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    Yeah if you stay level 18 before arti...
    I've never run one because i don't like it :D

    Each player got his playstyle 8) And i don't deny free ressources from farms

    Depends what you want to achieve with a particular hammer, many players have multiple hammers so why not have a capital hammer too? its the first one you can start properly anyways put aside a spawn hammer, also capital hammers have many advantages so not starting one unless you just build one single wwk all server wouldn't be the smartest move :)

    if you plan on queuing using GB GS to use a hammer right away thats not wise way to spend resources this early :D , you can make a great hammer for early wars from the capital without needing to spend 3x the resources, just need to be more active

    Because it takes too much slot to build a proper capital then huh ?

    If you are active no point in making capital hammer^^, it's not "that early" tho we already 25 days in ;)


    "Finals isn't for everyone, it definitely isn't for me since you have very little impact on the server, and as you yourself pointed out. Bots are insanely common there, do i really need to find the ARB bot threads again?"

    Travian is mostly a teamplay game, you can't fin any other server with that much of teamplay, so yeah one account has not much of an impact, but you don't play for your own. You can't be individual on final. Bots are insanely common on every server nowadays. Look comx how much bot there are, and way lot more than final since you need a ticket to access it :thumbup:

    No point to argue anymore, if you have anything to say about the actual comx instead of past comx, it would be more interestting...
    I agree that there is not much to say at this stage, but i'd rather have a calm thread than people talking about past comx (which is pointless).


    Just look at that screenshot, no more to say. Even before the acutal comx, there was no competition at all.

    Son please don't be a fool, just been trolling you for the past 10 posts, grow up son.
    Tournament is the only server left with real big team and fight from begining to end. It doesn't seem like you have ever experience it, so stop talking about past comx like there was good alliances once on it. Now what ? You gonna say : *cry* *cry* too much cheater on final *cry* *cry*
    But it's fine, u have surely only play some comx,ukx or dkx so i can understand you feel that your team is the best, when it's actually among the worst :thumbsup:

    And of course there are so many server with better teams and better players than comx, comx might be the lowest players/alliances level i've ever play, just coming to say u all nub that's it :whistling:

    Didn't read half of your message cuz i really don't care about doh aliens or whatever X/

    Sorry it's my first server ever so i can't really compare to anything, just sayin u all nubs that's all

    Always a pleasure to talk with some noob :thumbsup: