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    Well i think it's a good idea, unfortunately it has already been brought up many times without success.

    On french forum someone proposed some kind of skins that you can buy for the hero or whatever that you keep permanently. Good be a good idea to finance a free server.

    Not Dacia, some players from Dacia, not all Ru-team is doing that, only some players. Everyone should be banned for this, doesn't matter they're allies for foes.

    Everything you say is pointless for me as long as you cautioned it by playing in the same alliance as "some" of them.

    But i might be biased myself since I don't see anything wrong in FF'ing as long as it is real players behind it and not multies.

    It's funny, you only take into consideration the def killed, but you said it doesn't really mater. You need to take the damaged done with those op (wwk gone, fields gone ect...)

    So more you wait, so bigger the def on the other side is. So the harder it is to do damage. They destroyed some of your deff, you might rebuild it in one day, but that's one day gone at the end :thumbup:

    Unfortunately you don't understand the game. Travian is a multiplayer strategy game. In order to win you must raise the wonder at lvl 100. Can you do it alone ? No! This means you need a team.
    Playing for the benefit of the team doesn't mean they are cheaters. I ask you a question : If i have a colleague who wants to help me with some resources , he can send them to me by marketplace or the easy way is to allow me to collect them with troops. In this case , who is the cheater ? ME for accepting them or HIM for offering them ?

    Anyway, you should stop using scripts / addon's before you call somebody else a cheater.

    Good luck!

    The easy way is to send it with marketplace isn't it ? not raiding

    @Lemon Funny thing is they made those villages to support you as you were a part of alliance before

    I'm not sure what is there to brag about chiefing villages when they are that close to your cluster - when they didn't expect you to do that to them


    What's funny is that lemon can easly adapt, he can now switch sides 5 x faster :D

    I am tough , not just acting. Meanwhile who are you ? Don't speak about Dacia , speak about your own team. Dacia with friends won 3 Tournaments till now and i don't believe all 3 of them to be "peacefully". Regarding the future , Dacia is a joke why ? Because of the WW -100 100 is at turks ? Maibe we have an agreament with them to build the Wonder , maibe we will suport Animals on building the wonder. Based on what you call Dacia a joke ?

    Again embarrassing yourself, i just wonder how i can't embarras myself as well when responding to you now ^^

    Why talking about my team would be relevant here ? Oh yeah maybe because i play in italian meta it makes my opinion biased ?

    Winning is the point of the game but if you ask someone who played last year : "What was the most important thing on final last year in your opinion ?" Most of them will not even mention dacia winning but Russians vs Italians for example.

    I will not even comment the second part of your reply as it is the most embarrassing "joke" I've seen from you so far.

    The discussion was about winning a tournament ALONE not by beeing a part of a meta.

    Dude, u acting tough on forum but we all know you didn't won the tournament by quality but by number and simming peacefully that's it. No shame to win that way and no one critize dacia for their past servers. But past is past, and present is now, and now dacia sounds like a joke that's it.