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The blacksmith once again looked at the parchment a visitor had just given him.
There was nothing particularly unusual about this order – to decorate armor and a weapon with an emblem... ⚔️ #ShadowEmpires

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    Yes but dacia have more artifacts than us....SCARSI! laAyDD1aS9OSqspupVnmWfo88cQ=.gif

    what about LUZERI in our quad? normal see 9 players, that play alone, near medellin and stop rosik?

    Noob Uollas! laAyDD1aS9OSqspupVnmWfo88cQ=.gif

    my case was different....i have killed 150k defs and conquered 30k clumbs + 7k knights...the price was 55k clumbs and 12k knights!

    a very nice player got stopped....otherwise imagine the actual hammer + 30k 7k in that area....he can destroy all 20x20 with an hammer like 50k + 12k

    you lost 4 big armies for no results...i don't think your mission was to kill defs!

    who celebrated the lost of tarallucci&vino's hammer as a win? ciccio? osd.png

    Why do you people insist with the capital army? Who even trains army in their capital these days?

    I did say grats on the def. You forgot to mention the 400k def that you lost as well, can you also restore that in 24 hours?

    sorry my fault.... 3-4 days for train def!

    probably big defs need more time!

    anyway it will take more time to train your armies!

    please don't be know what i'm saying!

    For a moment there I thought that you are becoming a decent person, but you just couldn't go to sleep without eating some spinach.
    We lost 4 big armies, you lost a lot of def, a few crop lanes lvl 17, it's part of the game, win some/lose some.

    "crashing everything" What do you even mean by that? Who crashed everything?

    you lost 5 armies in my's take 2 weeks to train that hammers....and it's take less than 24 hours to restore crop fields LOL

    you have also lost 2 armies against monkey....he walled solo!

    yes you crashed everything moved last night!

    you have simply to congratulate with you enemies in this situation!

    p.s. i don't have army in my cap, only crop! osd.png

    normal villages aren't counted, otherwise i have to add 100 villages erased and conquered in my archive! osd.png

    capital are counted only if are 9c or 15c or have hammer on it (like crazycat erased 2 night agoo) and hammer villages.

    probably i have forgot to add some cap that you have erased....can you tell me coordinates? so i will check!

    hmmm let me understand something...when you took that off village loosing 55k clubs from medellins hammer you said "we took hammmer hunter's hammer 40k with 10k which is a lie, he had little over 20k clubs. Now you came here and tell everyone that we took back a small off village but you didn't told them how much your ally invested in that village.

    From all your post i see that you are trying yo look good but the thruth is very different from you see it. If you want to tell a story then tell it entirely not only the parts you like.

    Is very hard to tell the story entirely....i have 3 pages of reports in my archive! osd.png

    Anyway Hammer was 30k clumbs and 7k knights + 150k deffs...i think hammerhunter got stopped for some days!

    I also think he is the most skilled player in Exodus! and he proofed it last night! :P

    Uollas vs Exodus --> 10 - 5

    (1 cap erased near -4/31 is not counted!)


    Normal routine in that zone! osd.png


    HOT CLUB vs Keanu Fangirls --> 1 - 1

    Uollas vs Exodus --> 9 - 3 (cap to 100 pop is not counted)

    Medellin vs all --> 100 - 0 osd.png


    Around GZ is full of villages except in this place osd.png


    Can we please have un update from Ciccio_Shady_IT counting villages chiefed? Dont mind reports from all splats also, like 100% :osd:

    Good Job in your border...

    Can you explain why you are writing me in pvt about the opposite border (exodus-wallace) where we did good reports? is rosik for what? osd.png

    wheres chicken shit cheat medellins report

    Medellin want an Hammer ---> Medellin got an Hammer osd.png

    In this case as far as I could see he did canceled the atacks because he messed up the waves..

    Sure, I am always up to learn something!

    Also, making this Thread a classroom is way better than the sh**** talking that's been for the past 40 pages!

    Ok bro...

    If you are a legit player you can use multiple windows (offline-online mode)

    If you are using wave builder (will be provided by TG as i know) open multiple tabs


    For example if you want send a real attack you can open 10 windows and prepare 10 real waves (with troops, targets etc etc)

    If first wave isn't perfect, cancel it and send the second...and so on!

    Your target can't know if is real or fake! :D

    you can't use this system if you have to respect an exact arrival time!

    Hope this may help all noobs like ØSD_IT osd.png

    were you sleeping or still not giving your pass to your friends?

    nice fight...noob vs noob! 1-1! osd.png

    ahahah <3

    Btw the question maintains: Who the hell cancel his attacks and right after sends a real attack anyways??? :|

    I did it many times...

    simply re-send attacks in few seconds and the target don't know if are real or fakes! osd.png

    obviously you can't do it on missions....

    Let me know if you need some skills! osd.png

    Well I dont like you a lot but apart from Rino and Alge you have a brain. dont get the part settling by enemie caps thought, zona dacia ? And whats wrong with your merchants , not like you are sitting on a 500k wall :D

    Are you using Google Translate? osd.png

    You want to know what I think is really embarrassing?

    A player who knows the game like you trying to flame me for receiving a push on a village 100 boxes away from my other villages and as if that were not enough, a village founded near an enemy capital with a good hammer and 3 enemy villages.

    Believe me, if you really have to try to flame me on something different.

    You don't look good on this one.

    maybe she need push in forum too! osd.png