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    Is it possible to change faction in the game ?

    Yes, but not is posible to change faction of the account, but if you entry in alliance of other faction, while you are inside in these alliance, your work, your pop, your towns, your % ... All to be in these new alliance, and faction of these alliance.

    Hi guys,

    I have a question. I already understand the victory points to the faction and the alliance. But my question is, If I have a alliance with two more in confederacy (two wings). The points of the alliances in confederacy (wings) will go to first alliance or will remain in the original ally's.

    Thanks guys by the support.


    Sorry, it doesn't.

    Victory points only go to the factions, there is a numerical representation inside the faction with all points have each embassy, but not neither in the diplomatic pacts.

    Likewise, the one thing that happens, fortunately, is that only the embassy with the highest% in each area, enjoys the use of the relic or artifact, but only the embassy with the highest% in the area, neither cooperation nor agreements.

    And as a personal contribution, to say that I do not like the fact that the victory points are from the factions, there will be people who like it, but there are many who are competitive and that the fact of working for third parties or that the points do not reflect the We do not like the work of the embassy, in my case, I preferred the previous system, since on top of that this system greatly favors the creation of groups and blocks of various alliances in many cases useless chips that only bulge and adulterate areas in favor of others, and without fighting for anything of his own.


    Did someone forget to tell you guys this was a BETA SERVER?

    It is expected to reveal problems, and you're supposed to accept it.

    If you don't want bugs... don't join a BETA!

    Eyy babe, I know what a beta is, I am currently a beta tester in three different games, in the past I was support in two different virtual environments, and I have played some beta of travian already, I assume failures, I assume errors, what is not acceptable is to adulterate the heading like this, people's work and tactical effort

    But you know, bugs are corrected, you work with respect to users, the client, in addition to that, if you do a 5-day rollback, you cancel all 5-day operations, in the middle of a game it doesn't matter, at critical times, beginnings of foundations, artifacts in server ww, blueprints, ww, you can't do that, because you adulterate the whole game, but also, if you cancel 4 or 5 days of play, you do it with everything, not only with the game, but do not refund the money invested those days, only what is convenient for you, to have the money seized and kidnapped players who cannot move their gold to another domain ... do you want it to continue ?, because we can talk about money if so you want it, having invested money in a game and now the game canceling those operations can earn more money because others buy more expensive things, or avoiding operations that a different player had done, that is called a scam, not beta, ok?

    So, that they keep their 800x800 beta with 200 players, keeping a server with zero benefits, with costs of a live game, nobody is going to laugh at me, and even less they will cheat or steal 5 working days in organization, personal effort and time of my life, It is a shame that a company treats its customers and services it provides!!

    And we will also see, as the thing ends, because the legislation in force in Germany, has certain guidelines regarding business actions when there is money involved and this type of scams in services paid and not provided, why someone likewise decides that it’s important that you don’t get bullied.

    I agree.

    We should all erase, and that they eat the beta server themselves, because exposed plans, movements and orders of important foundations, started moves, all cards raised and the work and effort of many days, critical days in the game thrown to the toilet for negligence in the management of the system and resolution of problems ... it is a shame !!

    Adulterate the game in that way, throwing effort and time invested hurts more than the one we take for fools, and that is saying a lot.

    PD: And over 200 euros non-refundable in other servers ... you can put it where the back loses its chaste name, the shame of a shameful management is not hidden after that, but trying to improve every day, and avoiding mistreating users as you do .

    I don't play this server but all I see is VASSAGO trying to claim some 'moral high ground' for not merging and using that as their excuse for losing the server.

    No, You are a mistake, this motive of conversation here was because one member of this conversation say "why still playing the server tha alliance 5 or 7" aprox ... I answer him why salad@s play.

    I dont need some excuses, first play the server until finished, after see all And the winner, but now, only people to lose is the people deleted accounts until now, the Game is active until last minute, we figther not adivinium!!!


    VASSAGO Get more offensive numbers on IDTS :D

    Saw this in the discord chat "Well send some attacks back at Salads, they're very weak right now and are close to completely crumbling!" from a IDTS member.

