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    congratulations to every body for this final, we enjoied a lot the wars against NW and against SE, we enjoied a lot also the ww race, it was very very impressive

    congratulations to the winners, congratulations to the losers

    see you next time, if we will play and if you will play

    Lol, you don t accept flame?

    You are the only who attacked other italians, you came in our border, and now you cry because we joke on you, this is all

    28 alliances? Put here the list, and remember you said to me the ones in NW are not with us.

    We wait for the list.

    Also for you, better stay in silence sometimes, reports and numbers talk for yourself, and for us too, good night

    We are very greatful that the ML baited us to splat all troops. Just got an idea, we now have crop for the WW! Awesome, I just wish we were the ones coming up with that idea ourselves!

    I think you should check your leading skills, and sometimes is better to stay in silence, thinking about the same old humiliation you received. Do like your friends, who always talked a lot, and it s from day 20 they stay in silence, a silence like the one of today.

    We said to pattanza " congratulation the same, off operation well executed, but not well organized ", sometimes you can do the same, or at least, stay in silence.

    You did 3 off operations on us, you crashed every hammer in all of the 3, ask some questions, try also to image how we could wall you if we had only a war against you, you crashed when uollas fought 2 border wars + thai in NE, who knows how your crashes would be if we had to fight ONLY against you.

    We've had a quiet server compared to others for sure, but from my understanding we have done alot of ops on the germans & chinese in our quad, im sure someone who is more involved in our OPs can answer better on this topic then me.

    yes of course, but there is no comparison, you know

    a true quadrant war is the one we fought in 2017, Russia vs Italy, 800 vs 500

    that was a true war who change the ww race of everybody

    i mean :

    - Italy 30kk deff in WW, only 4-5 ww hammers

    - Russia 30kk deff in WW, who always put 60-70-80kk

    - Dacia won for our war

    now russia vs china&germany is a fun time for you, but of course, i don't want to mean anything

    for example, i counted before, 35kk deff points, what means? around 30kk deff lost

    and in last days, like today, we will never train again deff in time for WW

    and if uollas has 35kk deff points, and russia, dacia, new italians, reach 35kk deff points all together, it's all written in this calculation

    i totally agree, but we accept this situation, is not the first time

    i agree, and we enjoy a lot

    and we repeat, we like the fact that exodus had to do a pna with russians for fight us, and new italians with ML and china, for fight us

    it means they couldn't do otherwise.

    the question arose to me after reading this blasphemy - is our small alliance - PHARAOHS is considered tech accounts? if so, the proof shall be required. no lies shall be accepted. our walls is being besieged by the armies of vietnam far before the magical artifacts arrived to this server. and our protectors, our troops held they'r ground and won every battle, every attack hence fending of the attackers. so if you have in mind our small group of barely 20 and call tech accounts- i shall request to take your lies back or give proof that our small number of players are tech accounts.

    ehm.. i'm talking about uollas meta, small alliances from uollas meta ---> tech accounts from uollas meta


    i remember back the days when everyone played against Russians, now everybody plays against Uollas, maybe there is a reason, facts talk :osd:

    from " we have to fight russians " to " we have to fight uollas " is easy

    good final race <3

    Congratulations to every uollas meta player, as last year!


    UollasL : 4.6kk

    SPQR : 3.9kk

    Wallace : 3.4kk

    Rebels : 3.1kk

    Classic : 2.5kk

    Classic 2th : 2.3kk

    CS-00 : 2.1kk

    NOA : 2.1kk

    Lowlands : 2.0kk

    S.P.Q.R : 1.7kk

    HCK : 1.6kk

    G&V : 1.3kk

    GOD : 1.3kk

    ND : 1.3kk

    Small alliances : 2.5kk

    TOTAL DEFF POINTS UOLLAS ---> 36.000.000 | Top 100 alliances

    TOTAL DEFF POINTS RUSSIA+DACIA/EXODUS+PATTANZA ---> 34.000.000 | Top 100 alliances

    more than 3 metas all together.

    At day 97 i think is pretty impressive, also because before day 100 i think someone will come to find us again.

    Maybe our wall in WW this year will be small, but congratulations again to all of you, players from uollas meta.

    Thanks luca73, but stop rosik. Congratulation to all off operation partecipants, that did a very good job changing TS everytime, we tried to do many scouts on launch and just some worked, 99% of players changed TS continually.

    Less congratulation to the off planner.;)

    I agree, well executed from players, not easy to change TS almost on everybody, but strategically weak.

    Congratulations the same

    Hi, we didn t give attention to Pattanza, from day 0 to day 100 they did 2 off operation where they crashed everything like dacia, but we never talked in forum, and a third off operation today, but i think there is a bug, today they need a little of attention

    First of all they are arrogant, last year for hit Russia we had to attack 900 capitals, 40 ww hammers and more, they, for attack us, attacked only 20 ww hammers...

    They asked also help to ML for this off operation, you know, ML were Pattanza's enemies until day 50, later they decided to do pacts with the entire quadrant and ML helped pattanza..

    But, talking about the bug, they attacked us hoping to erase two ww hammers of us, when the off operation arrived, we lost 0 ww hammers and they lost 1.

    Somebody can tell me what happened? They attacked us, not us them.