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    What's up with the NE having 75 Dacia wings (which apparently are Romania only?) and the leaders not responding to alliance requests?

    Thought it'd be good to hop into a 6 month game while waiting out COVID lockdown, but when no one will respond to inquiries it's just not worth it.


    Its summer, people aim at getting 10 villages for the key and go to the beach, at least us italians :osd:

    to build a WW to 100, you need 1 or 2 BP? :/

    i ask for a friend :osd:

    You have some hard times being beaten by us obviously :osd: Maybe you should have spent more time ingame and guiding your confederacy members about game mecchanics instead of ranting in forums 24/7 , that would have saved baraka from spending all that gold :wall:

    Artefacts, im not 100% sure, but i think its the same as WW.

    You are right, same goes for villages containing an artefact, after last updates of the game.

    i don´t think that artifacts affect the WW :/
    the reason behind demolishing my villa was just making sure that i didn't leave a single factor out of the equation! :P
    did it affect my hit or not, i simply don´t know :/:S

    No it did not affect your hit at all.

    Poor member

    Came to fight Ciccio_Shady_IT , che ansia and Narse and ended up being sold for some cash to ML

    At least some of the new Italians got some money through this finals by selling their plan and their members

    ML as new meta shows this server again that you can achieve a lot by just using money to buy player.

    Could be the first and last finals of the meta called „ML“

    That was a very unbiased and correctly informed analysis by someone pretending to post facts.

    I am sorry, are you trying to say that NewItalians were somehow tricked by ML to send their hammers in predeterminated locations? The message is very unclear.

    I probably should have quoted Barak in my post where he says this "Pattanza didnt know that they were baited from ML to sacrifice their armies at our city walls, and by that they eliminate their danger because they are located in the ML sector" and I was sarcastic.

    I think you should check your leading skills, and sometimes is better to stay in silence, thinking about the same old humiliation you received. Do like your friends, who always talked a lot, and it s from day 20 they stay in silence, a silence like the one of today.

    We said to pattanza " congratulation the same, off operation well executed, but not well organized ", sometimes you can do the same, or at least, stay in silence.

    You did 3 off operations on us, you crashed every hammer in all of the 3, ask some questions, try also to image how we could wall you if we had only a war against you, you crashed when uollas fought 2 border wars + thai in NE, who knows how your crashes would be if we had to fight ONLY against you.

    Well Im no leader to start with, and wouldnt there be a reason sending a crossquad op with 12+ traveltime on a meta of like 40 alliances where you could have an entire alliance to defend one target each like 2 days before BP release you think?

    You should study how the artefacts moved that day, it was a trade with no money involved. We got something we needed and so did they. You are free to post your opinions here as you like, but stop creating false rumors please or your credibility will be 0.

    I don't understand how could somebody suggest that we are trying to cover up a mistake. This garage had a lot of deff also on it beside the hammers that you can see in the pictures but all deff was sent home and only after that they started attacking the village.

    Thanks a lot, much appreciated. Well some people have sick minds and belive everyone else has it too and start that kind of rumors to cover their own dirtywork, thanks again for killing that rumor!