    Two things:


    that's the problem of the cheers, who need 3 chips to do the dirty work ahead so that one charge can attack without losses, usually "abandoned accounts" ... and about being close to falling apart, keep dreaming, but As a joke ... I would pay the bills, there would be a profession, if kebad hid in AV, what do you think he did cheers when his offer arrived?

    Cheers was not in the race for single points, he was not in the race for points when he merged with SC or after having usurped the numbers of his embassy and with the clubs that fell to him, but everybody can see the numbers and know it!

    b) I feel that you really do not know numbers or basic knowledge, but look now I will laugh at your expense, since there are light mouths in all the forums


    1+1 = 2, atention, 2+2 = 4, 5+5 = 10... are examples of math basic!!

    Really the 5th place has more points than the 3, really there are people as smart as your there ... well well, thank goodness you have merged, jajaja, really i understand you need IT!! :/

    Here is a free advice for you, you would do well to apply it: "the head is for something more than to comb, please use it"

    Now lets be realistic here for a moment. IDTS! had EVERY intention on going single embassy through the game, and we've done a HELLUVA job staying competitive. We knocked out what everyone kept considering as "the only team who stood a chance against AV" with very small effort. IDTS fell to far below 60 players (active) and was still putting up a helluva fight with roughly 35 active players. The final nail in the coffin was the Kebab merger. Had AV/Kebab not merged for a powerhouse meta in terms of VP IDTS never woulda merged with DSC. It would still be a 3-way race AV Meta vs. IDTS! vs. Kebab/DSC. nd even then you're still only talking about 90 accounts of which 70 or so are active.

    This was a definite force of hand, that bit AV right in the arse. Sadly it doesn't even end there with AV all over STRATEGO's junk asking them for a secret confed. Saying IDTS is a 3 alliance sum is also laughable, cheers = 1 acct, the dsc-IDTS wing = 1/2 alliance. Last account check I did was like 90 accts vs 212. But yes point at us and talk about no respect because we merged once we were left no choice but to do -something-.. You can only corner a dog so much until it bites, and this one finally bit. The only people who really reserve the right to be pissed about our merge is the Keknob crew, I'd be pissed at myself too if I made a poor choice like selling out my team to merge with AV.

    Funny thing is we're being talked about as the alliance that will do anything for a win... when comparing us to the Meta who did such... while I am sitting here reading literally 15+ igm's of AV members asking to switch sides...

    Do not worry man, the esxucsas are like the ass, we all have one

    But honestly, if we all did the same thing, there would only be that on the server, you were doing a great job, now you are just one more of the bunch, like the others, that kebab is an excuse for you and your movement, it is worth ... Do you know why kebad did that? because we, only a team of 60 are fighting with Av in the north, with you in the south and Europe and with them in their areas and we were destroying them, in fact iconium fell, berzobis fell ... and we are the ones We are, here we go and so that is not an excuse, you did what you wanted and period, each one, but it was possible to continue playing as you were doing, but you preferred the easy ... good for you, but do not sell it between tissues and great strategic movement, and if you are now what you are and end up with less is your problem but now and for that movement you are the ones you are, more than what was already on the server ... macroblocks, mergers to be more instead of asserting what you are

    (I will not even enter to value other things that will be seen with the time of your union and lost values, but again it will not be worth the excuse that such or they are other diferent us, now you are and you will be all, and yours name and your game be represented by them, enjoy it when the time comes).

    We have also been written by all our camps to Kineax, our diplomat, and they all got the same answer: "we are alone and we will be alone". This is a way of seeing and playing these RoA variant servers precisely because it is a type of server that we are passionate about and in which everything that was not present in the legends, struggles everywhere, intensity and entertainment every day of the server, if in general we all come disgusted of what is seen and there are in the legends, and now that they give us something different and more fun, we come and do what we do not like that there is for all the legends before any excuse or fear for what others do, so we come then, so that we ruin a different game among all, doing the same at the end as in the legends.

    Now to continue playing ... that at least we have come here and we numbers off / deff speak for themselves, and orgusos of them. you are the ones that you are and your name are all already)

    Let`s enjoy!!

