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    Sooner or later every off will be walled, so logically you are building off to get it walled any way:)

    Well yeah, but how much resources were lost while baking it and keeping it in progress? It's not that you are baking troops just to get them walled, sooner or later that happens to everyone, had in mind that it haven't provide any use at this point, it was point black walled... oh well, maybe it has cleaned some random farms on the map I would guess... but that's probly it kek.

    I mean... they were baking those troops freely for how long? 2 months? and bashed into the first week against Web? Not really sure if that was worth doing when you aren't even using that off for something more than just... getting walled kek.

    Yeah as expected, not a single creative argument same "you aren't playing", "we are laughing" (just shows that you as individual are useless without some of 'your level' people standing behind you or smth) and legendary trap card called "kid" - when you lose your argument and start calling someone else calling a kid, thinking that would demolish that persons will to even argue with such incompetent person who can only think same things over and over again...

    And yes I'm a kid to my parents my whole life, I thought that's common knowledge that we are kids of our parents... Are you some kind of exception? If so I'm really sorry to hear that.

    Oh to finish this (idk) some kind of circus of those people who are upset that they are losing badly this round with no chances of winning:


    P.S. Imagine, I'm not using word "losers", because according to Travian logic that word is an insult to people that I'm talking about, because that tells them they aren't going to win, so they get upset when see that word. Poor people :(

    I am stating facts*1 rather than the fiction you post mate, web did throw Heathens out of their regions but a player who no one knows, didnt play the server or contribute to Webs supremacy does not have any right whatsoever to comment on us*2. We are here to play a game and maybe fight with players who we fought against. You just come here, read a post or two and comment*3, your comments hold no ground and the only reason we reply is cause you are the "entertainment"*4, keep posting and we will reply but worry not your only job is to keep the thread active*5.

    *1 what kind of facts? You are just big mouthing over how cool you were last round and how victimized you are now by "Web" and "their cheating" (your words since day one of this server);

    *2 I had played against them, if I knew that they will play, would contacted them before the servers start, I thought they won't waste time in this server, appears I was wrong.. ofc if they've accepted me that would be a different case;

    *3 Imagine forum is made for commenting about something, how so I should make videos here or sing songs?

    *4 Ohhh so reverse psichology, like YOU WERE PUPPETING me all the time, not vice versa.. Interesting!

    *5 Sorry to inform you, but your crying is keeping this thread active... or Bedlams fail attempts to beat someone with "PROPERLY COORDINATED ATTACKS" (using this very liberally);

    I've learned so much about COM players, that not gonna lie, I was expecting more from people who have more money to spend on the game and they can abuse that P2W stuff... but they don't know how to abuse it properly when they have 4-5 players on one account and still fail miserably on basic things such as attacks.. Jeezus. I really start to believe that Travian is literally too far away from what it used to be 10 years ago, I bet none of you were playing there or were able to play it... No gold club, no crop finders, no vacations... I guess you are that 'new generation' of the plebs who came to play the game that 'oh boy we have moneyz, we gonna win this game!" kind of attitude and zero things done on the server..

    Hiding logs, talking here more than doing something in server and then trying to pull that card "oh noes you don't play so you dunno watcha talking" I know way more than you do.. but once again, I found this teasing of some randoms way more exhausting than funny the more I try to understand your point or smth...

    Sorry I'm not angry, I wasn't banned by system for bot and script usage, but who am I to judge, if you think Bedlam are legit players :D

    You mean Forum thread youve ever experienced right ?

    See, as mentioned in other thread your creativity is equals to zero :D I don't need to play in the server to see that Bedlam and Heathens are probly funniest alliances in the server... 'Top alliances' who cannot win server because .. Eh not gonna start listing them all, just sad to see that almost every round 'Top Alliances' have no clue how to play this type of servers, because they are too stubborn to start learning new things, they just do repeatedly same thing over and over again, because let's be real, they hardly learn smth new due to the core mechanics of the Travian kek.

    One moment when P2W cannot beat tactics heh, GG Web, will win this fairly easily and as much as I'm aware they aren't even full team they are often play. So I find teasing this not worth my own time, have fun losing... Curious if Heathens will manage to get out above 5th place kek. Oh wait, Heathens are gone, now they are LOAD :omegalul:

    Not mentioning Bedlams cheating to their bones and trying to deny that... Probably that's how low tier donors who cheat play.

    but we try to play clean.


    Sure bans for scripts and bots, totally clean stuff, curious how many of those 'accidents' others missed this server lol. Also don't forget to mention that Im not playing in this server to confirm that your statement is valid - "creativity" :D

    Hypocrites, hypocrites everywhere LOL!

    Final Word talking about ego, when his ego goes above the roof, but he just sees others, since he is above everyone kek. Well oh well, once again Bedlam gets mental over discussion about their log that they posted and then complained that someone said smth about it, then cries that everything is tocix and stuff, when they previously, now and in the future will do the same.

    Jeezus, guys get your stuff together... You play Forums instead of playing in Game...

    Did i say something about "do not post it"? I did comment about the attack it self, that it was stupid and bad coordinated. Thats the point of posting something on forum, people will discuss it. Probably thats why you didnt post anything here for the whole server.

    Pretty much sums up.

    So yeah, since I got some sort of interest into map analysis, gave a try to create a heatmap of the current map according to the population basicly... Smallest cell of this is 5x5 in Travian map, so you can understand why some cells have 5000+ population, appearantly mostly +- has biggest population density, anyhow, here's the image itself:

    Opinions, feedback, suggestions are welcome. Now I'm thinking to make detailed regions and their quarters with alliances etc... Basicly plenty of ideas, just curious what's interesting to others.


    lets be real, there is no way mindfreak isnt on the server. For some reason he just doesnt want anyone to know who he is. nobody would be this invested in the forum, or be so passionate against some allys if they werent on the actual server.

    he just lies / trolls alot.

    Yes, I'm very big liar... So big that noone believes when I'm telling things they should at least pay small percentage attention.. But oh well, you do believe that you are going to win, GLHF thinking that, you won't succeed that easily.

    Ah right, this is a visualisation how big liar I'm:

    Says I don't play this server yet still manages to open reports from GFU :D

    But why would we give them more information then needed?

    OK, now I'm confused if you are able to logicly think about things... You've attacked GFU member, well in 2/3 cases chiefed their villages.. I had to post your attacks against Ones or K-RIF? Mentioned multiple times that I had/have most likely will have access to one of your alliance members... Said couple of times to invite people from map a bit more carefully, you haven't listened so yeah... Ofc you can try to deny that like your buddies and friends tried to do that by calling me a liar and so on, I honestly not interested proving that... Just weird to see guy that hides his 'massive hammer' that's kept using against miserable deff, probly boosting his electronic-ego... Also, I'm just curious how much your script could max out troops from farming, appears not that many considering your whole region is clean and you constantly farm loads of inactive accs and possibly your alliance mults, since such farm rates don't appear out of nowhere, just like in TT *cough cough* known strategy and tactic...

    So yeah cheerz, keep hiding things you literally have no reason to hide and act 'mysterious' pro.

    Neat thread, I have some ideas just I need to find some time to get into that :D

    Kek, guy above doesn't get what I had in mind... For statistics you genius, not for anything else, but oh well, not everyone can understand "read between" lines statement, when you expect statistics of Finals, but you start dramas about something outside statistics.

    Imagine that! You won't win this round and you are that far behind that you will stay 5th, most likely till the end of the round unless Bedlam will help you taking some other regions... *ouch* winners pride *ouch* huge statements at the start of the round...