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    Hi everyone!

    Our team is looking for dualers.

    Right now we're playing the s1.nordics, the account is roman and the server just started 2 days ago.

    If you don't enjoy this server or wanna play any other domain, here i am. We'll move to another server, real teams decide together what server to play.

    Yet what we ask is not debatable, here it is:

    1) A real dual follow the notes. We always discussed the notes together, sometimes even for hours on deciding in what villa we had to start creating troops. Everyone is free to say what he thinks is the best chooice for the account and we decide together the notes.

    But once it's time to act, everyone follows the notes.

    2) A real dual is reasonable and open to dialogue. Infinite times we fighted, yet we're still there, kinda best friends behind a monitor. There will be many times where someone doesn't agree with someone else, yet nobody ever disrespected anyone, that's why we're still friends.

    3) A real dual is present on the times he says he can cover. If a mate says he'll be there from 4pm to 7pm, then nobody bothers him and nobody checkes the account because we all know that those hours will be covered. Do you cover only 1 hour a day? It's ok, no problem. But not being there once someone gave his word is not accepted (setbacks apart).

    Here some point that would be appreciated:

    - Being able to load golds. That would give a lot of help

    - Being able to cover +1 GTM night, this means 7pm - 1am New York time

    Right now i got many trustable dualers, yet many of them stopped playing or are playing other servers

    Feel free to contact me here (i'll gave my whatsapp number), or on discord Sam - Trickster#7108

    And THIS is the issue imo.

    As an ally leader, as a player in general I have a choice when I see cheaters in my group. I can either demand the same for myself or I can just make use of the kick-button.

    And if the honest players refuse to play alongside botters we could hope for changes. But instead automated sending is claimed to be desireable. THATS what I call sad.

    An alliance tried to do this in IT domain, they ended up arguing and splitting in 2 groups, both with obvious cheaters inside

    If you feel like you could do something like this, go ahead.

    I won't never sacrifice for this ideal, because not even Travian cares about solving the problem.

    Why should i give up on my friendships for this?

    Farms bounty is not directly proportional to the number of raiders.

    The most raiders there are, the more balanced the bounties will be

    At that point it's hard to see someone who can afford troops to farm even the defenced players.

    Yet the auto-sender wouldn't make your life easier, only equalize all the raiders and removing the advantage from those who can do this with bot

    It maybe will, maybe won't you. But you can't say for sure. Well, personally my account in the finals with duals were covered pretty much all day and we did not use any bots or left the job for travian as well. But later on, when not only resources, but how much troops can you make in time started to matter more and seeing that half of the troops were dying in the raids due to spikers activity, we quit raiding. Summa summarum, I don't know what is the big deal about it, since it's not working everywhere.

    This is an interesting point. But mostly play national servers, there are few spikers any many farms, worth it to raid

    And I try to change things.

    I know it's unusual, yet i believe in it

    You're actually right, but only for the top players, while newcomers would be at a great disadvantage if others received such an overpowered feature. That is also a fact.

    How can automated lists become a disadvantage for newbies? :D

    If they were farmed, they would have been also without auto-sender

    How about adding a button that sim for you aswell? May aswell make it so you actually can’t do anything but register yourself, everything else will be done by new automater systems.

    I reckon that would revive the game

    You're better than this Lemon

    That's what you just wrote:

    "TG won't/can't do anything to solve the problem. Plus I don't care, so let the cheaters have the advantage"

    The most the fair the game is, the more populated and exciting it will be, that's a fact

    Especially with automized farm list senders there will be a difference between the ones that know how to raid, and those who can't.

    So many times i saw 10 troops on a simple 2 population farms, some don't even have the concept of having different lists cataloged on distance/troops type

    But as nostalgic said raids is only a cheaters things, and it will be for long

    But with that feature, this would become the case. That feature would simply make the bot obsolete, by implementing it in the game itself.

    So better to let the bot feature only to the ones that cheat? Clever

    I know it takes a lot of effort and all, but let's face it. Do you farm for the benefit of your account or for the shiny shiny in your profile?

    Let's be honest Vrba, a medal is really nice to have and especially the newbies love them

    After they discover a medal is made up 90% by cheating (and that they have a HUGE advantage by cheating) they can only have by cheating too, how will they react? Beat them playing fairly or cheating/leaving the game?

    I wouldn't play a game that gives you only bitterness.

    Partially true, but I've also seen skilled players resort to bot usage, because greed is a nasty thing. Some are used to be on top and will resort to many things in order to stay there unfortunately.

    Skilled players, after 10 years of playing, and here only for nostalgy.

    Meanwhile, all the new players quit because they have to do the double of the path to reach the cheaters

    Also i saw only 1 team EVER who raided 24/7 without bots, here you are Blue_Stain . The other 999 raiders used "extra tools". Deal with it.

    I start thinking that you use the bot and don't want the others to have it too :)

    Being surpassed because a player sends his farm lists 24/7 (90% through a bot) doesn't stimulate me to become better.

    Being surpassed because a player was smarter and more experienced than me actually makes me excited of the huge world that is behind Travian

    Sending farmlists is something even an idiot can do.

    Yet you don't know the huge work that there's in being a top raider. Limiting the people that can get in top raid to those who have bot completely devalues the raid medal.

    I think that the new players could simply create defenses, or defend with the hero, or build the cranny as they always did. Are you seriously asking that?

    I know that you're used to see unskilled player get to top raid. That's exactly because only bot players get into it right now.

    I disagree.

    There's no skill in clicking no-stop 20 times a hour

    Effort and time should be invested in studying new strategies and planning your account, not on keep sending farm lists

    Also, you would advantage a lot bot users and you'll encourage the use of it.

    Who TF uses paysafe? Debit card baby!

    i do...

    I was wondering if we could have a middle group between 600 pack and 1600 pack. The cost difference is too huge. Is it possible to add like 1000 pack or a 1100 pack?

    Not everyone can fork out the money that's required for 1600 pack ...

    You're spoiling a marketing strategy, inserting a 35€ package would litterally mean cut your own legs