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    Hey you should cropscout instead! Major part of medellins troops are out paying visits to VODKA :osd:

    You want to know what I think is really embarrassing?

    A player who knows the game like you trying to flame me for receiving a push on a village 100 boxes away from my other villages and as if that were not enough, a village founded near an enemy capital with a good hammer and 3 enemy villages.

    Believe me, if you really have to try to flame me on something different.

    You don't look good on thisI dont know the gameI dont know the gaI dont know the game , ask RinioI dont know the game >I dont know the game, ask Rino :DI dontIkkkkIm just

    Well I dont like you a lot but apart from Rino and Alge you have a brain. dont get the part settling by enemie caps thought, zona dacia ? And whats wrong with your merchants , not like you are sitting on a 500k wall :D

    Yes.. Much better than cry and ask push just because your multies are at risk..

    You got pushed 2 times as I remember - - - > 0 results


    Then you have some problems with your memory, I never asked push for our account :D And chiefing 6 villages in the area i wont call 0 result, you need update yourself :D

    Loffe is my tech so I will soon start posting reports of me raiding him.

    As far as I am concerned the game is not dead at all. It is just taken at another level.

    If you wonder who am I to make such statement, well I cannot answer. I play legally on 4 accounts.

    I was talking about a dead forum, not a dead game even if gamemecchanics are dead:osd: People tend to get annoied reading the same stuff posted by the same players over and over and stops partecipating.

    Have you seen any of that from Rino?

    Well Rino let me explain a couple of things to you. This is not a courtroom with you as the supreme judge deciding whats right and whats wrong and with the rights to have all your questions answered. So if I have 1 or 100 techs is none of your business, report rule violations to MH.

    As said this is not your courtroom, its a public forum for the Travian Finals community where you are supposed to discuss the game, post reports and enjoy. You have ruined almost every thread in the italian forum with your rantings based on some personal hate and not game discussions. Fine, that forum is lost anyway. This forum is almost dead also thanks to you and your band of puppys ranting here every day in your hunt to insult and create rumors. In reality you dont create dislike for your opponents but for your own group by your behaviour. Always said that for us, you are the best ambasciator for Uollas, its impossible to not dislike you all when you are the representative:osd:

    Please take your personal grudge somewhere else and let this forum come to live. You are an adult man, use your brain for once.

    cheaters who accuse cheaters to cheat.. is a cheating "inception"

    nice Finals :osd:

    Dont worry just the usual Rinostuff he have been ranting about in every thread avaliable for years, like a parrot. Guess he have some hopes that an international public belives him, the italian community already knows about his propaganda and lies. Imagine he had some guy "hacking" one of our accounts to get a report of me raiding an oasis with 20 horses and ranted like a maniac about us being topraider due to that. The fact that you cant be topraider raidng an oasis with 20 horses didnt matter, I guess he underestimate everyone not being capable doing some simple math. About the tool, its no bot and he knows it.


    And yes, your tool, a bot you showed me... ;)

    But he publicly admitted using "auxiliary" accounts...

    Hmm the tool your group have been trying to buy for some years now? Guess its ok using "bots" for you but not for others if you dont have acsess? Be happy the "publicly" allowed techs or medellin, your confed leader, would have been banned every server the last 3-4 years. Go clean up your own house before ranting about others :blabla: