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    You have cried since the server started.

    I havent seen a whiney man as much as you for 10 years in this game.

    You're very unskilful player.

    OK, I understand having a proper conversation is hard for you... No need to go over yourself and try to learn something.

    Hearing about skills from multers is just as stupid as you constantly saying that my all comments are 'crying', only because you cannot understand them and Google translate doesn't help that either. If you dislike comments about something then learn to ignore... Wanna an example? I will simply ignore all of your stupidity, because you people cannot do a single thing without mults. HF multying. As mentioned multiple times, your clock is ticking to the end, enjoy while you can...

    Oh right, you can cry about us not selling our accounts and not 'joining' your army when you were begging for us to do that in the first week.. Who the hell would go that low to join multers LOL...

    This statement is pretty accurate:

    You and your mults... Bummer. Why such a low amount compared to those two 'top farmers'? Not enough time or lacking of VPNs/VPSs?

    P.S. Not included all of them, because Travian forums don't let to add big screenshots, your luck. Because 100% all 2nd villages of barely active people are literally your mults who are providing resources for you... SUCH LEGIT PLAYERS huh it hurts my brains to play vs such GOOD CHEATERS. None of you clowns are average in this game only cheating saves you from devastation, but no worries, not that much time for you losers left. Enjoy while you can.

    Oh and you can spam that 'cry' 'cry' since it has no effect for me, because I'm chatting and whatever it seems for your uneducated logic it bothers me the least.

    you speak empty in form because you are not good at the game

    If you want I can teach you to play maybe you stop crying;(;(;(;(

    That's a decent humor, hearing that from Turk about being good at the game :D You guys are funniest this server! At least you learned how to use Google Translate kekekek.

    Ahhahaha so proud for catching 1k imps... Bummer haven't kept all the logs of your losses. So many troops dead, so many villages dropped down too. Heh, not gonna get to your level tho to post some miserable reports.

    Btw, gl farming mults again to get back those 21k clubs lol.... Funniest part of the server to see some pathetic wannabes farming their mults :D

    RESTiNERESTUL4N This novice troll :) do not take it seriously. :)

    After a while @TVS Publishes a report. Starts crying :)

    ISTANBUL sees ComX
    L T U sees CryX

    Well it's the other way around, I've posted your def side, that you were hiding, and got reaction of you crying about NAPs and other stuff... 'Cmon grow up and learn English, because I feel like I'm talking to some kind of Chat Bot AI, that hardly understands what's posted and what's said.

    Also funny how you've PM'ed us on the first days asking for cooperation... Who on Earth would cooperate with multers? We registered on --, because we knew that it will be filled with Turks and mults... Who wouldn't like to get easy farm out of them? And Oh please you all are the same lol.... Buying accounts, creating bots, mults... There is no other way for you randoms to play.

    OK... Seeing this as topic some kind of 'me talk with translate all the time' and no proper reaction just for filling empty side that losers are hiding, what's the point of chatting with resource livestock after all... Have fun while you can, it won't last long.

    If you wanted to show your emotions then yeah it fits, but if you didn't get a single word what I just said, then at least dont show yourself as clown... Because only what I see is Turks crying about some random NAP, even tho they 'DEMOLISHED' random meaningless support that will get settled and boosted back to what it was in a day.... One word - Math. It does miracles.

    confederacy can only make 3 alliances. in confederacy and aggression same purpose. We are not playing a word game.

    you always have an excuse. Animals!

    the following report. 3 rows behind the central village. No def, no animals.

    OK once again explaining to you, because I see that sense cannot make through all the multies you've created in this server to your brains...

    1) I've posted 2nd part of the log, because it's obvious that all of you are afraid of doing that because it would show just animals defending your 'villages';

    2) Why do you care about the NAPs in general? Are you losers afraid of some alliances focusing on you instead of others? I thought you all were so great that nothing will stop you from winning the server...

    3) FYI, I don't need to look for excuses to show your badness, you've made this TOPIC to show off with your wannabe reports... I knew that sooner or later you will show some kind of report from our side, called it, you did... As expected you were too afraid to post your 'def' side, for obvious reasons.

    In the end, Turks are 'ENEMIES' of random support villages, but they have no balls to go to capitals, because they know their 'OFF' would die instantly and they would have to delete their accounts LOL... WORST PART OF ALL NO MORE MULTIES HAHAHA REGISTRATIONS ARE CLOSED!

    After the mergers, you became Brave :) romania and lithuania MVP, Exodus.. Congratulations on your merger. :)

    Even tho I'm talking with a poor quallities brick wall, but I will try to explain what's what... NAP is when you don't attack each other, but attack others. Do you understand it? Meanwhile word merge means to combine a single unity (source: which would lead to a combining all the players into one 'family' of alliances, which isn't the case here...

    Brave, just because ... ? I cannot understand it... We do our own stuff, they do their own stuff... Seems like you are already pooping for what's coming next... Are you afraid that zoo animals will die soon and you will have to delete yourself too? You sound really desperate with all the mults you have and stuff... Did it got harder with half of them getting banned? Ouch. Or you consider bravery while hiding behind 20 (?) multie filled alliances?

    P.S. Didn't expect to get such reaction for showing their 'defences' lol... huh artefacts in 3 weeks, that's most likely rough estimate of your existance in this server btw.

    Yeah! Indeed it is. Proves that whole this game is so cheap that even servers are pure garbage. "Plans to release European server" fails at thinking that it will be not more crowded than all these dead regional servers... Fails horribly, has to remove registration after couple hours.

    Not willing to spend a bit more on a decent server, expects people to like what they are doing... Huh no idea if they are thinking that people are really that dumb? (even majority is, but not all of them tho)

    Stop making it blank. I am waiting anyone who wants to try. Come on - 48/-67

    Making it blank? This sentence made absolutely no sense, just like your teammates farming mults of theirs to get medals of 'farmers'. 3k clubs at this stage of the game with 2 village, jeez. You will bash that 'off' sooner or later and it will end up with your deletion. That's obvious. GL in other server tho.


    Oh, so now you have to disparage someone you clearly know nothing about all because you perhaps got rejected for a trip to Munich? Maybe if you worked on your spoken English and stopped saying vaguely racist or stereotypical stuff in forum, you might get a chance to be noticed. Not to mention your entire post is dripping with jealousy.

    Dam you try so hard, would give you a cookie for that effort to trying to insult me. And sorry to inform you, but I'm never jealous to a stupid majority who you belong to, so have fun feeling smart and precious, I prefer being my own instead of licking someones else *something* just to be considered as a part of it, but you seem to enjoy it.

    "vaguely racist and stereotypical stuff".. I mean it's not first and most likely not the last time when you can only take victims role... ok got it you are hurt by my approrpiate language when you cannot make a single proper statement without thinking about insult, what's more you've been insulting for quite some time in various ways, but since these 'PRO MODERATORS' support and encourage such behaviour of yours, I see tendency that you will keep continue doing that... I've insulted your poor ego and pride without a single insult or racist statement, now you probly will cry about it forever, have fun idc.. and no I've never tried to get into this garbage 'WANNABE PRIDE CONTEST TO BE APPROVED BY A COMPANY THAT GIVES NO CARE ABOUT ITS GAME'.

    As a final note, you are nothing, zero, empty space... So why should I get bothered by nothing? Enjoy your stay in your imaginary utopian world dude, you seriously should understand yourself only in your head.