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    40M on 5x server is not equal 40M on 2x server ;) Neither on 3x

    On previous TT Union can collect 50kk+ def from 239 account 12 hours after BP activation time :/

    Not 85kk as we have after one of restart on the same time but 50kk+ very good def too or not?

    Egypt can up this def count too.

    There was a big event in the final.They said they fiixed this bug and they would be more careful.But now they dont care what happened

    If they dont give up this attitude, we will do bug on the final server.(also qualify , com)

    Not this. They cant fix it. Server work slowly when many or big hammers is going on (on TT we have 30-60 sec ping when Ita attack time for saw full result or 30-40 sec for each WWH). When server cant process event step by step they do it in few second in future. So you can up wall while server is working on calc battle result.

    Server work like this
    1) First hammer (dying full)
    2) building which was up while server cant process result (need res)
    3) Second hammer (dying full)

    4) building which was up while server cant process result (need res)

    If server have "very high" load (LOL) you can build 20 lvl of wall for each wave step by step if you have res for upgrade. For example its not so hard to reproduce in village with Gw|Gg.

    After TT TG says only about dying troops bug.

    Oh. I really forgot about 2 hero bug.

    And another bug on third TT "blank" report in end game.


    And first tournament (not TT) have int bug when Imbalance sent his 70k+ rams hammer and server can count only 2^16-1 in log and battle.

    it was on fufus ww in 2011?

    hmm, I can forgot something or mistaken in some point, but as I remember:

    ????? - event system

    first TT bug : 1) with incoming reinf and resource in start of round (????? bug and you gave back res when troop returned after that - ex 2 clubs incoming with 10 res, you build 10 lvl of crop field, server processed ?????, 2 clubs are home and full res for field+farm). I know few acc who would completed their capitals with that bug from 10-11 lvl to full 17-18 fields; 2) Instantly completed buildings on WW village.

    TG : We fix it. Dont worry

    second TT bug : dont remember something serious except all round ?????? bug

    TG : We fix it. Dont worry

    third TT bug: 1) restart after ?????? bug. 2) Someone used ???? bug for killed troops in all another WW

    TG : We fix it. Dont worry

    fourth TT bug: 1) ???? bug during all server 2) ???? bug on WW again

    TG : We fix it. Dont worry

    fifth TT bug: ????? bug on WW again

    TG : We fix it. Dont worry

    sixth TT bug: ????? bug on WW again

    TG : We fix it. Dont worry

    seventh TT bug: ???? bug on WW again

    TG : We fix it. Dont worry

    +TG think confed system can prevent high def on WW

    Also, the reports don't need to be all after last rollback, you can freely choose one with most troop count or siege count.

    If your WWK was more inf/cav before rollback, but more siege after rollback, you can submit pre-rollback report for regular HoF and post-rollback report for siege.



    add few high tier wwk which I found in ours UNI archive, all after first rollback
    Another report you can found you can found in Strategic forum thread, all of them before first rollback.

    Good news!

    Second Natars wave goes to home w/o battle (smaller than 20k units). I think it's not a bug, But it's very strange :/

    Ameno Now, thanks to the new rules - in order to send spam to 3-4 artifacts (for example - strength artifact, building scrolls 2 or 3, wonder of the world and one real attack) do you need to spend from 40-60 thousand units? Or should you immediately go out with a real attack so that the defending side understands where the attacks are going? Explain, I can not understand the new rules.

    Like CUP off operation after first rollback. You can send a lot of spam. They come back when yours real attack have 3-4 hours to go.

    e (erm, why not reproduce 60m+ def on a test enviroment?)..

    Cos TT server is important only for TT players and noone else.

    If TG need 3 month man-hours for fix and this bug have very big problem on finals server it can be very bad decision for business side and they dont do it in next 300 years, while they have another "high-problem" which reproduce on all 1x server in all zone.

    Nothing else, just spend money to TG and dont play. Its best TG dream.

    Like Dacia had last year!

    Like all team had 4 years ago! Srly. As I remember this bug on TT firstly use by Ita team 4 years ago - thet send many attack at one second for any random village and def on WW dieing cos server have one event-server and they cant work with that.

    2018 Tournament Finals

    Another important question - what are you doing with player who used this bug for killed event system after first rollback? Delete there account is very good point for all another players who think about repeat this again.

    (i.e. "all attacks/raids on Artefact and WW villages with lower than 10k units will fail automatically

    why 10k? Bug will reproduce with only 500 attack? any serious ally can do it very easily with one mass and kill yours event system again. Need to up this count for 1200k. So noone can do crach event system.

    a lot of details still need to be discussed about this proposal

    Good time - 28.02.2019 19-00 server time, when MH can delete all spam to all WW.

    Safiren , as the official report of the tournament it's your job to interview the natars and ask them how are they going to spend 8000 euros.

    They can build new Barad Dur at 0/0. Hihger than now and we can saw tower bigger than vulcan.