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    Well... I can't give a useful feedback about the biggest new feature, because I haven't conquered any village. I should have start with someone with different tribe who conquers one of my villages. I hope you'll have many players with more patience and more determination to test the new system of conquests.
    But if you really want most players to test new features, you should help them better than just 100 golds at start. This Closed Beta shouldn't be a real server, especially since there will be new PTP servers for each Community soon.

    I hadn't created an account on server with Ancient Europe map since 2015-2016 (Scattered Empire). In my opinion, problems are always the same. Almost nothing has changed on the map.

    1) The Regions colors

    I can't enumarate exactly the number of colors used to paint different regions, but there is a lot. However, only 4 colors are enough. Let read Four colors theorem (Wikipedia). If you really want to use more colors, you can do it but we can't see that:

    Please, tell me where is border between Cyrene and Paraitonion ? 2 adjacent regions have the same colors.
    I spotted some others regions which use 2 colors very closed. (Narbo and Emporiae for example).

    You should resolve these problems, especially since the solution is very easy.

    2) Why the map is round ?

    I'm not surprised for classic servers, because we can easily think the map is round like the Earth. And the borders fit correctly (no sea, no ocean, no desert).

    But for this map it's completely unlogical. The borders don't fit and when we see European-Meditterraen shape, it's not expected that distance between Russia and Morocco is shorter than distance between Germany and Spain.

    3) Artifacts

    I'm not sure about correspondence between english and french names. But artifacts seem to be on the same regions at each special server, excepted artifacts of the fool which has been replaced by more victory points.
    I'm disappointed about that. Imo, the static system of spawning artifacts is already a problem on classic server, it's worse on a static map in these special servers.

    You can generate a map with the same shape (Ancient Europe) but with some flexibility: change artifacts regions, adjust victory points (especially if the winners are always taking the same regions like in french special servers), implement new feature which allow to steal some artifact from a Region to an other (Guards are still unused, you may have a reflexion about it).

    All ideas aren't good, but I just expect some changes on a map. If I want strictly the same map from a server to an other, I can play Classic servers (or the NYS if I want the 2 new tribes). I expect more changes on the map of this Special server.

    PS: I hope my english is understandable ^^

    Maybe in the mid game or late game, we'll have more counter attacks on the Huns. It could be an evolution and players should fix defensive troops to avoid counter attacks.

    But for the early game, the Hun T1 has more defensive strength than the Germain T1. So you can't attempt a counter attack with your hero if a Hun raider comes to your village. For those who are afraid of counter attacks with Germans raiders on the start, that's perfect.