    The problem is when those who merge multiple times become smartasses and act tough. Knowing they need to double the amount of players to compete with a smaller more organized group.

    And btw, try that strategy on legends, I am sure you'll be a very loved person. :D

    Every game is the way it is, I do not think football 11 is played the same and with the same players as football 5 or rugby or basketball, right?

    But i play legends also since more 13years, i dont need learn nothing of legends, but this server was Roa variant, rigth? ... there diferent things, but ok, i buy your excuse also, bb

    That is according to the values of each one, at the moment we have our philosophy and each one his own.

    I'm sorry, neither I, nor mine share your thoughts, and play as we want, maybe the sobs are those who seek any excuse to justify their game or their decisions, luckily we do not have to look for any, as I said before, we are and we play as we wish and want. For us the end does not justify the means, that is our philosophy, and does not match yours. only that.

    I can only speak to you through Salad@s ...

    Well, we play for and because we like to play, that's why we will play until the end, that's why we are the only team that is playing only being a single embassy, integrated only by a single alliance.

    The future who knows, and who knows where it will go, but today, a team of only one embassy, being 60 accounts are the best defenders of the server, we make our strategy and fight as we know best and we want, and for that reason being 60 accounts we are scoring, fighting and working more than teams of various alliances, or teams that are not even at stake XD

    We will continue to see how the fight goes, right now there are 3 macroblocks in the race for the points, each one decides how to play, and I will not be the one who thinks about it

    AV = sum 4 alliances to his credit and many accounts absorbed in what is starting and is losing its position and pace quickly, absover Kebad and get to fight areas where kebad was losing its position quickly (kebad seek to hide XD), and devoting resources there is causing them to fall quickly, instead of having dedicated themselves to fighting their rival, their mentality of accounts and more accounts, in the end it is their perdition ... time to time

    IDTS-DSC = sum of 3 alliances, IDTS + CHEERS + SC, although if the latter were in decline and thanks to merge first among them, and then by joining IDTS forming this new macroblock, it gives a very ferrous group and has all of winning ... for now ... they are the most promising team, although for my taste IDTS spoiled all their work morally speaking by stopping fighting as a single embassy team and becoming a macroblock composed of several alliances , but hey, everyone makes their game and does whatever it takes to win sometimes, but my opinion is that ...

    STRATEGY = sum of 4 to 4 alliances and many loose chips, which fell a long time ago and will continue to fall to disappear, zero strategy beyond absorbing and absorbing accounts ... more of the same, many accounts, zero strategy, worse organization. There are only two embassies left of this macroblock, where the second one falls apart and the first one ... well at first we'll see how long it will last after running out of chips to complete its main embassy.

    SALAD@S = It is and it will be until the end what it is, a single embassy with 60 travianer or whatever, we are the tail wagon, but we are proudly what we are because we are everything we want to be, and to be 60 We are proud of everything we have achieved and what remains to be advanced. XD

    The rest of the teams in the game are already history, if they were ever teams ...

    PD: two contributions regarding various topics, the first of which is that SALAD@S is an ironic or funny name that occurred to us, its meaning would be something with excess salt, although erroneously translated it is confused with salad, hehe

    PD: "#5-7...Salads, FLA, SC....why are these guys still playing?..." For me as a player of travian, it is much more pathetic to see how players come here and servers are given what they want, while they go and assemble large groups of various alliances in a type of server made to play, fight and earn points with an embassy, however, I shut up and do not despise anyone even though I consider them pathetic, painful, and capable of selling the most sacred just by putting a little flag of winners, ok? ... Says why they are still playing, because we are travianeros, we will play until the end, we are TOP1 DEFF of the server, more than double the points with respect to the next, our victory points, our off points, our deff points , everything is our work, and in the end it will be our work, from a single embassy team, while here on the server there are people who play with several embassies, teams that have changed embassies to usurp points that others got, etc. etc, So we will play proudly until the end, with our heads held high, and giving 120% where others are doing a painful role with their actions and I save myself to think about it ... So more education and respect with your words, kid!

    unless you are an AV ... really anyone else is doing it bad enough to have more respect in your words