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    Theres this awesome function called: Sitter. One player on an account, having 1 or 2 sitters can already compete with a 7dualled account, depending on the dedication.

    But you do realise that you're measuring in a different measure of ''good/competitive". You're arguing that a solo account cant compete with higher dual counts. I am arguing that it doesnt matter. Thats 6 accounts (and thus 6 capitals and a boatload of villages) the alliance is missing out on. So large dualled accounts ''profit" as in, they can complete their vanity project of having massive hammers, or tonnes of def. But it might not be the best for the alliance.

    But please dont cry that you cant be one of the top accounts, because you dont have the time. Just tune it down a little and become a good teamplayer for the ally, but perhaps not as good account-wise as the top dogs.

    Sorry, but Travian has fallen because Travian has done what you are doing here: not listening. Ignoring the change in the behavior of its users.

    And again and again, the point isn't about N dual accounts. And I am not crying about be one of the top accounts (and I was one of the top accounts in my time in my country) bc this time has gone, I don't understand why you have to try to hit me in any way.

    People have less time to spend in a single online game like Travian with each passing day. When I say competitive account I mean it is just a good/enjoyable account, usefull for the ally. And yes, you can't if you want to play this game but not more than 1 or 2 hours per day ant not more than 4 or 5 days a week, or maybe less. Instead, for some people it becomes a commitment (or duty/obligation, I am not sure about the english word, but not enjoyable) and not a leisure. And more: in this case most of allys just quit players like these.

    And yes, sitters helps but they are not a full solution. A good and steady sitter for most of regular players (different of top players) is not a reality.

    I hope TG in T5 take the TIME conecpt in account.

    Having a 7 dual account is not like having a bot. Thats 6 accounts youre missing out on, and: Humans arent perfect! (minor detail)

    Yeah I know, but you didn't get the point. My point isn't equate N dual account to bot usage.

    My point is: even if you are a excelent Travian MANAGER you can't be a competitive player (I mean, have just a regular good/enjoyable account) if you have only 1 or 2 hours per day to play, if you want to go to the beach in sundays and don't play Travian, if you need to wake up 6 am everyday and still have a full 8 hours sleep. I mean, if you are a regular person with a lot of others priorities like college, full time work, family, etc. That is the problem.

    But if you join a group of 5 players (medium or even low skills) and keep your account online almost 24/7 (or even less) you will be a handsome competitive player account. Is this an issue? NO.

    However, what kind of solutions do we have? I have about 30 friends (all my Travian's friends) who quit Travian because of TIME (not money) spent in the last 5~7 years. The solution that I know exists for now is bot, but if bot is not a option, what kind of options do we have???

    The question is simple: why bots are forbidden?

    I play Travian since 2007 and I never used bots. Hiowever, I stopped playing this game about 5 years ago, because this game requires a lot of time and time is something that I (and most of people) don't have nowdays. And also my sleep has become very precious. In 2007 I was 14 years old.

    I know several ex-players in the same situation: people like this game but hates the idea of spending the time necessary to be a competitive player. So why don't Travian Games think of a solution for that? Because people can no longer spend like 4 or 5 or more hours a day on something like this.

    Sometimes I think about play Travian again but using bots, but I don't do it because I know it is wrong. However, as a customer I believe Travian Game is wrong too, in its way to deal with this question.

    Play Travian weel should be total MANAGEMENT and not how long you spend online time on an account. I've seen people share an account between 7 players, wich is absolutely withim the rules and what is the difference between this and a bot? I mean, the account will be online almost 24/7. It is unfair to players who play this alone by itself. And banning sharing accounts is not a viable solution, it is not an issue. What solution does Travian have for us? I can declare the TIME required by the game and the NO SOLUTION for it was the factor that has led Travian to decay in recent years.

    Maybe bot is not a solution too. But what kind of solutions does Travian have?

    And again, exactly. If this topic is to shut the only available public tool (which give advantage to team with their private tools and by no means will make game more fair) I "cheer" TC honest intentions to put nails into travian coffin. If these are honest intentions and not an attempt to gain an advantage because someone has private tool which does exactly the same

    It definitely is not my intention, at all.

    The main question is: the rules is not totally clear about this.

