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    Only french and german representative basicaly didn’t agree to this.

    And emerik saying multi accounts ban should be more important is bs. You can’t know if an account is tech of if it’s a multi so saying yes to tech is saying yes to multi.

    Emerik was just trying to justify himself for his reputation but all he has done is having a reputation of cheater as well which at the same time impact his whole meta ^^

    Name one meta not cheating or stop rosik!

    Not sure what you're trying to accomplish?
    Arab doing 1 village WWks is not something new for this finals, been a thing for several years.
    They didnt do anything about it when it was "against" the rules to farm techs, do you seriously belive they will care now?

    Stop rosik Olof!

    Okay, you came in the moment when you couldn't answer, you started saying things that didn't make sense :osd:. Not that you ever said anything with a sense.

    It was a lot less fun than I thought.

    Now I can go, good night :osd:

    Yeah its like the bs and insults you send me ingame, I dont answer those either, just dont understand the need to send/post stuff like that:yy: Good morning

    A bit tense today Nunna? :osd:

    Only a true "pattanza" tries to nap another quad and become 46 alliances cooperating to beat 6. We are honored though that you gives ua all this attention. Thanks! :love:

    We came to you because you decided to come in our border, now do you cry? Maybe your entire strategy is a flop.

    Change server if you are tense, or next time, don t come in uollas border if you already have war in your quadrant ^^

    The only ones crying here is you and your mob, we are happy :D You are the one starting to whine here in forum :wall:

    Can you explain us why nobody of "New Italiens" that settled in our quad is INFINITI?

    cagarella? laAyDD1aS9OSqspupVnmWfo88cQ=.gif

    We dont need too, you are coming to us so why should we waste time settling distant?:osd:

    A border is called a border for a reason, it divides 2 things, so I wouldnt say that a border belongs to just one , in that case its not a border :yy:

    So what do you want me to call your meta?

    Well, if you want to be concidered unbiased maybe its not the best idea sending forwards insults :D Give us whatever name you prefer but make sure you know what you are posting I´d say:osd: You are running errands for some people without even getting it.

    As long as TG dont understand the human nature, implementing medals and prizes not understanding that it encourages people to cheat in every way , we will see this kind of gameplay.

    Gamedevelopers sucessfully transformed a game based on knowledgement and teamplay to a hunt for ipads, egoboost by help with multies/techs without even basic skills.