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    you are talking about cheats since the beginning

    also your avatar talk about cheating!

    please do peace with your brain! osd.png

    You do :*

    I do not really care if people do not like the subject "multis or techs or bots or friendly points"

    No one needs to be here and I am really excited to see where the new accounts after day 4 play now and how many looks like techs or multis :evil:

    Techs are allowed...go check rules! osd.png

    Cause you farm techs too?

    Hunny - feel free to ignore my thread here :)

    I am not here to present the community Infos without showing some issues on finals since years and it's up to everyone to follow this thread or to not read this one here 8)

    yes, all people who don't like your posts are farming techs! osd.png

    I am not in the com community and also shared his friendly boosting in qualifications.

    50% of their deff points where boosted as they need techs and other unfair methods to be on the same level as others.

    The most people just do not know that Emerik use many techs while they voted for him I guess.

    Teutonic Steel is emerick?

    i don't think he is a cheater.... osd.png

    medellin fault

    Cleaning my zone...

    (ops not my zone osd.png)

    Just drinking (sorry farming) Vodka?

    Check who belong this thread <3

    Finally some reports from others 🙌

    Emerik no reports from you?

    HunterHammer did a lots of damages few days agoo! this is way i said "good fight"! we are playing very well on the wallace/dacia border!

    Do you have some interesting reports? or just fake news? osd.png

    Some real reports!

    9c erased




    Another 9c erased







    15c damaged


    +6 Croplands


    Start Village damaged


    + warehouse + granary + barracks + stable + accademy + marketplace


    Another 9c erased


    1000 euro spent in cages OMG






    AND FINALLY "the cherry on the cake"

    Step 1:



    Step 2:



    Congratulations all...good fight!

    you can leave this thread when you want! osd.png

    suspicious? ahahah

    all top raiders are farming techs...

    the server don't offer these resources!

    wake up! reporter! osd.png

    Looks like you are loosing your brain bro

    We play travian...not we aren't the account that produce the most in this server!

    your reports are full of rosik! Safiren 's corner was 100 times better!

    if you want be a trusted reporter, try to scout all map and than post stats!

    stats that you have posted aren't reliable....(i know better than u what i have in my account)

    right now it seems you are scouting just for rosik! laAyDD1aS9OSqspupVnmWfo88cQ=.gif

    „If you know the enemy and yourself, your victory is sure. If you know yourself but not the enemy, your chances of winning and losing are equal. If you do not know the enemy or even yourself, you will succumb in every battle. "- Sun Tzu, book The art of war

    I confirm only my alliance push him for feed wall, in any case it is a defeat for us

    If you know the enemy, yourself and how to settle, your victory is sure! scarso, you are not impavido! laAyDD1aS9OSqspupVnmWfo88cQ=.gif

    Narse he said: zeroing completed within 97 minutes! laAyDD1aS9OSqspupVnmWfo88cQ=.gif

    Catapults are on the way my friend!

    This is your first and last report laAyDD1aS9OSqspupVnmWfo88cQ=.gif