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    Last round RIAPS quite win due to enemies not able to do the maths OSD

    Last round the winner was MAUNA. RIAPS didn't send their hammers in time. Like TurkC on EPIC, seems bad player can't even do math

    [TABLE='width: 554']
    [TR='class: hover']
    [TD='class: ra, bgcolor: #FFFFFF, align: right']1.[/TD]
    [TD='class: pla, bgcolor: #FFFFFF, align: center']Richie Gee[/TD]
    [TD='class: nam, bgcolor: #FFFFFF, align: center']Que Sera, Sera[/TD]
    [TD='class: al, bgcolor: #FFFFFF']GTB[/TD]
    [TD='class: lev, bgcolor: #FFFFFF, align: center']90[/TD]
    [TD='class: at, bgcolor: #FFFFFF, align: center']-[/TD]

    Edit: Will he join every time he has to build up a new level and then switch back to RIAPS?

    That's really crappy :(

    [TABLE='width: 554']
    [TR='class: hover']
    [TD='class: ra, bgcolor: #FFFFFF, align: right']4.[/TD]
    [TD='class: pla, bgcolor: #FFFFFF, align: center']Pharaohs[/TD]
    [TD='class: nam, bgcolor: #FFFFFF, align: center']❤ Equality Street ❤[/TD]
    [TD='class: al, bgcolor: #FFFFFF']VoC[/TD]
    [TD='class: lev, bgcolor: #FFFFFF, align: center']19[/TD]
    [TD='class: at, bgcolor: #FFFFFF, align: center']-[/TD]

    So finally VoC has officially joined the race to 100

    Would you like a lecture for 150k since you just lost Dr. Ganzo?
    Sorry, but you neither have the strength or the experience to give lecture. You are disappearing one by one. And your efforts trying to defend yourself with your comments are funny. My advice for you is to get a good sleep , think and then keep writing.

    Ganzo is out of brex-it didn't u see? We are disappearing? Where? Are you gonna be banned and delete again?

    But you are right when you say that Brexit could have done more... I mean if anyone with their hands on a small haste and some nice horses and a want for off points would know to just go make a full scout on Munchkins as i did last night... I mean 6k catas dead for litterary no cost! I believe it is the 3rd or 4th time it have happend to him and Brexit did shamefully not pick up those off points as he is clearly not on at night! But well Brexit is kinda new to the server so i guess they are excused!

    But maybe they will go get the rest of his troops then? I mean there is still 110k swords, a minimum of 57k TTs and 4,6k catas left to be taken... Happy hunting!

    We got 53k imps on Troy 2 days ago.

    And lecture them on how to play better as an alliance is pointless i guess

    As do we ;)

    Your in a dream world you are mate.

    So we are so lucky that we never find a wall? Just because are usless cap? Oh well, so we juse have to hit all the usless cap :ahoy:gonna come every day from today on

    2 people called out yesterday that you gonna attack small players
    if that dosnt tell you your playstyle , I dont know what will
    and you keep zeroing those caps , dosn matter much to us as same said by you , but you cant go for important target even if you want to cos you dont have enough firepower left , feels weak bro ?
    and yeah when the war broke down b.w us I even didnt expect that hege will do so much better against you as 90 % of the players are non gold small a/c , But yeah It feels good to kick your areses everynow and then

    so much of brexit , brought down to knees and splited them apart , made them fight and turn on each other
    I am happy that next time if brexit comes to ukx , people will mock them for their "we only attack small players" play style insted of fearing them they used to ,

    That's some high level of rosik too :ahoy:

    So you guys don't do the same then...? :roll:

    Your argument has no value what so ever

    No, we have defend more than 2 account, actually like the 80% had at least one good wall during the server. I'm on the 20% side no attack no fake means no wall :(

    Wow you can scout, well done ;)

    Funny how you rarely hit a high priority target, you always go for the smaller guys, the targets that actually don't effect us much. The targets that can easily be rebuilt in 1-2 days. For guys with big egos, your not really doing much. I mean you guys even said yourselves that hitting caps doesn't really do much - yet you continue to. Never met such a boring group zzz :}

    I can't congratulate a team on poor standards of play.

    That's some high level of rosik :ahoy:

    What excuse you gonna offer for Ingvar's 75k imp main being chiefed then? So pathetic.

    4h attack's travel during night, guess they were sleeping. like sun of a beach. On them wasn't a 13h+ but an "i hope he is sleeping move" and it turned out well that is what i complimented for

    pretty sure you've smashed a few times

    When moving all togheter or random attacks by the tyrant?

    - - - Updated - - -

    because you aim for pointless places :roll: congratulating your egos based on a few destroyed capitals

    Poor Nex, he is pointless :(