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    They are too active - it's their own fault they got banned.

    I am very sorry but Travian its online game.
    Time is one of the important resource for any player. If I can play 20h/d or can find dual, my acc will be better than ppl who playing 15m/d as Travian adv promise.

    And If I will have had ban from TG bot with only one answer from admin side "Our bot detection system dont have any errors".
    Obv for TG will be better if all of us add our card info for monthly subscription payment and dont login yet.

    You cant play in high-tier lvl like top TT acc (like myself) without it. Small diet? Be prepare for NPC every 25-30 min. WW holder? Be prepare for update crop count situation every 2 min regulary. Planing OP to enemy in another sector? Oh, ask Ita leader who sent 100 off from 100 acc to Union in previous round about time.
    Want to have top farm for building WWh? Please send raid-list every 5-10 min.
    And what you need to do you if you have ban top wwh after BP with this system and pre-prepared answer in MH system "Our bot detection system dont have any errors"? Do you have any desire for playing in future? And if you lose round after that like PL few years ago?

    Current TG bot detection system have critical bug, but admin dont want fix it. Its fact.


    Fun fact about how many TG game designer know about Legends.


    Take a look on arabia qual that have dropped from more than 30K to 500, there it has been very effective ^^


    But why in every server we can saw many claim from account which dont use anything (for example one meta dont play after that in previous TT) and why "TG system dont have any error" is a old mem in community?

    If they delete 25k bots and 10 high tier player which wake up with alarm every day its not effective system.

    1. Do Egyptians need to be nerfed?

    Waterworks need to be more expensive than now on high lvl.

    Tip-tier player have very big benifit from that building. But for middle and low tier player no need to do that for few first lvl.

    Another reason for that ppl who cannot take 15+100 (or equal crop) can take it with egypt on 15+100 with more cost and 1 slot in capital. So waterwork bonus is good feature for egypt, but need to fix it for high-tier players (for ex who can build 19lvl on 15+150 (470k/h) at day 25-27 on x2 speed).

    2. Do Huns need to be nerfed or buffed?

    On sp ed server need to fix tribe bonus. Its not rightly for huns. On 1x you have horses better than TT (same 16+3 speed, more attack). On speed server (x2,x3) tribe speed bonus is equal +3. So TT have 38 speed, steppe only 35.

    3. Should the 20% Tueton Brewery be kept?

    Teuton rams off with curent bonus is very-very effective than all another variant for rams.

    Its good idea to add new bonus for teuton, but may fix % for 11-20 lvl from 1% per lvl to 0.5% per lvl.

    I dont saw any rams off in quali except teuton.

    4. Should the TS buff be kept?

    All ok.

    5. Do any other tribes need adjustment in the face of the other tribes?

    Roman off at this moment not so good. Off players dont have any plus for choosen this tribe.

    Huns off are cheaper and better.

    Huns horses have more speed with heroes (very important for arts) and attack/time dont so bad as Thunders.

    6. How do you feel in general about all 5 tribes on WW servers

    Egypt wall.

    Now egypt is only one and best variant for WW acc. In server with 3 tribe you can choose between gaul bonus with 5x art or teuton with 3x. Now only egypt. May be need to fix wall too (4x stronger or % between teuton/gaul)

    Unfortunately for you, I never said something like this. So you may want to check again. We do have every backup of the previous 14 days. We cannot keep older backups due to privacy laws, so the older backups are automatically deleted.

    May be its not you. But anyway when we ask about roll back date - we have this answer

    So, I would like to collect ideas and present them to the Game Centre.

    • How critical it is to have option to change capital village any moment?
    • How often did you have to do it in your Travian experience?

    1) start village is good capital too, as we talk about abuse this system in first page. Add to raid-list 1 clubs and sent every hours to player who have good crop village (like 15+125/15+150) and who dont change capital till noob protection.

    And in big OP it will be very critical too, for example thunder have landing time smaller than 2h (200map server). So if you planning op you can send spam one day earlier and noone can change capital to off/art village. So ppl need to prepare for playing without capital.

    2) many times on each server as off acc

    yes, the stupid rule

    hmm, If you really told with admin team - its not be a reason for ban. "Exist solely" as they say - you can give 49 village to farm for ONE another account and if you have 1 village where you building smth for youself its not be a reason for ban.So you can build scan in 20 village and praetorian in 1 village - and all be good.

    The main rule - if you know how to way around the official rule - you can do what do you want.

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

    BAD isn't playing but you have players from that meta in Power&Co and they are used to win this qualification. Winter is a worthy opponent and it should be fun if they manage to take the victory.


    Its good work, but most part isnt truth or real.

    1) Power/Energo not in one meta with ТриГада. As we saw ru-forum thread we can do assumption power+energo+band.

    2) Great architect not so important as usual. As i know only summer/smurfs will build ww or prepare for that. So noone need this art for ww, only for local wall bonus.

    3) wwk count will be very low, players don't have reason for build wwk, while only 1 meta can build ww. May be winters want too, but who cares? If so all wwk goes to winter ww and -100/100 ww will win.

    4) Czech may be want build ww, but who cares if they can take two BP plan? :/