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    thank you, i just add i was not only talking about you, but i was talking about everyone who sayd that our meta quitted for other reasons, reasons not true

    About the adversaries that makes us evelove, this is the only reason we are still playing this game, but if the server is ruined, all this interest is lost, and this happened in our meta, nothing more.

    Sometimes values in life are bigger than interest in a game.

    We prefer to lose than to win in unfairly way, we prefer to lose than to win and hear “ eh, you win only because the rollback “

    We prefer to lose than to win a stupid fake server ruined by travian games..

    I still don t understand why we are talking about this, i remember only one thing :

    We sent russia ww to 0 and we had more than 50 ww hammer to use, TG did the rollback and the hammers who had to erase russia ww , were sent back to home. Russia ww like this was not damageble.

    So in my opinion in a fairly 1vs1, russia had 0 chance to win, russians leaders knew that Uollas Meta had the double ww hammers than Russian Meta, but we never came on forum or on public chat saying this, because we decided to stop playing, the entire meta decided this, so is no-sense to say “ we could win , we could lose, we could draw “.

    Russians won, only uollas and russia could win and deserved to win, and russia won, is a nice victory, and i already congratulated with them a lot of time, here, with leaders in private, and so on.

    Stop talking about things you can t talk if you are a simple player and you don t have numbers in your hands, because you will talk about anything, stop talking if you don t know situations, diplomacies, and so on.

    Let s only appreciate finals from day 0 to day 100, because uollas and russia showed another time to entire travian community, what is a nice game, and everyone appreciated this.

    so, for everyone :

    1. is no sense to talk about this because finals ended and we decided to stop play with the entire meta

    2. if you don't have numbers in your hands, you can say " they could win, they could lose "

    try to open this and watch this, and say to me how can a meta to lose without trying it :

    with 85 ww hammers + other small ww hammers who could from 1 to 0, you can't know if you will lose or win, and in my opinion the chances to win are higher than the chances to lose.

    you can read " last modification was done on 28 february ", so are real numbers

    moral of the story ---> a meta with 100 ww hammers and 60-70kk def in ww can never lose from day 100

    ----> uollas meta quitted the game for decicions taken by every leaders, NOT BECAUSE we tought we would lose.

    but i repeat, i just want to let you understand, because is no sense to talk about this, it just annoys me to read bullshits, because you are disrespecting a lot of players from uollas meta, who spent 100 days here, money, time, and trust in leaders!

    I decided to edit my message cause I'm really not into the mud throwing games. We made this decision as a team, I spoke for my team who mostly didn't want to continue, others speak for their teams. Sure, maybe 100/150 players want to continue but the majority didn't want to. That's all I'm gonna say, thanks and have a good night all.

    don t need to explain them, the entire meta stopped to play except someone..

    They only dream about us 24/7, it s a nightmare for them when they read uollas or uollas meta..

    And they don t understand we are talking about an entire meta and the decision to stop playing was taken from every leader of every meta alliance , who decided to continue to play, played knowing the meta decided to stop the server.

    Don t give them answers, just say thank you because they called our meta “ living legend “ :osd:

    Good night all

    P.s. can t open skype, tomorrow i write you <3

    it seems you don't understand that they knew they would lose ^^:thumbsup:


    ask to russians if we would lose or win or what

    ask to russians leaders, not to russians simple players

    maybe with 80-90 ww hammers and 60-70kk deff in ww, we didn't know we would lose, or maybe we would lose the same, i don't know.

    we decided to stop playing for other reasons

    good night to all, and congratulations again to russia

    and about the " title " you gave to us.. " legend "

    thank you, not everyone has this title when it's alive, usually the title " legend " is used to who is death or to who stopped to do his things

    thank you for calling us Legends , because we are still here :osd:

    if someone wants to join uollas, just write me, we are living legends as she is saying, there is free place for everyone :osd::osd::osd:

    uollas are a finished legend :)

    Sorry everyone if they go outside the theme.. they just hate us for previous lesson of travian we gave them in italian servers, now they follow us everywhere like our ghost...

    I hope they will not disturb you again, because every message means a notifications, and you all have to check who wrote and what, and later you read stupid posts.

    I say sorry for them, again

    Damn, i have to handle those salty italians from comx here as well. You feel frustrated that the italians on final doing much better than you ?:P

    don't say this bro, they already are in existential crisis!

    as you can see someone of them is here since the first bug in our ww, trolling us, without understanding they are trolling the entire finals because the problem is not only for Uollas meta... for joke on us, they are joking the entire finals and everybody reads them, and funny thing, they are trying to catch our attention, and we never answer :osd:

    p.s. now someone will answer you saying " stop rosik please " :osd::osd:

    yes, copy, we don't have anything to hide.

    i said 10 times that uollas meta leaders never asked fakes

    if poilus asked fakes, is poilus, and they decided alone

    copy, we don't care, and nobody cares.

    call here leaders , they will say to you that italians leader didn't give this indication :)

    call here your leader and will see if who sent fakes did it for our indications ^^

    about our WW upgrading, is decision of the owner, the entire meta decided to stop playing

    stop think silly if we all are saying that uollas meta leaders stopped the game.

    Dodger copy MC from uollas where we ask to send fakes!

    someone told me, ciccio sent a message to spam fake with a single troop against the Russians, cries a lot here and says he wants to delete, but then does as they did against him

    dont listen him, he s a troll...