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    Emerik complaining about cheating but he is also the one who didn’t want strict measures against it during the travian meeting, i bet you did get along really great with panda during this event :D

    You also complain about what is posted on the forum recently, but what do you do to improve the forum beside come here once every 6 months to just post negative things.

    We all know you cheated, made big coalition, boisted points and so on. And now you complain about the same things you did in the past :D

    Is it because they do it better than you ?

    You lost your credibility a while ago.

    Focus on you first.

    40M on 5x server is not equal 40M on 2x server ;) Neither on 3x.

    This is the only fact you countered, to some extend at least. They are straight.

    Even if it is possible (maybe it is not that random after all, maybe someone manage to find pattern) any additional coordination of such magnitude is a big deal. You never coordinated anything if you believe it.

    Never said it was on a x5. Ofc it's not equal, but i'm taking those from a x3 speed where obviously not all those 200 players were playing def. We can imagine that the 240 players on final in confed will mostly be def players.

    Yeah i can see your facts about confederacies being only on pandora servers or the fact that 40M def on ww has never been achieved with 200 players were straight facts ^^ therefore let me doubt any legitimacy to anything you'll be saying ^^

    The tournament suppose to gather elite player. A solid good, not elite even account should have 200K defense on 2x with no sweat. 4 alliances is 240 account. half of them defense - here is your 20+m defense. Will WW be zeroed beyond level 20? Sure. If natars win that would mean travian does not have elite anymore ;)

    I don't expect much from someone who is thinking a solid good account would have 200k troops at plans release anyway :D

    a) there has been server with ww with the confederacies system (x5 server) b) alliance bonuses will be lost sure but you counter it with better organisation around ww

    c) didn’t the 12 hours was random, w/e you male the rotation every 30min it will still be better

    d) there has been ww def with 200 players with 40M def, just look last winter comx italians were around those number

    e) you will be able to def multies juste like before, with the rotation of confederacies once again so no big deal

    f) you like making points but keep the fact straight

    I doubt TG did the confederation system to make the endgame on final interesting. As i said on my previous post it will not change much.

    If they really wanted a different endgame they would have take change other things, like the number of trainer on final ect...

    At the end, i'm starting to think they want the confed system on final because they thought it would decrease the def on the ww (not going to happend) and then no more bug of starving ? I really hope it wasn't their aim to fix this bug with that ^^

    You just have to stack the def players in the confed that’s already 240 players. On other server some ww reach 40M+ def. Final is a higher level so it shouldn’t be a problem. Plus confed keep the def for 12 hours once it is broken, so we will mostly see a rotation of confed evey 12 hours so it will be more than 240 players anyway.

    Hammers will probably be bigger with egyptians tech but wait u think only off players play with tech ? Juste look at the top raiding of last year there was def player in it. So yeah hammers will be bigger but so the def will be.