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    Hi there. Some additional information is posted in the same thread about tomorrow rollback.

    Ameno Now, thanks to the new rules - in order to send spam to 3-4 artifacts (for example - strength artifact, building scrolls 2 or 3, wonder of the world and one real attack) do you need to spend from 40-60 thousand units? Or should you immediately go out with a real attack so that the defending side understands where the attacks are going? Explain, I can not understand the new rules.



    But seriously, two and a half days have already passed - where is the solution of the problem? Or sausage beer more important than the players?)

    "...More than that, if you still want to have players for next TT editions, a generous voucher should be given to each current player - at least 50% of already buyed for this edition...."

    If you come to a restaurant, you will pay for dinner, but I can tell you that they cannot cook it for some reason. But you can eat next time at a discount of half the amount you paid now. Will you be hungry and contented?)

    And what to do when the arbitrariness of TG passes all bounds. When does the TG spit on all the players who have spent 4 months and a lot of effort and money on your misunderstanding, which you still call the game?


    § 11. Furthermore, [user] undertakes to refrain from the following actions:

    • Actions leading to an overload of the servers and/or can considerably adversely affect the game play for other users.

    Now it turns out you cannot kill other troops and capture villages because it can negatively affect the game of other players and can you get a ban for this?