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    Yes you have right TG has not correct the mistake ,but that not disculpe somebody that used that bug ,and strategic for you is to kill 3/4 of the server ,in war are some rules,you don t use chemical weapons,you don t kill war prisoners and others,you think that whas ok to use that bug that is not aloved to use,you must report it ,is like you say one country used chemical weapon to kill 3/4 of the planet,that is strategy for you ?

    Sorry if the rules of the game are violated by the player strategic?

    As you know - he acted within the rules, you are deceived by the TG, posing his mistake for breaking the rules by the players, turn on the brain, start thinking.

    bye bye losers (who's playing)!

    we must fight to the end, otherwise we will not win the war

    TG for 7 years did not correct the mistake, but what is strategic? Turn on the brain, and do not look for a black cat in a dark room, provided there is no cat

    We did not do anything, we did not do anything, we can not do anything in the future

    blah blah blah

    Can't you see that rollback problem it's only top of mountain. Players are frustrated about what TG represents from last months or year, and there are far more issues than only problems on final server. Read statements and demands of alliances leaders.

    they don't hear our requirements

    write in english, and no one will delete your post

    learn Russian, you will need it and at your request:

    TG is afraid of our posts

    removes them

    Another reason to put the TG in the ban for the future

    Под злоупотреблением я подразумеваю отправку 700-800 подделок против WW с единственной целью перегрузить сервер и вызвать голод, что противоречит правилам и условиям.

    Никто не запрещает вам отправлять регулярные подделки / использовать в них больше юнитов.

    By abuse I mean sending 700-800 fakes against WW with the sole purpose to overload server and cause starvation, which is against the rules and terms and contidions.

    No one forbids you to send regular fakes / use more units in them.

    You must correct the errors and not blame the players for non-existent violations.