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    Dang it, that guy still cannot 'perma ignore' me... Hard to keep that pride somewhere under!

    Well, I learned chiefing in the first server I played, it was easy - there is a special button called "attack". It helps everywhere, besides sending deff - then attack doesn't help.

    Yes, you joined a Lithuanian team where multiple of the Lithuanian players likely had multies, which got wrecked by non-Lithuanians. Then you claimed the guy wrecking you had half of your Lithuanian alliance as multies, and were using them for raiding. Your only "proof" was some guy who moved to another team (which had nothing to do with us) from your Lithuanian alliance. I think the exchange below makes it obvious how weak your argument was.

    Is it my work to ban multies or try to fight against them? I knew that guy had mults, Travian didn't bother doing anything about it, till the round end that 'not a multiaccount' haven't progressed at all, mhm totally not a mult.

    Who are you trying to defend? Cheaters in this game? If you find multying a good sportsmanship, then feel free to spread this around, because as we see in this and many other servers Travian doesn't care, they just prefer milking money from players and their multies and/or techs whatever you call them. So be a bright light of Travians future and bring them all the profits you can!

    I played with in same alliance and now played with bedlam and can confirm any of them is way better in the game then you my friend :)

    1st you aren't my friend or at least close of being one.

    2nd I'm not even trying to play well now, just having fun in forums and in game.

    3rd somehow in Baltic servers you never won against the team I was playing, sounds weird, but yeah that's how happens to play in "Pralaimėjimo Smarvė".

    To sum up with, this game is no longer fun to "sweat" and spend money in it, it was fun at 2008-2010, when you were like 9 or 10. Have fun acting pro somewhere sir!

    Oh right, I'm totally worse than guys who are raiding with tarans, catas and chiefs.... Or chiefing while attacking random buildings instead of residences! Ty for feedback.

    P.S. Learn to use "THAN" instead of "THEN" if you are comparing something... because "THAN" compares, "THEN" says that something was afterwards...

    In one thread Bedlam talks about "that they are very high level players and getting banned for being too good for a game", now here they say gold isn't a skill.. then Bedlam is purely skilless, because they are all donors and not that good in game in general. Freaking God, never dealt with such clowns to be fair when they are making themselves look like "PROs", because they spend their fortune on the game and in other threads blame that gold usage is like "being skilless"...

    GET YOURSELF TOGETHER PEOPLE... None of Bedlam statements make any sense... Neither of their actions in game.

    When you play to the level that you get banned just because you are so good ... and you haven't broken any rules .. then you are a true Travain master

    and dear Mindfreak .. when you get to that level you will understand

    may your path to enlightenment be swift

    Sorry, won't get to your low level. Never got banned even while playing 24/7, weird huh? How so "you legit players" getting banned for that, when I myself never got banned in game since I've started playing... That's such a mystery!

    wishmaster3 and a reply to your statement, I came to play alone in that server, noticed some familiar names and joined their team and that doesn't remove the fact that mentioned players were multi accounting... just like in this server Bedlam obviously had loads of multi accounts, but since there is a new word 'tech', they are techs... and after all deleted accounts are deleted so Travian cannot relate to them in any possible way.

    Bought accounts, chiefed multi account villages and other crap gets more and more legit these days to the biggest donors in this game and even then they cry that Web f.e. spends more gold then they and cannot stand the fact they are getting smashed by couple players when their entire alliance just wasted 3 months and reached nothing lol :D "Competitive game".

    GJ now you have an excuse to get rid of all the bans, because of some random post. Fantastic! "I was banned for no reason, Travian banned me for nothing!" we will see this more and more often, thanks to teams like yours who are literally abusing everything they can just to achieve miserable win in some kind of 'web game'.. meh

    Do not accuse us of cheating dude! Raided all fair and square. Even splatted a hammer in between. I cant help it you prolly a noob and cant raid that much.

    But somehow two of your 'alliance' players got banned for scripts and bots... out of nowhere, out of all this legitness.

    "Travian" going rogue over donors, something weird and highly doubtful. "We got banned for scripts and bots, but we never used them" this excuse is like the lamest of them all, like someone who gets caught driving drunk "I wasn't drinking or driving a car".

    More or less game state at this point:

    You must be thinking of a different travian.

    This one is about VP and regions...........

    Oh you must be in a completely different world compared to Web, my bad. Somehow Heathens teleported near by Bedlam, because they couldn't do a thing in their starting regions, very sad.

    sakku well you wouldn't hear that if you left that closed room you are sitting alone atm.

    As allways too afraid to attack capitals, jeez, Or are you waiting for a strategical moment 1 day before the server will end and now just showing off your 'fantasticly boosted by whole alliance 3 month off'?

    When someone from Web replies in forum thread, whole bunch of Bedlam forum bois goes to the action kek. Only way to make a thread active is to tell something about Bedlam that everyone already knows and that's how you get their attention.

    Back to "we don't cheat and you are the ones who cheat"... Heathens and Bedlam cheats too, but they are so freaking hypocrite to show themselves as "legit" players, when only reason why they aren't banned because they have buddies and spend their whole fortune on the game... Heathens player bought account from Company player, still not banned, same guy then talks that Travian defends people who buy gold when he himself bought a freaking account to let Heathens to get Epidaurum...

    I love this game so much!

    Travian said they've "fixed" 1 troop fake bug. Since we know how they fix these things, curious how fast rollbacks will happen, then Bedlam can freely delete their accounts with excuse, that 'oh noes rollbacks, we don't like that, we delete'.

    what is this wing?

    Probably he had in mind "wings":

    Talking to ELE has no use, probably language barrier is too strong between us... Niels, EvilPrincess and other comments are totally not crying or complaining that enemies spend more money... Wake up people, have you ever played against people who really spend money or is this your first time? Spends money themselves, then complains that others have more... What a plot twist! And that statement about waiting for a 'strategic moment' sounds like cowardness... Every moment, every attack is strategicly useful if you are doing it right, not doing a gap of couple hours between waves, you should read "101 Travian for Beginners" or smth.


    The only person crying here is you. Everyone else playing the game :)

    Oof that had to hurt (?). Back to "we are playing and you aren't playing" OH I'm sorry mister that forum is made to comment things that are obvious from the things that are posted here.... Do your own conclusions, it wasn't me who cried that enemy team "paid" more than you managed to pay.. Check a bit above my last comment and you will notice that.

    btw, some attackers think that defenders have many advantages in this game, i don't say that need to play exclusively from defense, but competent defense can eat any attacker ... unpretentious example, i not so long ago fought with neighbor for oasis 50% crop ... i'm gall-defender, he's attacker-roman ... as a result, the oasis remained for my 15, attacker lost interest in the game, cuz lost all troops

    Hybrid was allways an OK mode to play, everyone should have at least basic off to clear some troops and deff to catch contra or just cut catas... And we are going back to the point that Bedlam is afraid to use their 'glorious hammers', they are scared and they are trying to deny that... They are probly afraid to go down in history as most unsuccessful P2W clan in Travian.

    Wow, donors are crying because someone else uses Gold more wisely... Hypocrites at their best.

    Must be sad life to blame everything on Gold when whole game is based on it, what's more you yourself are using it lol... I'm curious if anyone from Bedlam or Heathens would play server that would be based with no gold.... I higly doubt you would have any advantage over active people who have some strats over the P2W... but yeah, once again desperate hypocrisy.

    Still having hammers = you guys are too scared to use them or unable to coordinate attacks properly, cmon server goes like 3 months or so and still logs were just on deff and on attack you all played really bad or managed to attack random people on map with your 'big hammers', what can you show? Probly nothing.