the reports;

    Trying to add resources, sometimes it happens that it just shows how much do you want to add and doesn't how how much there is resource in the warehouse/granary and how much it's going to be after adding these resources from heroes inventory... At least noticed mostly that wood is one of the resources that doesn't work properly;

    There was period when I could move resources in heroes inventory, but it was just images movement and it didn't snip in the layout.. in other words could move image all over the page, but it seems to be back to like it was before when you couldn't move resources besides switching them with items that you have in your heroes inventory;