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    No, nobody actually plays romans and gauls

    The servers are unbalanced because there are plenty of multis started like romans and gauls.

    Teutons are actually overpowered, especially now with brewery lvl20.

    At least I don't go following people around and spitting on their action such as yourself. One would think you'd grow out of your diva mood, but looks like that's not the case.

    Diva mood? Maybe you're right

    Spitting on actions of someone else? Never did ^_^

    Still remember when you backstabed your teammates at the end of the server? That takes a lot of courage :osd1:

    The guy is danish, give him a break.

    I wish :(

    Have you even bothered to read the opening post of this thread?

    And as far as com1 goes, go to that section or check with any player from that server if you are interested to hear what they think. No matter which side they play.

    I don't really care about what they think, but about what it happened.

    Was there any offensive operation going?

    Severity bugs are expected to decrease over time. So the game companies steadily remove the bugs and eventually turn into a stable game. That is the main concept behind alpha and beta versions. Don't find bullshit excuses to these bugs for a company that has been doing minimal changes to its gameplay and core mechanics for 10+ years.

    Actually there have been pretty many changes lately, from the confederation system to the bann system to the codex victoria to the different micro dynamics.

    It's obvious that if you keep the same codes nothing happens.

    I also guess you have 0 knowledge in coding, also because even the best programmers of the world often present bugs (Apple, Microsoft, Google and so on)

    Oh yeah true, we Asians cant sue. Eu can.

    You can sue based on EU jurisdiction even though you live out of european union, it's not necessary to take back asian countries law

    Also, offering a service (travian servers) in a given country necessarely means you have to respect that country's law

    Well, to the question of filing a class action suit, you first need to see if your country even has jurisdiction over the company. It is usually dependant on where the head office is or where their place of business is at. I dont see a suit being possible in any place other than Germany, litigation isnt cheap there. On top of that, have you gone through the "terms and condition"? I am sure there is a clause which covers such a situation too, which would not allow you to sue them.

    As such, the best thing which you can do is suck it up or leave the game.

    I seriously doubt the fact that you have no legal possibility to sue the Travian Games because it's fraud. There is a whole EU jurisdiction about international frauds and the fact that the firm/costumer is in another country doesn't allow them to avoid a serious sue.

    Gold? To play here again? No, thank you. My duals can keep it if they want. Money back. Chargeback is the word of the day. And this rollback is just a culmination. They have completely ruined com1. And they ruined finals before that. And they keep pretending nothing is wrong.

    Finals was ruined? I agree, there's no doubt they spoiled a server back once.

    They ruined com1? I don't think so, no server has been really damaged by this rollback.

    Anyway you're free to stop playing, even if i think there are way more important reasons to stop playing travian (like the more and more multiaccounts and the stronger pay4win system) than this one.

    Problems like this happen in every server, in every game or site, nothing new.

    Nobody was personally really damaged by this rollback.

    I seriously hope for you they DON'T give you back your golds. Because if they don't, you will earn way more money with a law process

    Just like Travian Games who have absolutely no idea how programming works... oh right, testing too.


    Ah ofc, forgot to mention, that sir is not reading what's written.

    Often, even only 1 line of code could generate critical bugs.

    There are so many critics you can do on travian (like the extreme pay4win system), having a critical bug once every 10 years is not among them.

    Fun fact: All those who criticize travian about 10 October incident have absolutely no idea how programming works.


    Actually when u run Great barrack stable and workshop 24/7 with catapult no matters which tribe u have ^^

    Do you realize that the same effort, applied in a different tribe, would have given a way better hammer?

    I'm not looking for expection. I'm looking on normality.

    And, if not for a screen in the signature, only 2% of the player go with a gaul hammer. Because it's not convenient, and this is a matter of fact.

    The fact that someone goes for gaul hammer doesn't deny the fact that gaul hammers are disadvantaged. And it's a fact.

    as i said, catapult of all tribes have same speed, construction time, and power of destruction, they will not touch catapult

    for chief is not the same, all chief have specifications, Roman have better to decrease loyalty, teutons are cheapers to train, gauls are faster, Huns can have 3 on every village ... really not the same

    Improving the construction would destroy the balance.

    Improving the power would destroy the balance.

    Improving the speed wouldn't destroy the challange (there wouldn't be any world-hammer gaul thank to that +1) but it would give a purpose to the gaul hammer.

    Because, let's tell the truth, right now gaul hammer is pointless.

    I don't believe TG will do anything to Gauls, because they are the most played tribe. Which is kind of sad, because playing Gauls offensively sucks and almost nobody does it anymore.

    Also their speed advantage is nice, but with the introduction of HDT, TT are useless for everything except farming. 90 attack points for 1090 resources. Those same 1090 res give a druidrider 115 def against infantry. The advantage is TT 19 speed, but TG could just as well reduce their speed to like 16 and bump their attack points a bit. That would make TT ghosts and/or hammers more interesting.

    EI outclass TT in every aspect besides speed, and with the introduction of steppes, things get even worse.

    They're the most played tribe by tech/multi accounts*

    In top 100 rank it's way harder to see them

    say if somebody hate me so much ,

    can he/she destroy all my villages ?

    if they can , what happen to my account after all my villas destroyed ?

    am i kicked out of the server ?

    You remain with 1 village and 0 population. You can still play, but it will take you a lot to come back at your previous form

    there are several allys who are going to play in spanish codex, it is small map, more fighting and more fun, if any ally want to play,

    for now there are some ally who are champions of some pandoras in their domains and wants to fight each other.

    In my opinion there is no fun in pay for win servers