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    I am tough , not just acting. Meanwhile who are you ? Don't speak about Dacia , speak about your own team. Dacia with friends won 3 Tournaments till now and i don't believe all 3 of them to be "peacefully". Regarding the future , Dacia is a joke why ? Because of the WW -100 100 is at turks ? Maibe we have an agreament with them to build the Wonder , maibe we will suport Animals on building the wonder. Based on what you call Dacia a joke ?

    Again embarrassing yourself, i just wonder how i can't embarras myself as well when responding to you now ^^

    Why talking about my team would be relevant here ? Oh yeah maybe because i play in italian meta it makes my opinion biased ?

    Winning is the point of the game but if you ask someone who played last year : "What was the most important thing on final last year in your opinion ?" Most of them will not even mention dacia winning but Russians vs Italians for example.

    I will not even comment the second part of your reply as it is the most embarrassing "joke" I've seen from you so far.

    The discussion was about winning a tournament ALONE not by beeing a part of a meta.

    Dude, u acting tough on forum but we all know you didn't won the tournament by quality but by number and simming peacefully that's it. No shame to win that way and no one critize dacia for their past servers. But past is past, and present is now, and now dacia sounds like a joke that's it.

    if you believe all the bulls... everyone is writing under fake names then you my friend are the victim of the lowest propaganda ever ( the mighty turkish propaganda is even more lame then yours).

    Till now you where playing against semiactive players , chiefing villages most of them initial villages or with crop fields at 6-8 so again cheap propaganda.

    Regarding the building plans don't worry about them, we will have enought, as for the wonder well... let the kids play a little then the big boys will show them how things are moving :)

    Augurii di Buon anno a tutti!


    Since you never post on the forum, this just show how it hurts your feeling that you have to come here and act like the boss (you ain't btw :D)

    Dacia such a joke this server, speak tough but you need to act tough as well 8|

    It doesn’t matter at some point, MH got a life and they need time to gather informations. Let’s make an example.

    Player A —> wants to cheat —> creates 10 accounts —> starts raiding them at day 15 —> nothing too obvious the first few days —> at the end of the week there are suspicions —> he gets reported during the second week let’s say day 10 —> MH begins to investigate and gather info —> he got everything he needs after 4 days —> he bans the FF day 14.

    Sum up : the player beneficiate of it for 2 weeks.

    Player A is disappointed. But he really wants to cheat. He now start to think.

    Solution ? Create new accounts every 10 days. So if they get ban he got fresh new ones. Or just create much more at start and only use few of them and keep the other in case the first few gets banned.

    My point : there will always be a way to cheat but the path doesn’t have to be that easy as right now.


    Hope u had great time yesterday evening and later today as well.

    Here is the detail : Comx - Farm

    FF'ing have been popularized for the past few years, but don't get it wrong, it has always existed ever since the Beta. Only thing that changed is that they were few and not necessarily on all domain/servers.

    Some changes need to be done, either clarify the rule or totally change it.


    Well apart from the fact that I like the post cause it really shows how bad stuff works in this game with people spending shitloads of money ( at least some ) it also kind of proves my idea that skills and strategy beats cheating :osd1:

    italians were cheating as well, if you don’t agree with it your judgement is biased we all know Italians were ff’ing. It’s not the time to deni it, everyone respect you really well done win, don’t act like u were legit afterwards