    Using this tool is illegal or not? Since the use of scripts and bots (public or not) is forbidden, the use of this tool should also be because reasons said above. But here we are: even if it is illegal, thousands of players benefit from this tool, and it remains undetected (and always will be undetected) - therefore, TG have to consider this fact.

    If this tool is illegal: TG can't ban any player account because this is undected, so this tool will always be used. If your enemy could use this without consequences, why would not you, too? TG should rethink about that.

    If this tool is (or becames) legal: would be a great idea if TG set this as a game feature, every (new/average) player would be able to use this. Why not? C'mon TG!

    In both cases: THIS HAVE TO BE CLARIFIED. this scenario... WHO is operating illegally and WHO should suffer consequences?

    I hope both accounts would suffer consequences.

    Players who benefit from this script is doing illegal - unaware or not. This script is not working as a browser add-on but as an analysis bot (whatever), and the source of this data is not the .sql but "dummy" accounts (wich run the script to do automate actions) - so it's illegal, but it's just my point.

    It reminds me of crop finder, many and many years ago. Crop finder was forbidden but detect its use is impossible (as well as these other tools), and because this (or not) TG set this tool as a premium feature.

    I agree 100% with morgasshk_AU and you, Frisian_COM, this terms should be clear.

    I agree with you! Something have to be done and it is a good discussion, no problem ;)

    When I was a multihunter in BR server, 9 or 10 years ago, I suggested something but I don't remember why that was not accepted.

    The suggestion is:

    If a player owns 2 or more accounts and get banned, multihunter could set a punishment for this case - for exemple 25% + delete multi (or something like this, whatever) and this punishment request is sent to the player (to all of his accounts) who can accept or decline.

    This request is also sent to e-mail accounts, with something like a code.

    To accept the punishment: player choose one account wich want to keep, pick the code in his e-mail and confirm the punishment request inside his game account, in a box - using the code that was sent to e-mail account, for security. He must use the code sent to e-mail account of that account wich he want to keep. He must do this in every banned account - accepting the request.

    Accepting this punishment request, the main account get penalties and get unlocked automatically. Multi accounts vanishes automatically.

    This could be done for any case, not only for multi.

    This system would make multihunter work easier, accelerate the process for players, and helping in this problem.

    We. Are. Talking. About. Banned. Accounts...
    Not just simple inactivity.

    ONLY accounts that are banned for being multi/bot/silver scammer/advertiser/other related scumbuckets.

    Yes, I know. But you didn't get my point.

    If the owner is away for a couple of days, and got banned during this days, so he simply lost his account? You must consider the activity/inactivity of the players.

    Set a deadline to solve a ban does not seems fair to me. If you are a noob and/or inactive player and get banned, you will lost your acc if there is a deadline like that. A noob player needs a time to understand what wrong he did, talk to multihunter, understand the rules of the game, and accept his punishment. The "noob don't read rules before play" stuff. And this sort of people are just noobs, no cheating indeed.

    Even if you are a casual/active player, this deadline is dangerous. It would work as an unfair persuasive pressure, forcing players/multihunters to accept punishments instead dealing with a case justly. The scales of justice will be unbalanced.

    And if you bought some gold, but had a problem with your payment, GAME OVER. You won't fix this before a week.

    An account must not be deleted because this. The only way to delete an account must be: punishment accepted OR inactivity.

    As I said before, banned account vanishes after 15 days inactive. Maybe this time could be shortened. And a indicator on map would be useful as well.

    48 hours is an extremely short period of time... does not matter if a commom player plays daily, TG have to think about beginner players. They generally are inactive AND do not know about rules - banned people who does not exactly cheating.

    Imagine if you are a noob player in a game world, and becomes inactivy for a "short" period like 3 or 4 days and *poof* your account vanishes. And. you. dont. even. know. why. I would get mad and curse this game.

    You have to be careful deleting an account, even if it is banned.

    Dear Admin (this is a nice nickname), could you - please - give us back option to use .gif images as avatar?

    My avatar photo was awesome, like a badass and wise thing with hair blowing in the wind. But now there is no wind.

    I am talking right here, not making your own link

    But maybe add a new button to great barracks/stables would not be a good thing. I am sure that few players, and very few villages, have one of this buildings constructed. Then this would be obsolete in most cases.

    Since you can do it using the link list, there is not reason to add a button, in my opinion.