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    Emerik you dont even have 50% of italian players on this server, dont talk about italians, talk about uollas. No point talking about italians anyway, guess thaye have like 20 allieds from what I have heard.

    The huge problem here seems to be that everyone wants to be topraider/topattacker/topdefender whatever but not spending time online or arrange duals. Why even play? :osd:

    The problems with FFs is that they completly unbalances the game mechanics.Travian is an intelligent game (or at least was) based on balance. Having 20 accounts serving one account completly unbalances the game, its amazing that no one see this point of wiew.....

    You are my bro now!

    However, problem with wolken post is that illegal automatization makes it the same, but also making an enormous gap between botters and non botters, this way i believe it would be more balanced, and as i said, people who know what to do with bot, know what to do anyways people who dont.. oh well

    Well I would feel like an alien with a bot in front of me, wouldnt say I dont know what to do in general, I just click my lists every 5 min when Im online :D You are too used to boots and stuff it seems :P

    The WW account was played by Nino as owner, he changed account from I Puffi when WW was conquered (changing mail and all with approval from MH etc) his duals kept on playing I puffi with him as sitter. Apart from Nino the accounts What? and CISK were sitting most of the time apart from some short sessions from others.


    Agree on a lot, just not that Bro thingy, Ima girl :osd:

    You said skill and strategy beat cheating and as you played with Italians meta that clearly means you were saying Italians strategic beat cheat, u just combined both better that’s it

    Our confed in total between 3 alliances raided less that the account Aliens Team did by themselves, need I say more?

    italians were cheating as well, if you don’t agree with it your judgement is biased we all know Italians were ff’ing. It’s not the time to deni it, everyone respect you really well done win, don’t act like u were legit afterwards

    Italians cheating or not, me admitting it or not dont really have nothing to with the discussion. I dont see people pointing fingers at eachother here at all, its about how the game are managed.

    Your part about botting is just bs, get a dual in another timezone if you want to be a top raider or just lower your expectations about what your account can deliver, adapt the account to the server and your own onlinetime and its all fine. Play the game for the teamwork and for fun and the good company, why this urge to be a top player? About the FFs I agree, they harm more than the bots.

    Posts discussing cheating/bot use and other rule violations are not allowed on the forums per the forum rules and guidelines. that is why the posts have been removed.

    It does appear that there is/was a serious issue on this round of comx based on the posts. I will poke Ameno to have her look at the deleted posts and the issue. She may be in charge of the forums but she can forward the concerns to the appropriate person(s) at HQ. This may take a few days since it is the Christmas holidays and people are not around as much as they normally are.

    TG have had years to investigate this :D Nothing new here apart from that one guy actually confessed cheeting in open.

    Italians, French, German and Balkans agreeing on something... what is this, a revolution?

    Well apart from the fact that I like the post cause it really shows how bad stuff works in this game with people spending shitloads of money ( at least some ) it also kind of proves my idea that skills and strategy beats cheating :osd1:

    You did good with the post, respect for that

    I managed to copy the post in time before it was deleted, feel free to ask me for it :osd:

    You are not the only one under moderation, guess they need clean out the quote I did LOL